Thursday, December 15, 2011

3 months too long

Hello out there?
I'm sure I've lost all my readers...3 months is a long time.
3 months has felt like 3 years around here!!

What on earth happens to twin boys when they turn 20 months??
They flip the WHINE, BITE, HIT, SCREAM, RUN AWAY buttons all at once.

Shopping trips are about 10 minutes long. Once Kyle decides he wants to be carried (which is always) Luke insists he must walk.

That leaves me with no free hands...which has lead to
Mission abandon the shopping cart and get the heck out of the store as soon as possible.

Don't say you have never done that. We all have. If not, your turn is coming.

The day these two ditch their 3 hour afternoon nap is they day I lose my mind.

Do not let these smiley faces fool you...
Hug hug away dear twins, mommy knows you both broke out into a pushing match the second the camera went click.

I thought the terrible twos was simply a label...but no...I fully realize it exists, and I am in the throws of it. 

We have implemented the naughty corner. Enough said.

Now, amidst all the chaos are moments of bliss. 3 boys all playing hockey at once... The sounds of laughter from 3 little voices after a good chasing match....

Until one vomits...and the other decides the nice thing to do would be to stick his finger down his throat and sympathy vomit.

Right before the babysitter arrives, as we are all dressed up for a Christmas concert.

Need I say more about why I have not been blogging?

I need a bailey's drip line in my Tassimo coffee maker.

Santa...hook me up!