Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am done with x-mas

Why do the holidays bring out the craziness in everyone?
Without the details, let's just say this x-mas is one for the books...
Drama, drama and more drama

Why can't we all just be friends?

Since when did texting or email become the only form of communication....why not pick up a phone and have a conversation? Confront one another and duke it out...hug and make up and move on.

Life is too short.


Next year, I am boycotting anyone joining me?

Monday, December 28, 2009

My computer has bit the bullet

Thanks to a certain little 5 year old and a glass of water (who put that next to my computer anyways....Tim?????) my computer has expired to the PC graveyard. At first I was upset...I just had my computer fixed (all 100 viruses gone...don't ask). I also start teaching online again in February....I loved my HP 17 inch screen, beast of a computer.

But.....I have been eyeing up hubby's nice MacBook. You know, the one I bought him 2 years ago when he came home from the first day of his MBA classes and said a Dell PC would JUST NOT DO. "everyone has a MacBook" said Tim.....

What are you 20? I never knew peer pressure still existed at 35?

So.....weigh in.. PC or MAC?

Speaking of weighing in...

138 lbs this AM after my back workout...sweet!

My size 4's are fitting again. I feel like my body is responding well to the clean eating and regular training again. The running is picking up, I managed a 4 miler last night thanks to a good show on TLC (Obese and Pregnant) which kept me distracted. The goal this week is to again fend off any temptations as we have a bunch of friends in town and alot of wine sitting in the counter!

Friday, December 18, 2009

weekly weigh in


Nice to see the numbers going down, and while I would love for these last 10 pounds to melt off..I am a huge advocate for losing weight using a maintainable lifestyle. That being said...I have cleaned up my eating and portion sizes big time. The kitchen scale and tupperware containers are in full effect. Me and Tilapia are bonding.

I even did the Christmas baking (thanks Kami for your recipes!) and I had Tim and Cole taste them all...not even a nibble from me! Have you ever noticed that self control really feels good?

Workout wise, I managed 2 weight training sessions and 3 runs so far this week. I will do another weight training workout tonight after Tim is off and then a cardio session on the weekend at some point. I find if I plan and schedule it with Tim then it gets done.

Next weeks weigh in will be on Christmas Day....

Dear Santa:

My only request this holiday season is that you suddenly give me an adversity to chocolate and treats of any kind...alcohol excluded (yes I will pump and dump this Christmas judgement please Santa)

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who's on your "freebie" list?

In light of Tiger's indiscretions...I was wondering whether any of those women would have shown up on his "freebie" list. You know..the list you're allowed to fantasize about but never act upon.

Would a hostess and waitress and "lady of the night" be worthy of Tigers "list"? Obviously his beautiful model trophy wife did not quite make the cut...

So I ask Tim who would be on his "list"...I was pretty sure it would be an actress or victoria secret supermodel...the typical male fantasy. While I consider myself attractive enough and give me a few months and this bod will be back in fighting form...I am more known for my intelligence. So while I was expecting hubby to include this on his list

He shocks me by saying he would include this gal


She's the NBC anchor for the Today Show..Natalie Morales

Ha! Nice work Tim, brains and beauty...I like it!

Unfortunately, while he may be smart (who knows!) I am going for strictly looks on my list

Who's on your list?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Random thoughts by Cheryl..

1. Today Cole has a playdate after school. The mom (bless her, she is awesome and so are her kids) is trying to make my life easy by picking him up at school, giving him lunch, playtime with her kids and then driving him home at 3:30.


I have never NOT picked Cole up...I am a control freak...what if she forgets him? What if she has an accident?

Breathe..all you veteran mommies out there, reassure me...he will be fine right?

2. Lots of people are wondering how we're doing. The twins are 4 weeks old today! They are growing nicely and have fit right into our little lifestyle perfectly. Tim and I are great too. No, we have no help. People visit and that works for me. If Cole was younger, if the boys get fussier, then yes I will welcome some help. For now, I have a hubby who is home all day, a 5 yr old in school for half the day, and I function really well on minimal sleep and coffee. Don't get me wrong...we're tired...but not exhausted. Seeing these faces makes my day...

Mr. Luke...very serious...we call him Button (as in Benjamin Button) since we think he looks kinda like an old man in a baby body...cute for now...not so cute in 30 years!. Hey Luke, those bags under the eyes may disappear if you would sleep for more than 3 hours a shot!

Mr. Kyle. Started off as my little runt, small and fighting to breathe and a BAD eater. He's done a 360 and is heavier then big brother..Struggles with gas from 9-10 at night...every night. Painful to watch and any tips out there to help relieve this is greatly appreciated!

3. The boys are fraternal twins...2 separate eggs, 2 separate sacs...they look NOTHING alike...right? Why are soooo many people having trouble telling them apart? Yes, that includes family members.....

4. It's bloody cold here...the kind of cold that prevents you from going outside. If I could choose to have a baby, it would NOT be a November baby.....I am stuck inside for 5 more the least. This time last year we were vacationing here

Freeport, Bahamas

I actually checked for a seat sale to someplace warm after x-mas....I am seriously dilusional..I agree.

Send me a random thought...dilusional or not.

Friday, December 11, 2009

weekly weigh in

Down a pound...whoo hoo...143.

I managed 2 runs, 2 plyometric/cardio circuits and 2 weight training sessions this week.

When on earth can I fit this in you ask?

The boys nap in the AM while Cole is at school. If I have the urge I get it done then..if not I take an hour in the evening while Tim spends time with the's MY time...and I choose to workout.

My next step?
I am joining Good Life Fitness's close by and I like heading out of the house now and then. There are just some exercises I cannot do at home.

As for the diet?
I have sworn off any treats for a few months....yes that means no christmas baking. Please do not bring me any..(you know who you are!)

This also means I am not baking any....sorry Tim. My belly is more important than your sweet tooth right now.

Bad news in all this is my carpal tunnel is OUT OF CONTROL. It was only in my right hand and now the left hand is suffering too. Lucky for me I function very well on non REM sleep....I lay awake amazed at how queit the house is and how lucky I am that the twins sleep so well...and yet I am WIDE AWAKE....

Before I try any physio I am going to bite my tongue and head back to Hot Yoga. There is a pose they SWEAR cures carpal tunnel...I used to think "as if" .....too granola for me. I am willing to TRY ANYTHING right about now.

Doing up snaps on a sleeper should not take 5 minutes....

My hands should not fall asleep while I feed the boys...

I am way too independent (and strong) to have to ask Tim to open a jar for me!

Monday, December 7, 2009

To Buy or Not to Buy..

As you know, I was chosen to be an Olympic Torch Bearer for the Cross Canada Relay. I signed up to run between here and Brandon (2 hours from Winnipeg)....hoping I would get some remote stretch on the highway, late at night, where Tim could come and cheer me on....

Tim...and only Tim would come....

Instead I got this leg...

You see, this is the major bridge that connects downtown to an area across the's the HEART of the city. To boot, I'm running my leg at 6:05pm....

Tim is thrilled, and part of me (like 90%) wishes he had been chosen to do this...considering it's been a dream of his since the late 80's and all...Tim could handle being in the spotlight, he's not shy whatsoever..

Me, I'm not one for public attention. The thought of people lined up to watch this event freaks me right out and GOD FORBID the news cameras are there (99% likely given the location and time). Even more scary is the potential for an interview.

Them: Why did you want to do this?

Me: My husband bullied me into applying...

Not the best "feel good" Olympic story. I can see it now..


My whole fear of publicity is making me dread this once in a lifetime opportunity...

You see, when they called to tell me I was chosen, they said they admired what I had written on my know...the part about kids and community involvement....

Pardon? Was I asleep when I wrote that? What on earth would I know about kids and community, we had just moved into this area and Cole was still at home, we had no community involvement...

And finally, there is the whole "buy your torch" debate. I can buy the actual torch I'll be carrying for a mere $350 cdn. When you add in the stand (you know, to make sure it actually can be displayed and not simply leaning up against a wall) for $70, I am investing $420 into a piece of Olympic history that only Tim will admire most days....

Maybe if this had come in the summer, when I was working, but it's Christmas...and Christmas on one income is a bit Scrooge like! There is no room for a $420 piece of metal with a few rings on it.

(cute tracksuit though! Mine just arrived and it could fit 3 of me....)

Or is there room for $420 worth of memories and pictures that I will look back on one day and admire.

Am I being ungrateful? Tim would give his right arm (he's a south paw so it wouldn't be so bad) to have been a part of this and here I am complaining about the location and time. I need to shape up my attitude here and consider this experience a gift...a gift to myself, to my family for years to come.

So the question is to buy or not to buy....

Would you?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Down 2 pounds to 144.2, tried on my size 6 jeans and they fit..I have clothes to wear again!

This week was just trying to get back into a steady groove of eating every 2-3 hours. My issue is that I forget to eat. I don't get stomach pains or feel lightheaded. I simply forget...not a good plan when you are trying to lose must eat to lose weight!

Prepping food makes a huge difference for me so I spent yesterday afternoon doing just that:

cutting up chicken (4 to 6 oz portions)
boiling eggs...I eat about 6 egg whites a day..easily..I should have my own farm here!
making a huge bowl of salad (extra spinach thrown in for iron!)
boiling and mashing sweet potatoes and placing in 1/2 cup tupperware servings
cutting up fruit and veggies and placing in ziplocs (1 cup portions)
Portioning out almonds for snack (12 almonds...I know it's very type A of me)
Filling up 4 litres of water

Can you tell I'm a visualizer. If I see 4 litres of water in the fridge, I will drink it all....

Try prepping and portioning out your food this week and see if it makes life a bit easier for you in terms of your eating plan.

As for exercise, I managed a 2 mile run on Monday, leg training Tues and shoulders yesterday. Today is cardio, not quite sure if I'll run or dance (I have a GREAT dance DVD, high impact cardio and so much fun..great for those with dance background)

Needing some new cardio tunes? Download this:

  • Morning after dark -Timberland and Nelly Furtado

For those losing weight with me, I hope you had some movement in your clothes or on the scale this week. Enjoy the weekend....have you put your tree up yet?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

NO pets allowed...

I love me

I just don't want any....

We had a fish, it lived well over a year.. we have not replaced him...the fish tank is nicely stored away...

Plants die in my house...need I say more??

The issue then becomes reinforcing our no pets allowed rule for visitors

Case in point:

Friend: "We want to come see the babies!! "

Me: For sure, come on by!!

Friend: "We will bring OUR new addition....a puppy, Cole will LOVE it!"

Me: ????????

Tim and I decided when we were married that we would not have pets...children would be enough work for us....and we had jobs/lifestyles that were truly unfair to any pet (unless of course the pet could go without food for 14 hours a day and did not need to be walked or played with)

We have encountered a few episodes of people bringing pets to our home and then being offended when we insist the dog stay in the garage for the visit.


Maybe to the dog owner, but it's also rude to bring a dog to a house where you are unsure of the rules. Allergies could be present, a fear of dogs, you never know. Best to clarify before an uncomfortable confrontation results

So I am once again faced with the doggy to politely accept a visit....minus the furry addition!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

PRE-POST workout snacks....MAKE THIS ONE

Often when I'm on the go I like to take protein bars with me. Detour Bars from Costco are my favorite as they contain minimal sugar and the carbs are pretty equal to the protein content.

BUT, nothing beats homemade snacks, so I put this one together

2 cups rolled oats (I use Rogers Porridge Oats with Oat Bran, Wheat Bran and Flaxseed, from Sobeys)
1/2 cup natural peanut butter - NATURAL ONLY, I use the Kraft brand.
1/2 cup water
1 tbsp honey
1/4 cup raisins
4 scoops vanilla protein powder (whatever you have in your house, just make sure your protein powder is low in sugar (like o or 1) and carbs (under 4) and at least 20g protein per scoop

Place all in a large bowl and use your hands to mix up into a dough
Line baking pan (I use a square glass pan) with wax paper
Press dough into the pan
Freeze for 30 minutes
Remove and cut, should yield about 8-12 squares at 200 calories a pop, a perfect snack!

Having these in the fridge removes any temptation for an unhealthy snack like store bought granola bars, or even yogurt (high sugar). You can put them in ziplocs and tote them for after the gym, grocery shopping etc,

Taste tested and approved by the 5 year old in the house!