Monday, August 22, 2011

Mini Vacation for Moi

Mid week last week I decided I needed a day off. A FULL day off.
No spa day, no rest day...but

A power shopping day in the USA.

We only live 2 hours from some great US shopping...(ie: supertarget & TJ Maxx)

I called a friend, she played hooky from work, I called my mother -in-law, she happily came over for the morning to play and hubby took the afternoon off.  Voila, mission accomplished.

9am we headed out with new music on the IPOD, Timmy's coffee and passports in hand.

Never underestimate the power of girl time right?

Besides the gazillion tank tops I got for working out, I  managed to buy a cute dress, a pair of boots and a pair of cool clogs.

These clogs are cool...and for $15, a steal too...just saying.

As for Supertarget, I know once we get our own target here up north, I will no longer need to get all giddy when I walk through the food aisles, but to shop Target, without kids, and spend over an hour in the grocery section?

Giddy up! Duty free groceries!

My scores included:
Fat free cheese, fat free cream cheese (protein cheesecake here I come!), sugar free syrup for my protein pancakes, chocolate hazelnut tea, caribou coffee, sport beans and GU for running, Apple pie and Mohito mint sugar free gum...oh and Coconut M&M's....

For Cole...

Goober!!! OMG I was not allowed goober as a child (I now see why, hello sugar?) but I am treating Cole to some fun these last few weeks of summer!!!
Check out the granola bars....I also bought it in chocolate chip cookie dough flavor!

For the twins...

Picolini pasta's are small enough for little fingers and come in spinach and carrot/squash!! Banana toddler cookies..
The Easy-Cheez? Yuck, I know, but I have to find creative ways of getting fat into Kyle all day..and he will open wide for this stuff.

There you have it...

A little retail therapy goes a long way for this gal.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Me no sleepy

I've never been a great sleeper,

Ask my mom..there is a reason why my sister was born 4 years after me..

In highschool, sleeping in was 8am, as I progressed to University, I would be awake by 7 and by the time I articled for a CA firm, I would dash out of the house by 6:30.

These days I'm up at 5:30 for the gym.

This ungodly hour would be fine if I was able to fall asleep by 10pm and actually SLEEP.

Am I preggo and having to pee three times a night? NO
Do I have kids who wake up in the night? um...NO
Am I 90 yrs old and every bone hurts that being awake is simply easier then being asleep? yeah!

So what the ????

I've narrowed it down to a few things..

1. I START work most nights around 8pm.
2. I work on my computer...a recipe for getting all wired up from the pretty pixels.
3. Once I finish work, around midnight, I need to "relax", unwind...
4. I choose to "unwind" with an episode of madmen on my laptop, in bed. Pretty pixels again.

Bad bad bad...
I can't seem to shake this bedtime routine.

Last night, after many sleepless night, I broke down and popped one of these...

Sleepeze D Extra Strength Capsules is a temporary sleep aid intentent to target occasional sleeplessness.

May I highlight the word "occasional"

Well, I slept like a baby last night. Woke up fresh, alert and ready for the day. Tim dislikes this sleepaid immensely (we may have watched the show "intervention" together last night..)

But I'm desperate folks. I want sleep. Good quality zzzz's...

And please don't suggest I work less or earlier in the day. It's not an option right now.

Tonight's experiment is me sleeping in the basement bedroom...alone. Not my idea, but we need to rule out the possibility of Tim being the problemo here...he insists he is not a trasher, sleep disturber.

We'll see.
I have not thought of what happens if he IS the problemo.

Twin single beds in one room?

OMG, I am 90!