Thursday, December 15, 2011

3 months too long

Hello out there?
I'm sure I've lost all my readers...3 months is a long time.
3 months has felt like 3 years around here!!

What on earth happens to twin boys when they turn 20 months??
They flip the WHINE, BITE, HIT, SCREAM, RUN AWAY buttons all at once.

Shopping trips are about 10 minutes long. Once Kyle decides he wants to be carried (which is always) Luke insists he must walk.

That leaves me with no free hands...which has lead to
Mission abandon the shopping cart and get the heck out of the store as soon as possible.

Don't say you have never done that. We all have. If not, your turn is coming.

The day these two ditch their 3 hour afternoon nap is they day I lose my mind.

Do not let these smiley faces fool you...
Hug hug away dear twins, mommy knows you both broke out into a pushing match the second the camera went click.

I thought the terrible twos was simply a label...but no...I fully realize it exists, and I am in the throws of it. 

We have implemented the naughty corner. Enough said.

Now, amidst all the chaos are moments of bliss. 3 boys all playing hockey at once... The sounds of laughter from 3 little voices after a good chasing match....

Until one vomits...and the other decides the nice thing to do would be to stick his finger down his throat and sympathy vomit.

Right before the babysitter arrives, as we are all dressed up for a Christmas concert.

Need I say more about why I have not been blogging?

I need a bailey's drip line in my Tassimo coffee maker.

Santa...hook me up!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh yes I'm going there

My baby is in grade 2!

yes I will go there for a moment..18 months old..

This morning..


He was beyond excited to see his buddies and his "young" teacher. Coming from last years 70 year old grade 1 teacher, anyone under 50 would be young to's hoping she's ready for chatty Cole!

More exciting then grade 2 was the loss of another tooth last night. Not sure what happened but the tooth fairy "forgot" to extra loonie will likely appear tonight..and maybe some hockey cards...or I may forget YET again.

7am I awoke to Cole next to my face saying...

"mom...I got nothing!"

Blame it on the twins. I always do.

Oh, and did I mention Cole went to school missing a few school supplies.
yeah that's right, I forgot to buy notebooks, all 8 of them.

I was standing in line at Zellers last week....with ALL the kids and the line was not moving...
I vaguely remember saying I would have to come back.....

The twins were fussing..

See, blame it on the twins.

Hope your kids are enjoying their first taste of true educational exhaustion...and routine, and structure, and someone other than mom nattering at them.

Thank you teachers!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Karma or Krazy?

Do you believe in Karma?

I found myself explaining this word to Cole last week. You see, he was being less than an ideal "big brother" during a game of mini hockey.

Sure enough...hours later, one of the twins(can you guess which one?)

.. took a bite out of Cole's arm when Cole decided to muscle in at the Thomas the Train table.

In between the tears was the question....

"Why would he do that to me mom!!?"

Sure, I could have defaulted to:

1. He is 20 months old. Enough said
2. He has no words to explain himself so he chooses to "show" his frustration via some teeth marks
3. He may have a bit of a reactive temper...I'm working on this...patience please.

But I chose to say..

It's Karma Cole.

Can of worms opened.

Self reflection MY Karma good?

I do believe in Karma.
I do believe that how you treat others will affect how you are treated.
I do believe that the energy you exert into the Universe somehow comes back to the same way or worse.

That being said, we are human. Emotions and reactions are real and necessary. The universe cannot evolve without some Bad Karma out there. 

I'm at a standstill here.
I want to learn more, to feel more, to do better.

Not just for Karma's sake...
For humans sake.

What's your Karma like these days?