Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flying high

Remember a few weeks back I said that Tim gave me a gift of planes ticket?

Well we are using them NOW!

4 days, no kids...

I just finished a coffee and read a chapter in a book without interruptions.....ahhhh small pleasures.

Destination will remain a secret...I will take some pics when we arrive to reveal.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'd like the following questions answered please

It's a simple set of questions. In my world of black or white, I need to know...

1. Why is Cole nudey when I walk past the washroom. Must he remove all his clothes to poop? Is this a "boy" thing...or is it a 5 year old thing?

When I asked him what the heck was going on he simply answered....

"I get hot when I have to poop"

2. Why must he talk ALL day...even the neighbor noticed the amount of questions Cole asks in any given afternoon in the backyard.

Mommy, what color is the moon? Mommy, how far until Aug 3rd. Mommy, when did you learn how to swim.

That was all in one train of thought...I kid you not.

3. Why, and this does not only relate to Cole, must the kids at the playground ALL stop playing and come over to the stroller and poke and laugh and poke at the twins until they are all fussy...only to run away to play again and leave ME with fussy kids. Better yet....why do the mom's not advise the kids to leave the babies alone???

Ok, that's it for today. I feel better.. even without any answers..

Friday, July 23, 2010


Not to sound pessimistic but I'm pretty sure my marathon goal is out. That was short lived now wasn't it! Seems as though my athletic therapist is NOT a miracle worker. While we're not sure what is causing the severe leg pain when I run, I am able to walk, bike, jump, pretty much do everything else. This was good news and as I head into the rest of summer, I am loving being with my family and NOT in the bush for 3 hours running each weekend.

This week was a weigh in week for me. Down 3 pounds and another half percent bodyfat. So close to my 10% bodyfat goal. Now that I'm not running alot, we are switching gears and focusing on building muscle. I need to grow some delts if I want to compete next year. This is music to my ears as I would rather weight train then run for 3 hours!! Abs are filling out nicely but we are working on making them "pop"...which means changing up the food a bit more.

Here is a month ago..
And here is this week...

Some minor changes but overall leaner. Can I say THANK YOU to all my friends who email me and call me to support my training goals? U R THE BEST! Please keep emailing me and commenting on my blog as it truly motivates me to remain focused and on track for competition next year.

Notice the sweat in that last pic....yeah that was after Birthday CARDIO! I'm bringing it back since I can't run much right now...this cardio gets you moving, heart rate up, interval training and burns some serious calories!! Promise me you will try this weekend, you can do it on a treadmill or outside, who cares who is watching, have fun!

I picked 3 birthdays. I walked for 2 mins after 1st birthday, then jogged for 5 mins before I did the next one. So here is an example:

0 = toe taps off the treadmill

1 = pop squats (squat jumps) on or off the treadmill

2 = side shuffle on treadmill

3 = run backwards on the treadmill (be sure to hold on if you are new at this)

4 - 9 = run or walk according to the number (4 = 4miles per hour)

So I warmed up walking fast for 5 mins

My bday: 12201973

1 min of pop squats, 2 min of side shuffle (changing up direction ever 30 sec), 1 min toe taps off treadmill, 1 min pop squats, run at 9,7 and then 1 min run backwards .... then I walked at 4.0mph for 2 mins and jogged at 5.0mph for 5 mins. Now start with your 2 birthday! Keep going and cool down with a 5 min walk.

HWOOD: Could it be you

ENJOY and stay fit this weekend!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Manny

No, I have no help coming in on a regular basis. Do not feel for me, I love staying home with the kids and being uber's my nature.

But sometimes I wish I had a part time nanny, someone who could come in and play with Cole while I did some housework or worked at a normal hour of the day. When the twins nap, my focus becomes Cole and this can get tiring. Not any nanny would do though, not every nanny knows how to "play". I've seen this nanny thing...some stand and watch, making sure the child is safe, but not really "involved" ....Playing to me means getting into the game, playing the hide and seek, playing the humming game (don't ask, it's a new thing around here), playing zombie tag (again don't ask).

So a few weeks ago, a good friend of ours came into town from NYC for the whole summer!! Some may say oh no, but I say Oh yeah!!!

You see, this friend is super duper fun. When you suggest seeing a hubby pics Predators....and our friend pics Despicable Me.

Monday nights, a convertible pulls up at 5:30pm and off Tim and Cole go to beach volleyball followed by dinner at Earls patio.....

When we suggest hanging out, the friend hightails it over here to swim with Cole.....all day. Every now and then I watch from the kitchen window and there he is with Cole, hanging out on the pool deck, playing a game, making up stories, laughing, eating, hanging out just like 6 year olds want to..

High five, up high, down low.....cut the pickle? GET A TICKLE...
High five, up high, down low.....look in the mitt, YOU SILLY GIT

He is here so often helping me out with Cole that I started to call him my Manny (man+nanny). I asked how much I owe him for all this playtime...a simple hot dog and "man" beverage was all he required at the end of his "shift".

Oh, and a disclaimer thrown in...

"I don't do babies"

No worries Manny, I got that covered.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The unicorn emerges...with pain

What?? Can it be real? Is that a unicorn?

No...believe it or not...those gams belong to.......yours truly...look quick as they may head back to darkness..

Sad as it may seem, these legs have not seen shorts in over 10 years.
Ask any of my friends...even my trainer...not an ounce of skin has seen the light.

Do not ask why, we all have our insecurities about certain parts of our bodies. Showing that much leg makes me nervous. It makes me feel insecure. It makes me wonder if any "junk" is showing...and believe me EVERY girl has junk....

So, I figure it's time to just get over it and embrace what I have. Let the junk jiggle if it needs to! I will never have long thin legs...I have muscle which I love and at 36, staying cool (yes I have hot flashes) is more important then worrying about my silly legs.

For those who have been asking about my marathon training, I was doing great until my 16 miler..the run itself was fantastic, but my amateur running came into full effect afterwards. I did not stretch and cool down enough and I "tweaked" my hips which in turn "tweaked" the outside of my knee..

I saw an athletic therapist today and he popped me back into place and prescribed a slow 6 miler tonight. Here's hoping for a quick recovery. While I would not be upset if I have to shelve the marathon training...I hate being injured at all...I'm placing my faith in the professional that it's nothing serious...

Here's hoping.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fitness Friday...6am wake up call

My gal Kami is in town visiting (ie: shopping with me) and working....yes we will have to spend the weekend marking exam papers... indoors..

BUT, anyone who knows me well, also knows that a trip to stay with me will include some type of fitness. Pack your runners when you come or go home. It's simple.

Trooper Kami woke up at 5:15 to join me at boot camp. For a gal who does not get up that early most days, I am honored that she chose to join me and feel the wrath of Paul. So try this next time you are out at the park with hubby/friend...

Wheel person on all fours, other person grabs your feet and you walk those arms until you can walk em no more. Switch partners. Hello shoulders and abs...

After a great workout, breakfast and coffee, twins down for a nap and Cole safe and sound at Grandmas....Kami and I indulged in.....what else....
Pool time!

Stay tuned, an evening full of shopping, dinner and an early morning 10 miler awaits us...

Don't you want to come visit me!!

Happy Weekend! Stay Fit!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am LOVIN my Norwex shwag!

Or should I say my Norwex rags?

They are hardly rags....I would consider them amazing, stink free wash cloths and towels.

My life has changed. Listen up, cleaning is my friend now.

A few weeks ago my dear friend hosted a Norwex party at my place. Not sure what Norwex is? Take a peek on Brenda's website.

How fun is getting together a bunch of gals for food and drinks....and cleaning supplies! Turns out I was as excited about the cleaning supplies as I am shoe shopping....and I LOVE shoe shopping.

Let me run down the list of stuff I purchased (and or got as a hostess gift)...

Enviro cloths: I have been using them for 5 days now at the sink to clean up etc...and there is NO STINK to them. Brenda warned me of this and I did not believe...but it's very true, these cloths are amazing.

Shea Butter: Poor Kyle, he has dry skin. Cole flares up with every mosquito bite. The solution according to Brenda was Norwex Shea Butter. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH......Cole grabs the butter himself now to put on each bite. No sting, no swelling. Life outside is good again for my monkey. Kyle's skin is softer and getting better with each application.

Laundry Pre-Wash: Yup, this stuff gets the stain out...a couple sprays on the stain, into the laundry and voila, those baby food stains around the collar of the sleepers are gone...

Laundry detergent. Ok....1000 loads for $27? Are you kidding? I believe this as you only need a tablespoon of detergent for each load. Clean as can be without the perfume scent!

I am trying to move towards a chemical free home and lifestyle. I admit, this is tough for me. While I'm still using VIM in the bathrooms (I like the smell!) I will continue to attend Norwex parties and try out their products.

Have you ever tried Norwex? Do you have any favorite items?

PS: if you want to order product, feel free to email Brenda at the link...she is a stay at home mom to 4 kids aged 7 and under and she's one special gal.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 years... going strong

July 1st was our 10 yr wedding anniversary. Our anniversary will always be a holiday (Canada Day) and will always include fireworks. Easy!

We spent the morning hanging out and then the doorbell rang. My mom and dad surprised us with brunch. They brought everything, including the milk and eggs...and Tim Hortons coffee.

They had me at the coffee.

They cooked up a storm and then went on with their day.

Love it.

We spent the afternoon enjoying a swim and bb-que with friends and once the twins were in bed, we snuggled up with Cole and a movie.

10 years ago, we were partying up a storm, excited to be husband and wife, respectful of one another and planning a future together. I blinked and 10 years passed us by. 5 houses later and 3 kids added to the mix...I can honestly say, nothing has changed. Respect, love and laughter fill our home and our lives daily. No gifts were needed, no evening out, no card to file away...the way Tim looks at me, and the way I feel about him is our gift to eachother.

Happy 10 years Tim, all my love

PS: he did surprise me with a fantastic includes airline tickets and no kids! Stay tuned.