Friday, October 29, 2010

Fitness Friday -Speed Training & ABS

Training hard these I'm sure you all are :)

I've increased to lifting weights 6 days a week and 45 minutes of cardio per day. Caloric consumption is 2062 cals. I weighed in at 123.5 last night which was fine as we want to stay between 125-130 prior to the diet down phase. Body fat was down .5% so we're watching that to ensure I do not get lean now..instead of during the diet down phase.

When on earth do I do all this AND work 25 hours a week, and run the house with 3 kids? You'd be amazed at what you can do with proper planning and communication. I'm at the gym at 5:30 am for weights and I run during the morning nap. I work during the afternoon nap and in the evening.

I have to keep the treadmill interesting or I'll get bored. So this week I'm giving you all some speed training - as usual you can speed it up or slow it down to tailor to your level of fitness, below is simply a guideline.

Warm up 5 minutes - walk/slow jog at 3.5 MPH, at a 7% incline.
One mile Run at 6.0 MPH.
Rest Set Slow it down to 5.0 MPH and run for 3 minutes.
Work Set Speed up to 6.8 MPH for 30 seconds.
Rest Set Go back to 5.0 MPH for 3 minutes.
Rest/Work Sets Keep repeating the 3 minute/30 seconds intervals until the clock reaches 25 minutes.
One mile Run at 6.0 MPH for another mile.
Cool down Slowly jog or walk for 5 minutes at 3.5 MPH at a slight incline (5% to 7%).

When you're done I want you to do 3 sets of the following:
10 crunches, rest 10 seconds
9 crunches, rest 9 sec
8 crunches, rest 8 sec
7 crunches, rest 7 sec
6 crunches, rest 6 sec
you get the idea...all the way to 1 crunch...

If this does not BURN you are doing the crunches wrong, really focus on belly button in, nice and slow crunch, give a little extra squeeze at the top!

New on my IPOD this week:
  • Chori Chori - Aneela (it's a song from Zumba...remember the old "informer" song by snow?
  • Stereo Love - Mia Martina
  • Michael Buble -Hollywood
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fitness Friday - Hill Training Treadmill

I'm taking to the hills today...treadmill style.

Tim has been away ALL week...5 days as single mom and things went pretty well. A few meltdowns, pukes and sniffles along the way...I do miss getting outside of the house for a workout though...especially with the gorgeous fall weather!

If you do treadmill running, you want to ensure you up the ante every now and then. No course is completely FLAT so running on a "0" incline is not representative of the real road.

Try this simple hill workout this weekend to get those hip flexors working and the heart pounding!

Slowly jog for 5 minutes.

2 minutes steady pace at 4% incline
Recover (easy pace) for 2 minutes.
2 minutes steady pace at 5% incline
Recover (easy pace) for 2 minutes.
2 minutes steady pace at 6% incline
Recover (easy pace) for 2 minutes.
2 minutes steady pace at 7% incline
Recover (easy pace) for 2 minutes.
2 minutes steady pace at 6% incline
Recover (easy pace) for 2 minutes.
2 minutes steady pace at 5% incline
Recover (easy pace) for 2 minutes.
2 minutes steady pace at 4% incline
Recover (easy pace) for 2 minutes.
Slowly jog for 5 minutes.

New on my IPOD this week:
  • Jay Sean -2012
  • Sean Kingston - Letting Go
  • Shake - Jesse McCartney

Have a GREAT weekend!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I often sit and wonder

Each day we make decisions, some are consciously chosen by ourselves...others I feel result from choices we have made in our past...So often we are faced with a choice..get up early, or sleep in? Read just one more chapter or go to bed...Make dinner or order in...

Mundane, I know, but lately I find myself wondering ....

1. Brains or beauty?
2. Love or money?
3. Public or Private school?
4. Hockey or no hockey?
5. Yoga or Pilates?
6. One best friend or several "good" friends
7. One more baby?

What are you wondering about these days?

Monday, October 18, 2010


Is it me, or has society become a bit more rude? I know I posted last year on my pet peeve about elderly people taking the baby parking spot at Costco or the mall...that was a first glimpse into what I believe is a society of disrespectful, rude people.

I know it's harsh. You don't have to agree with me,and by all means I do not mean ALL people are rude...just many more then I can ever remember... Today's rudeness was the straw that broke the camels back for me. In the last week..this is what I would consider "rude" behaviour towards me.

1. An older lady (mid 70's I guess) at the gym accuses me of being "drunk" as she laughs with her friend that I could not find my gym card for my locker. I swore I had placed the generic card you get from the front desk into my locker and when I turned around the lady was using my locker. I kindly took the card away and noted I would move lockers...and then she snagged the card out of my hands exclaiming it was HER card. Blah Blah, hee, hee, she is drunk, or maybe she got up too early were her words about me to her friend...When she lifted her purse up, there was MY key...I looked her straight in the eyes and my motherly tone..."you were extremely rude to me, I did not deserve that from you, and at 6 in the morning the least you could have done was help me try to find my key" Still, no apology from her...she walked away mumbling "it was just a joke". I was offended..would she have treated a fellow "older" lady that way?

2. At the gym, I need 15 pound dumbells, none on the rack. Trainer next to me and her client have MANY dumbells around them...none of which are being used as they are too busy chatting and her client starts pressing 20 pounders, I ask if I could snag the 15's for a set.
"NO, she says...we are using them". Then she looks around as though another set should miraculously appear before me. So, I used 17.5's and gave her my hairy eyeball look for the next few sets...since when are we unable to share...I thought that was a 2-4 yr old behaviour issue.

3. Running errands today, a twin in each arm, a parcel to return hanging from my shoulder, I struggle to open the door to the store...I get in and 2 men are staring at me and one says "wow, you have your hands full..."I place the container on the floor and kick it up to the front desk, stand in line, make my return, you would think someone would have helped the parcel on the counter for me? Nope... get the door for me on the way out? You would think the 2 men STILL standing at the door would help out and push it open for me. NOPE. They stopped talking though to watch me struggle. If I was not sweating from lugging the boys and standing in line for 5 minutes to get $11 back I likely would have thanked them for being so helpful...the sarcastic woman in me.

So, while these 3 events are mere blips in time, and maybe I'm in a grumbly mood..but I hold doors open for people, I don't park in handicap spots or baby parking if I have help with me..I let people work into sets on the machines with me, heck, I've even paid for an elderly man's parking at the gym when he forgot his parking pass...I certainly do not take pride in someone else's discomfort.

Chivalry is defined as "pride aspiring to beauty, and formalized pride gives rise to a conception of honour, which is the pole of noble life". I'm not asking for chivalry my friends....

Nice will do, just fine...

Can't we all just get along?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

1st haircuts

In preparation for the upcoming one year celebration, Tim and I decided it was time to get rid of Kyle's old man comb over and Luke's out of control tuft..The following photos will explain just how different my boys are....Kyle...Fun, fun, loved every second of the clippers...took all of 2 minutes to achieve a nice trim do. The kid does not sit still for ANYTHING...except the clippers...who knew. Smiles all around..


Screaming before those clippers even touched him...Look at that heart breaks! Thank goodness we did it ourselves, the poor hair stylist who would have had to endure that!!!! The kid sits still ALL day...barely moves....but he turned into a wiggly snake when those clippers came out.

So another milestone is done...and let's just say I pray their hair grows EXTRA slow and another such event will not occur for many months to come!

Happy 11 months my boys

The little men are 11 months. Crazy, I know!

They continue to get busier ever day. I think I sat down once yesterday..and that was forced on me by Tim, he knows when a headache hits, I need an hour of dark, quiet, uninterrupted time. Good man.

Lukey continue to greet anyone who enters the room with the biggest, most gentle eat sand and grass like it's a delicacy...pebbles are not your thing..likely since your brother is eating them all....You're sensitive, hate loud noises, and require some alone snuggle time before naps and bed.

You say mama and my heart melts.I have one question...When are you planning on crawling? Not that I'm rushing you, you seem to want to crawl, you rock back and forth...and then give up. Take the plunge my dear, you can chase your brother around and have more fun!

Kylie Wiley...while still fiesty, you seem to have calmed down a bit now that you can crawl, pull up, stand and let go, and climb stairs....the house is fort knox because of you! You say mama, you wave bye bye and you shake your head watch me talk and I swear you are trying to mimic are gentle with Luke, even when he swats you away...keep trying Kyle, he'll come around!

Cole is having a blast with you after school each day playing "chase me" around the main floor of the house..he will sit and play blocks and entertain you boys while mommy preps dinner. Cole is my little helper and makes my life much easier.

Happy 11 months my I adore you!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Official - Masters here I come

I have officially decided to compete in 2011. The competition will be the Masters Figure (35 and over only...all you young pups are NOT allowed!) March 19, 2011, right here at home!

Check it out here for more case anyone wants to come cheer me on!

I have enlisted some help. My nutrition/weight training/posing/supplement gal Jewels...and my CRAZY AWESOME ..and darn right cool athletic trainer Paul.

My sister is on board for styling and her best friend Sommer for hair and makeup. Tim, my parents and all my friends are ready for support when needed....that means NO temptations ok?

Do I have the first clue about what I'm doing?

Am I scared?

Has this been in my bucket list since I was in my early twenties?

I'll tell you, my biggest fear is that I get on stage and I'm that girl that everyone looks at wondering why she is know like those bad singers on Idol....someone should tell them they can't sing!

So you see, part of this process is for me to grow in confidence in my own determination and abilities. I know I can diet, I know I can put the hours in at the gym and still manage work and a house of kidlets....I just have to truly BELIEVE in myself and enjoy the process. If I step on that stage looking the best I possibly can, knowing I gave it 100% then the end result will not matter.

I will keep you posted every few weeks on what's, training and "other" stuff (posing clinic starts in January). For now, the next 2 weeks will focus on settling into a new diet, 2000 calories (up from 1500) and 5 intense weight training days per week as well as 30 minutes minimum of cardio per day. Many late nights are in my future, but for this night owl and early riser, I say BRING IT!

So, what's on your goals for 2011, have you revisited your "fitness" bucket list and will leap with me into unknown territory? A half marathon? Triathlon? 10km walk? Committing to exercising at least 5 days a week? Whatever it is, it is YOUR GOAL

PS: comments are truly appreciated my friends...I am reaching out for support here and I know I will get some lovin from ya! Stay fit and fab this weekend!

TAG - I'm it - Get to know me!

What is your daily routine like? What time to you get up, go to bed, dinner routine, etc.
Most mornings the twins dictate my rise...generally at 6:30 and I wake Cole at 7:30. Breakfast at 8, I bundle the crew up at 8:30 and we walk to school with Cole for 8:50, home by 9am. Babes down for a nap at 9:30 and I get in my cardio in my home gym or I dash to the gym (Tim works from home so he is with the twins while they sleep). Get twins up at 11, lunch at 11:30, bath for the twins, run an errand with them if I need to, and they are back down at 1:30ish for a nap and I work online. Pack up the twins at 3:10 and walk to school and stay and play at the playground until 4:30. Home at 5, dinner 6, play, bottle, bed for twins by 7, Cole in bed at 8:30 and I work again online until 10:30 (this is when Tim gets in his workout)...Tim and I relax till 11:30 and it's bed time.

What are things you do with your family for fun. And for those of you with children, what fun things to you like to do with your kids?

Family walks are huge in our house, we have friday night movie night, and we love heading to the lake and exploring on the beach. Unstructured fun is something I have learned to embrace.

What are your FAVORITE holiday traditions?

We just had thanksgiving at the new cabin and it was AMAZING. I'll do a post on it soon. Otherwise I am not a huge tradition girl, odd for my type A personality, but I'm floored that people put so much pressure on certain days of the year.

What do you do when you want to relax and have some "me time" ?

My "me" time is working out. I do have a girls running group every week and that's a great way to socialize and stay fit all in one. I did notice at the lake though I HAD to relax as I had no internet, it was my day off from I read a trash mag and had a nap!

What is one of your favorite books you've read so far?

I loved Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. I also really enjoyed the Andre Agassiz Bio...

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Food wise? Chocolate and pies, pumpkin pie for sure...I indulge in my pleasure at least once a week! Otherwise, I am guilty of watching too much reality TV....teen mom, jersey shore..plain old junk. Does it make it any better if I say I watch these shows while on the treadmill?

Thank you to Miranda at Hangin' Loose with The Tucci's for tagging me...check her out, she does fantastic blog and website design work! She lives in Hawaii!!! Can you imagine!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fitness Friday Is Back!

I'm Back!

Recent stats:Weight remains stable at 122lbs and 9.9% body fat! Goal attained and I'm in muscle building mode. When I began this journey to shape up post twins, I started Dec 1st at 149 lbs and 23 % body fat. Feels great to have my body back!

Competition weight should come in about 115lbs so this weight is completely maintainable for the off season. I meet with Miss Fitness 2008 next week for an overall assessment of what we need to work on.

This week has been slow as I recover from my 10 mile run. I managed a 6 miler today as well as a zumba class Tuesday, a back and chest workout wednesday, shoulders and arms on thursday and tomorrow I'll hit the legs. I try and get 45-60 minutes of cardio in each day, rain or shine, inside or outside, to me, no one cardio is better then another, just move it each and every day. Pick something you like and enjoy it!

I truly enjoy running outside, but on the days when I can't, I need to motivate myself on the treadmill. So here is a great workout, adapted to both the runners as well as my walkers out there. Try it this weekend, or twice if you plan on indulging in a Thanksgiving day treat!



5:00-9:004 / 55.5 / 3
9:00-11:004 / 75.5 / 4
11:00-16:003.5 / 105 / 6
16:00-21:003.5 / 86 / 3
21:00-22:004.0 / 45.5 / 2
22:00-23:004.5-4.8 / 47 / 2
23:00-24:004.0 / 45.5 / 2
24:00-25:004.5-4.8 / 47 / 2
25:00-26:004.0 / 45.5 / 2
26:00-27:004.5-4.8 / 47 / 2
27:00-29:003.5 / 105 / 8
29:00-31:003.6 / 85.2 / 6
31:00-33:003.7 / 65.4 / 4
33:00-35:003.8 / 45.6 / 2
35:00-38:004.5 / 26.5 / 2
38:00-40:004.0 / 25.5 / 2
40:00-45:003.5-3 / 14.5-3.5 / 1

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My pregnancy has traumatized a 6 yr old

As I maneuver myself through this thing called being mom to a grade 1'er, I am once again at a loss for words....guidance from all you seasoned moms is needed here...

I was picking up Cole from school, minding my own business when a mom came over and asked if I was Cole's mom.

Yes, I said..

"My daughter was in Cole's class last year....and she said she asked you if you had a baby in your belly and you said you had 2 babies"

Oh yes, I remember her asking me that!

"well, she has been traumatized ever the point where when she sees you she hides her face, she refused to go to any parties that you would be bringing Cole too...and I asked the teacher if anything happened last year that would have caused this..."


Pretty sure I stood there with my mouth open, wondering how to respond! I asked her to bring her daughter over to see me when she came out and she didn't...I asked her to ask her daughter again what is causing her such trauma...I also asked why she is bringing this up a year later AND our kids are not in the same class....

Confused and yet a bit saddened that this has been placed upon me.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random thoughts in plus 23 degree weather

You heard right. It's plus 23 degrees here in the PEG. Between the sun, the fresh air and the amazing fall colors, I can barely contain my excitement.

No, we do not live in frigid cold weather year round. No we do not travel by sled and live in igloos (a man once asked me that...I will not say where he was from....let's just say faaaaaar south and must have lived under a rock himself!)

My house is a mess...unpacking for 5 people is a bit more work then I anticipated...The babes are cranky pants from 4 days of missed naps and so-so night sleeps in a hotel. Never mind the fact that I stifled Kyle from crawling for 4 days. He was a kid in a candy store this morning when he saw wide open spaces!

Cole was dragging his feet to school, bags under his eyes from 4 days of Nickelodeon fun at the MOA. Never mind the junk lunch I packed for him given we had no groceries. If the lunch mom at school does not call and ask WTH was that, I will be shocked.

On the upside...I am done work for 2 weeks until I start up again teaching another on-line course. Oh the plans I have for the next 2 weeks....none of which will get done if this weather keeps up! I will make an effort to read more blogs and comment as I miss it! Life has sped by these past few weeks and it's nice to just sloooooow right down.

So, I will enjoy my coffee here (Seattle Best from the the US selection!) and enjoy the peace and quiet of babies napping......

I will get back on my fitness friday this week and post a new workout! Lots of requests for more detail on my training so maybe I'll post a weight training workout...any suggestions on bodyparts you most want to work on?

Sunday, October 3, 2010 wasn't 26.2 miles...

Someone sent me a text this week which read...

"While it's not a full marathon, hope you have a personal best on your race!"

While I could dwell on that text (I assume it was well intentioned?), I chose to not obsess that my dream of being a marathoner was not happening, and simply head to Minneapolis and enjoy myself and guess what...I have had a fantastic time PLUS...a personal best on the 10 mile race...1:26:21.

Let me say this....I RUN FOR MYSELF AND ONLY MYSELF. Ditch the competitiveness if you want to truly enjoy running. When you turn it into a competition, you take out the fun, the freedom. Be tough on your own personal goals but don't judge others for theirs. Ok, lecture over.

My gal Shawna, who continued to train without me when I got injured in July, finished in 4:08. She is truly amazing. 3 kids under 6, a Partner at a big CA firm and a bum knee, she found the time to crank out the required training schedule and finish this beast of a run!.

This was one of the nicest courses I have ever run...including the 7 hills! At almost a hill per mile, this prairie gal is not used to that kind of incline and the hip flexors are paying right now.

A bright and early start with a plus 4 faithful running gloves which I bought at the expo here say JUST ONE MORE MILE...ain't that the truth? Mine really should have said I RUN FOR COFFEE...
We said goodbye and headed to our corrals. That's me with the 2 water bottles. Me and 6000 other runners!
A cool dry-fit shirt for the finishers! Well worth the $65 entry!
What would I do post-race? Massage, eat, stretch...nope..I headed for the Caribou Coffee stand and dosed myself up...Did you really think there was any other option for me? I run for coffee remember? This city is patriotic...I was like a fish outta water eh? Can't say I've ever run a race where there was a gigantic Canadian Flag hanging from massive cranes near the finish line. Go big or go home right?
As I ran through the streets of Minneapolis and my legs felt light, my lungs full of fresh beautiful fall air, I was truly thankful that my injury was at bay, and that I was simply able to run foot in front of the other, with my family proudly waiting at the finish line.