Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break FLEW BY- A review in pics

Spring Break around here.

No BIG events major commitments, so I shipped out with my boys to the cottage.

The beauty of a winterized cabin an hour outside of the city. 

Cole brought HIS favorite snack, and my cooler full of protein and veggies!

Luke flipped through his family album..

Kyle chose to check out women in bikinis...

We walked..and walked...until we could walk no more...which for 16 month olds was about an hour.

We explored the quiet streets, appreciated the sunny days, and we stopped to admire things like a deserted ice fishing shack in the middle of the lake. A sign that spring IS coming..

When we returned home, Cole played on ice at the Manitoba Moose Game...He was worried about being body checked...we may have to revisit this whole hockey thing again...I think he forgets body checking IS part of hockey. My little Timbit skated his butt off.  ME. SO. PROUD.

As we enter the final day of spring break, I'm reminded of how much FUN it is to have three busy boys...they run me RAGGED some days..but as I cooked dinner tonight, I turned around and saw this...

Heart melts...

Now let the snow melt...spring break is over.....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back to blogging..thank god for Thomas

Where did I go! So many emails, so many questions!

I took a breather.
I did some self-reflection.
I feel better.

No details are necessary here, there is no big story, no juicy gossip...just me chilling within.

If you haven't noticed, I have anxiety issues. These seem to get worse the busier I get. I'm learning how to cope with anxiety, without deflecting it onto others.

Live and learn...isn't that the truth!

Put your foot in your mouth..and then try to take it out gracefully....

I'm a work in progress.

And so are the twins...

Lots of work these days. I am finally feeling the grunt of having 2 kids the exact same age...with exact opposite personalities. One whines, one is so quiet I find him hiding in odd places...One is fast and agile, the other is big and clumsy. Unfortunately the big and clumsy one is the whiner, which means as I tend to his "issue" the fast and agile one has enough time to push a basket over to the train table and climb on top....


But there is one thing they have in common...a love for Thomas the Train.

Thank you little blue guy

An investment 4 years ago has paid for itself 3 times over now....

I expect these seconds of peace to turn into several minutes of it Thomas?