Sunday, May 15, 2011

If Luke could talk...

If Luke could talk...I imagine this is what he would have said today..

Hey, a water table, score!!

Kyle, look at this kid, in his preppy collar shirt, all smiley and clean...pouring the water sooooo nicely.....
Hurry it up there daddy....although I'm not sure why you are putting legs on this table...I have no intention to STAND and play with it...not like those kids on the box...

See Kyle, I told you it's an outdoor bath tub!

Go ahead, have a snack, we can hang out in here for a while..

Thanks for following me little bro...hug it out..
Stick with me, I'll "teach" you lots...

What...what'd I do mom?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Saturday was the community garage sale. Mini donuts, balloons, cars everywhere...and out our front window I see this:

Hutterite girls on skateboards.

They were good too!!!

Mothers day, I can home from the gym to this:


I also got this:
With this case, Tim knows me so well...a plain black case would not do!

I downloaded the Rob Lowe biography..and my mom came by to visit today and left with my Kindle...

Rob Lowe's dirty secret past will have to wait.

Kyle is a climber...plain and simple, and it freaks me right out. ANYTHING he finds is turned into a step. Cole never climbed...I am in a constant state of panic. 

Luke has found his voice. Unfortunately it sounds like this..
waaaaaaaaaaaa, maaaaaaaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaaa, daaaaaaaaaaat!

He needs some cheese with that whine. Don't let the smile fool you. 

A climber and a whiner...who could ask for anything more!!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 2, 2011

I've been waiting...

I've been waiting 9 years, 7 months, and 20 days for this day to come. 

When I was in my late teens, my mom pulled out an old scrapbook she had once made. Newspaper clippings from the assassination of JFK. As she leafed through each page, we sat and talked about the event. Where she was when it happened, how her world had forever changed that day....

Seeing the old clippings gave me a glimpse into a life I never knew.

I wanted to do the same.....a bittersweet kind of feeling that a "life changing" event would have to occur in order for me to do this..

That day came on Sept 11, 2001. I sat watching a plane slam into the side of a building.  I ate my cereal. I was writing day 2 of my CA exams that day...

Great timing I thought.  Some crazy dude flew his little plane too low and hit a building. 

I came out of the exam 5 hours later and Tim called...I remember his exact words....

The world we knew is very different now.

Each day I would clip articles from the newspaper and carefully arrange them into a scrapbook...
For 84,456 hours...the last page in my scrapbook had been left blank. 

5,067,360 minutes has passed. Each year Tim and I flip the pages, the news paper articles now fading.  Remembering like it was yesterday....until today. 

304,041,600 seconds has passed until I could finally glue down the last piece of the puzzle.  A sense of relief, a sense of closure for me. 

And so, this scrapbook is finished, and one day I will sit with my kids and read to them the stories of loss, despair, courage and sacrifice..

Forever Changed. 
Forever Remembered.