Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fitness Friday..4 days late..oops

Forgive me, time is escaping me this week, wedding events are in full effect, but of course I'm never too busy to fit in a workout.

Usually I post pics from the front. But the "rear" is just as important. We tend to focus on getting nice abs, lean legs but let's not forget about that....


I try and train back at least once a week. A nice v-tapered back makes the waist look teeny! Let's not forget about that back fat...you know, the stuff that pops over your bra straps. If you want that gone, get busy on that back. Seeing yourself from the back can help pinpoint those problem areas so never be afraid to see what others are seeing when they walk behind you!

I'm trying to grow those lats of mine...so pull ups are high on the list and I'm at 8 full pull ups now..unassisted. I have a long way to go and I'll be honest, back workouts are a struggle for me and always have been. I just don't enjoy them.

This week try out the renegade plank row. Killer strength and it gets that heart pumping!

To perform a Renegade Plank Row, get into pushup position with a dumbbell in each hand (or you can do as the picture and . Feet should be spread the width of your hips. Starting with your right hand, raise the dumbbell until your elbow is higher than your body and then return it to the ground. Alternate the same movement with your left hand

  • Rhythm of love - Plain White T's
  • Dynamite (remix) - Taio Cruz
Stay fit and fab!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Apparently my children are underweight

By underweight I mean BIG TIME!

Kyle has done a horizontal growth in 3 months...ie: fallen OFF that stupid growth chart they scare us moms with.

Luke, my so called TANK, also moved horizontally on it...falling from 50th percentile into the 30's.

That chart is my nemesis. I hate that thing yet I am ruled by that thing.

More food was the doctors orders.

My answer was how? They eat 3 meals a day plus snacks and 20 oz of formula.

And so, the request is that I pack their meals full of fat. Full fat cheese, egg yolks, creamy sauces..you know what I'm saying.

For this health nut...the word full fat frightens me. I have been trying to get full fat into them through avocados, toast and butter, cheese, yogurt...but my efforts have obviously been futile. Apparently a burger and fries would also do according to the doc. I think not missy!

So I'm on MISSION FAT this next month (good fat) as the doc MUST see us in 4 weeks....I think she finished off the appointment with....

Fat = Growth = Brain Development...

As she stared at me like I'm an idiot and making my kids dumb with each morsel of low fat food I serve.

You know I love a challenge, so BRING IT doc...

The next time you see these two lean machines they will have chunked out for ya!
So help me out my fellow readers and moms...what will make my two monkeys fill out and ride that growth curve onward and upward!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My guilt...over camp..

I sit here, the house is quiet, babies napping...

Something is missing...

That something being my energetic 5 year old who I have "shipped" off to camp this week.

Sports camp...for the "energy" in him.


I have never done camp before, I certainly never thought I would have the need to send Cole to camp this summer given all the stuff I had planned for us! Swimming, biking, exploring, board games, fusion beads, coloring...the list is endless.

But these twins put a damper in his "fun" somedays. The two 2 hour naps I get from the twins is a mothers dream...and a 5 year olds nightmare. We are stuck in the house, using our "inside" voices.

I noticed Cole seemed a bit bored so I asked him about camp. NO WAY was his answer...until he chatted with a pal who had been to sports camp...all of a sudden it was YES, CAMP!! The peer pressure of 5 year olds...

So from 9-4 each day he is busy playing sports, making crafts, conducting science experiments and hopefully making friends.

I have a laundry list of errands to run this week for my sisters shower, stagette and wedding, and I know I should enjoy this time to get things done and possibly take some time for myself when the twins nap but I feel guilty.

Cheer me up camp moms!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

9 months in...9 months out

Can you believe my little dudes are 9 months today? They have been on this earth as long as they were inside my belly....funny how fast we forget what that's like. The kicks, the movement, the pain.....Lately I get stopped alot and asked...

How far apart are your kids (eyebrow lifted, confused look on strangers face)??

6 minutes..I say.

WHAT? Twins? Ohhhhh. HE is SO MUCH BIGGER. He being Luke. Our tank.
I realize Kyle is "petite", fine featured...potentially mistaken for a girl sometimes...but it would still be impossible for me to have kids that close together..Come on general public, think before speaking ok?

Lukey Dukey. You are my gentle giant. Your smile lights up the room..you rarely complain, you're patient and kind. Small complaint though...

You need to start moving...mommy can no longer tend to your every need. You can roll to get your bottle or toy. I know it may be tough given the girth you are carrying.....
Kyle...oh my. Let's just say you are HIGH maintenance. You are so small, and so fiesty. You melt down in frustration about 100 times a day with a loud squeal. Your smile is adorable, when I actually see one!

You are rolling to a sitting position, you are on all fours trying to crawl, you do the dead soldier crawl to get to that toy...you are determined. You.Want.To.Walk.

I am in trouble.

You both entertain eachother. Luke surprises Kyle by the occasional squawk..
Kyle makes funny faces...Overall you both kinda like eachother and show your affection with an occasional tap..

When you both go to bed, the house is calm, the evening is for Cole, who simply adores you. He helps me in more ways then you can imagine and I hope one day you will read this and know what a great big brother he is. Gentle and sweet and funny...

Happy 9 month birthday my little blue eyed beauties!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fitness Friday - Treadmill CRAZY VIDEO

2 pounds up in the last 3 weeks. I blame San Fran and my lack of control for that. Although lean muscle mass stayed the same so likely just water retention from all that booze I consumed....

Funny how hard you have to work to take off 2 pounds and in 4 days of indulgence it comes right back on...


To be a woman.

This week I'm posting a video I found. He is my hero. He is what I want to be...he is Crazy Treadmill Guy.....

My goal is to try at least one thing on the video each week.

You know I'm crazy like that...you know I will master this....it may take a year but come on, how cool is that!!

Update on the running: I managed three 3 mile runs and I head out for 6 miler tomorrow...the leg is holding up nicely with my new running form. I am working hard with my therapist, practicing the drills he gives me and keeping a positive attitude about it all. Seems to be paying off!

New on my IPOD this week:

Inna - Amazing

Have a fit weekend!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shop till you drop...San Fran style

San Fran has some of the best shopping I have ever seen.

Any store you can imagine is within a 5 block radius. Everything I cannot afford is right there in every store front.....oozing with style and class.

What do I end up buying?

A Star Wars Apron for Cole (well I can wear it too and look all cool....)

And these...in turquiose

While I'm not disappointed in my purchases...I was hoping to find more unique stuff. Like what? I have no clue...maybe the lululemon store should have carried different hoodies then we have... maybe Louis Vuitton should have had a 75% off sale!

What I realized is that shopping may just not be my thing anymore....apparently I managed to find plenty of food and booze that I liked in San Fran!

Women, jaws off the floor please.

So this post is short and sweet as there aren't 10 pictures showing me in various stylish outfits....

While it was fun to walk and shop and try on something here and there, in the end, what I need is right here in good old Winnipeg.

Have you ever scored an item on vacation that stays with you all these years? Something that you wear and people ask "where did you find that fantastic shirt?" and you say.

Oh this? I bought this on my trip....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let's talk about FOOD

Our journey through San Fran's finest would have to include FOOD...

A vacation for me means my regular meal plan is on hiatus...bring on the food! Not the junk, but real good old fashion meals.

Cheesecake Factory...seared tuna and salad, with a balsamic dressing. Missing from this pic is the bread basket Tim and I inhaled prior to this meal. While I rarely eat bread, again, vacation means bread and the resulting consequences (ie: bloat, tired, crabby). If you've never tried seared tuna, go for it, serious protein and serious flavor, melt in your mouth kind of tuna...

Let's head on down to a fantastic place called The Butterfly. This contemporary gem is at Pier 33 and a perfect place to kill an hour before heading to Alcatraz. Not only did this place have breath taking views of the Bay, the service was amazing (you know the kind where you water glass is always full and you never see the waiter fill it?). I found the US portion sizes a bit big so I stuck to an appetizer...
Smoked salmon and strawberry lettuce wraps with some sort of spicy dip. Me and seafood. Heaven.
Across the Golden Gate bridge is a quaint little down called Sausalito. It reminded me of Banff, AB. Lots of tourist, not commercialized. Unique restaurants and boutiques. Windsails restaurant caught my eye as they offered this...

Eggs Florentine...I minused the hollondaise sauce and Tim ate the fries. This left me with an english muffin topped with steamed spinach and poached eggs. Oh, and about 10 cups of coffee in the smallest coffee cup ever...the waiter dude wouldn't leave me the carafe so he earned his tip running back to refill my cup every 5 minutes!
And last but not least...there was this fine establishment, a MUST when in the US...
Did I eat an In-And-Burger?

Nope, but this fine fellow did, and loved every single bite of it...

I enjoyed watching this dude play with quarters in his knuckles...and sing "spare change or buy me some food"

What would you do? Offer him money or food? Based on his sign, chances are he may use the money to buy his own "food".

So there you have it, my food tour, San Fran style!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Let's talk alcohol

This may shock some..
I like to drink. Actually, I used to REALLY like to drink.

When I did my CA articling I was a permanent fixture at the friday 5:05pm drink table down the street from the office. When I passed my CA exams, I started to drink at 11 am and finished at 2am...I outdrank hubby.

Then I gained 15 pounds and I earned every pound..me and the sweet taste of shooters and beers every weekend were best of friends.
Then I had Cole and there was just no time to drink! Then I "tried" for 4 years to have more kids so alcohol was not allowed...then the twins happened and while some days they may drive me to drink, most days it's just me and my coffee (rarely spiked with baileys..)

But given the right circumstances...ie: on vacation, alone with Tim and no kids waking me at 6am...well...Bring on the drink! Ahem...I mean Drinks!
So of the many drinks I consumed in San Fran, here are my favorites.
Pear Martini....I started off sweet....Dirty Martini with 2 blue cheese stuffed olives....cause I'm hardcore like that... notice I'm letting my hair down....yeah I was flirting with my date. He was buying.

For the classier side in me...yeah you heard me...CLASSY Drunk...A nice glass of Mark West Pinor Noir...direct from the Napa Valley...when in rome right??? Dang this wine was gooooooood.

Let's head on over to the Giants game...and only one thing is allowed consumption at a baseball game...Oy..that last shot is showing my droopy eyes...but I was not about to pass up a good old Amercian beer...light of course, watching those calories you know... I will not include pics of the 3 additional pints of Blue Moon (yummm!) I consumed AT the game....Orange wedge included, for the healthier side of drinking.

Pour me on back to the hotel.

Last night in San Fran, high end Italian dinner required more wine. We upped the c-l-a-s-s again and had a Cabernet Sauvigon...of which I cannot remember the name nor region...it all jumbles together at this stage.
I do know that I drank enough to last me a year. Easily.

My body is mad at me and punishing me through bloatation and a 2 pound weight gain...

But it was worth it...every last sip.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Back from my vacation to

San Fran was our anniversary destination and it was fantastic, amazing, relaxing, tiring...all in one. I have lots of say about the trip, from dining, drinking, shopping and sightseeing...and what I returned to at home after being away for 4 days.

You can only imagine what grandma had done...
In 4 days twins are now sitting...
This week's posts will be dedicated to San Fran. Tomorrow...we drink our way through my trip!