Monday, March 29, 2010

Your husband works from home?

Yes, Tim works full time from home. We have an office for him on the main level of the house. He has no choice BUT to work from home, there is no office in Winnipeg for him.

There have been mixed reactions from people when they find out we are both home all day.

Don't you get annoyed with him in the house all day and then seeing him at night?

No, he stays in his office with the door closed most of the day. He knows that if he ventures out, he may be roped into a diaper change....

Do you know how lucky you are to have him at home?

Yes, yes I do....he drives Cole to and from school, saving me from packing up 3 kids to go all of 1km. He also eats lunch with us every day and he is "home" from work at 5pm every day.

Why do you get a free car of he works from home?

Heh, I don't make up the corporate rules here. If they want us to have a free car, I will take one!

Does he ever get out of the house?

Yes! He travels at least a week every few months and he is out visiting dealerships at various times of the week. While he has a flexible schedule, I cannot plan around HIS schedule. I treat his job as though he was not home.

So the other day, Tim reinforced the fact that I am sooooooooo lucky to have him. I think his words were "Do you know how GOOD you have it?"

What I am about to say here is nothing Tim has not heard before....(he reads my blog...maybe he'll comment??)

Tim, my dear hubby...while I fully realize how helpful you are and how lucky I am that you love being home with us, I want you to know how lucky YOU are...for the following reasons

1. You have a wife who does not expect you to do anything while you are at home all day. If you wanted to read the paper all day in your office, I would care less. To me, YOU ARE AT WORK.

2. Order up! You have 3 meals a day hot and ready for you to eat. Healthy, yummy meals. Not some fast food crap you used to eat at the office.

3. Because I fully realize that your only social interaction all day is either on the phone or with me and the kids, I am happy that you have your movie night each week with the guys....AND the monthly poker party down the street.

4. The house is quiet. The babies nap upstairs in their cribs and Cole and I play quietly so that you can have a relaxed, productive work environment. There is no chaos in this house.

5. Finally, on top off all of this, your wife makes her own money by teaching on line, after the kids are in bed, or on the weekend before anyone gets up.

I think we BOTH have it pretty darn good.

Case closed.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wedding songs

I'm 36. Born in 1973. The disco era...although when I actually started listening to music, the 80's were in full force and Michael Jackson was my hero.

Yet some days I think I should have lived through the 60's.....I am addicted to the 60's music station on satellite radio. Songs seemed simpler...more upbeat, less altered by synthesizers and voice overs. I would have had a blast dancing to these tunes...

A favorite? Sam Cooke. Nothing like a little "Cupid" or "another Saturday night" to make one smile.

Was this always me? Am I an old soul when it comes to music?

I remember travelling with my parents when I was mid teens and listening to the song "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" by Mel Carter over and over and over...It came on the satellite last night and I cried.

What the?? Since when does a song with that title make me weepy?

So my brother sent me the song they have chosen for their first dance...a nice modern day love song. What did I choose as my wedding song?

Buddy Holly...True Love Ways.

I say no more..

What was your wedding song and would you still choose it today?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If you died could go to this site and get a new mom!

See the title of my post?

That is what Cole said to me last week..


The website he is talking about is
You know that kleenex commercial where the guy tries out a few moms to see which mom gives him the best remedy (babying) for his cold....

My 5yr old son thinks that if you visit the site, the second you click on it the doorbell will ring and a new mom will appear at the house for him...and I would have to leave...

Not sure where I would go...we have not discussed this situation much further.

Disturbing is the fact that he said Mom and Die in the same sentence...and then casually tossed me aside as though daddy would quickly replace me....come on...I am NOT replaceable.

Reassuring is the fact that Cole refuses to let me go to this site...he gets a terrified look in his eyes when I ask him about it...he's all talk that child of mine...

It did make me think though...if I were to pass while my kids are young, would I want Tim to find a new mommy for the boys?

Apparently in Cole's eyes, its as simple as clicking the mouse...

Monday, March 22, 2010

I think my child is obsessed with me..

I heard that having twins meant they would be able to entertain eachother. Sign me up then! I was Cole's playmate for many was exhausting.

When the twins were born and I tried them in the same crib, Luke would swat at Kyle as he tried to snuggle in.

Fine, I separated them for sleep purposes. Once they had their own space, they slept...

Lately I have been laying them both down on the playmat. If Kyle is there alone, he is happy, swatting at the toys dangling above him. As soon as I lay Luke down, its...


Is this resentment from when Kyle tried to snuggle in the crib? Is he holding a grudge?

If Luke is being carried by me, Kyle is cranky. Either I listen to some seriously annoying squeals or I place Kyle in the baby bjorn facing though he must look at his brother in the stroller and say

"So there Luke, she is all mine"

It's so bad lately that Tim and Cole have started to refer to me as "the girlfriend"

So today I experimented. Kyle woke up from his nap early and I dashed out with him to Costco while Tim was home and Luke napped.

How easy is toting one child around! (to all my friends who had twins first and want no more...I fully understand why...)

Anyways, Kyle was dreamy, smiling, laughing, chillin in the stroller watching me shop. No fuss. I repeat, not a PEEP.

This is disturbing...while I want my children to need me, love me..worship the ground I walk on...(kidding) I also need space! Nowhere in the contract did it say that twins will not like eachother and play with eachother at ALL TIMES.

I am seriously thinking of a life size cut out of me for the house....unless you have another idea?

Friday, March 19, 2010

1 year ago..

One year ago

2 Embryos were transferred

The only 2 I had...after months of meds and needles
I am so grateful

Take a listen...remember your pregnancy, or embrace the child you are carrying now..

It truly is a miracle

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anyone have a private jet for me?

In 4 weeks this crew is flying 2 hours to Calgary and then driving another hour to Banff for my bros wedding...

PS: he has no kids (yet!) therefore any inconvenience possible has been placed upon us...he seemed shocked when I said changing hotels each night with 3 kids was a nightmare......his turn is out bro. the midst of a twins crying fest yesterday I started to panic a bit about the flight... What if Kyle starts up his crank-o-meter...Luke tends to follow suit with a slow whine...and Tim begins to Maestro the event while Cole and I laugh.

BUT...passengers on Westjet Airlines may not think our little "symphony" is worthy of laughs...

Cole was great on airplanes, the "hummm" usually put him to sleep AND there was only one baby...making it easier on us...playing "hot potato" with the twins will not be as easy...

Maybe I'll hand out ear plugs for everyone?
Maybe buy the plane a round of drinks to take the edge off...


Have you ever wondered what really happens when your baby is fussing on a plane? What others are thinking or doing? To ease your mind, my hubby has kindly provided this video he found on youtube... This video is WORTH the minute of your time...


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's photo class night!

7pm cannot come fast enough...

Class #2 tonight, we get to learn about camera control and basic composition (ie: make sure the subject is in FRONT of you!) AND I have a huge assignment for next week that includes taking 17 pictures and having them printed.

17 pictures....that means like 1000 tries to get them all....

Not only do I need 17 pictures, they are all different compositions. For example...2 shots of the horizon emphasizing the sky, 2 shots of a detail of a much larger object..the list goes on...

My friends...this is HOMEWORK! I have not had homework in years!!! I never really did my homework well in will I get this done now!! I'm stressing already...lucky for me a nice mom at school today offered to have Cole over for the PM...yay! I'm going to attempt to be a nerd and start my homework early. Writing down possible locations to shoot these pictures.

For this week, my homework was to bring in a website of a photographer I admire. There are soooo many, but one of my favorites is John Todaro.

How amazing is he! I have a print above my's a beach scene with a lonely chair and's where I pretend to be when I'm in my own spa....

Who are your favorite photographers? Send me some links, I LOVE looking at photos and being inspired by those who can actually take great shots!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Yes I watched the Oscars..all bloody 3.5 hours of it. Mind you, I was baking some muffins...but still, 3.5 hours is a looooong time.

It was a pleasant show...My Julia was nowhere to be found..crap, I was hoping for her EGO to make an appearance.

I try and watch all of the Oscar nominated movies prior to the show but given there were 10 nominations this year, and a few extra babies in the house taking up my TV time...I was able to see Up in the Air and bits and pieces of the Hurt Locker and the Blind Side.

Here are my thoughts...

Sandra Bullock for best actress? Not sold on that choice yet...I thought the gal from Precious would was the "feel good" choice. Unknown actress, first audition, dramatic role..
Funny, Sandra also just won the Razzie award for WORST actress in All About Steve...I guess you can ROCK and TANK all in the same week.

Female Power! First time a female has ever won best director. I love the fact that a female directed such a powerful film. I only saw 10 minutes of the Hurt Locker, but it was intense!

Boo to the producers of the show.. they missed 2 very important actresses when they showed the montage to those who have passed on..Farah Fawcett and Bea Arthur...

BUT...they did manage to include Michael Jackson (he was in movies??)

George Clooney looked pissed (ie: mad, not drunk) the whole show.....did his publicist not tell him he looks much cuter when he smiles?

Cameron Diaz flubbed her intro speech, blaming it on the're an actress Cameron, improvise.

The tribute to John Hughes made me sad...there on stage were all my favorite actors from my teenage years. Judd Nelson, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald....they looked so old and a bit weathered...Hollywood has not been kind to some....I had a moment of panic as I remember Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club like it was yesterday.

And finally, the's my favorite..

The gal at 47 is simply stunning......

Here's my least favorite're like a size 0 wet...this dress looks like you just had babies and need to hide the baby pouch! Couture or not, this was a miss for me.

Give me your thoughts on the show (if you watched) or if you chose to miss it give me your thoughts on awards shows!

See all the dresses at,,20311937_20349373,00.html

Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekly weigh in

3 pounds down in 2 weeks. I am getting close to dipping below where I like to maintain hence I'm going to add in a bit more "good fat" to my diet. We'll chat good fat in a minute.

Body fat percentage went from 16.34% to 15.48% and another inch lost (.25 from hips and .75 from legs).

Training this week has been light...I needed a bit of a break. A 10km and 2 5km runs plus a leg workout is all I have to show. The kinked neck has not helped. With Tim back I have 3 workouts scheduled for this weekend.

Good fat is important to me. I workout alot and I need maximum energy to run around with the kids. I know what weight works well for my lifestyle. I could not train for an Eco Challenge or a half marathon consuming a 1500 calorie a day diet. So I'm turning to the food with the bad rap...FAT.

The problem for me is that once I start I have trouble controlling the FAT. Here are my choices:

1/4 cup dry almonds (this is like 25 almonds and a mere tease my friends, who eats only 25?)

1 tbsp natural peanut butter (smooth and creamy..this tastes amazing on a spoon but 1 tbsp for me is like taking candy away from a child)

1/2 cup extra lean ground beef (yuck, yuck...ground beef with no sauce looks like little turds and if I smell it cooking I cannot eat it)

1/2 avocado (unless it's in a guacamole dip chances are I will not choose this!)

What would you choose?

And check this out for some inspiration...

That's my and dad and I at the start line last Sunday. He ran the Hypothermic Half Marathon....13.1 miles in February weather (ok it was minus 6 that day....a beautiful day for running) BUT STILL.. who chooses to do that mid winter?

My dad is 65 and this was his 5th half marathon (he started running at 63!)

It's never too late to take charge of your health.

Stay Fit & Fabulous this weekend!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Out of sorts

Feelin a bit out of sorts this week...

I'm flyin solo for 2 days...and while the twins are sleeping/napping great, I am spoiled having Tim work from home..I fully realize don't have to remind me (as many people do!)

My neck is kinked from all the feedings, carrying car seats, laundry, housework, blah blah..poor me..a kinky neck does not slow me down, it just means more Advil! It does put me in a bad mood, I like operating on a full tank you know..

Cole seems to be "bored" in the afternoons which makes me think I'm not playing with him enough..he's too polite to tell me that BUT he did get a bit too excited when a friends mom offered to drive him to school today....I need to muster up the energy for a light sabre battle or a round of monopoly today

But all this complaining pales in comparison to my aunt's daily battle to live. She is not doing all...the cancer is in her bones, mostly her spine and she is quickly deteriorating. The mastectomy removed the tumors in her breast, but it had already spread. There is no treatment...only pain control. I keep trying to plan a visit with her but she says she's just too tired...I miss her laughter...there is only sadness in her voice. My 78 year old uncle is trying his best to care for her but he too is scared. Every phone call I get seems to bring more bad news. This morning was no different, she is in emergency today.

I sit here hoping this is a bad dream, that quality of life will remain forever. I want to freeze my kids, my health, my body, my marriage, my family just as they are RIGHT NOW.

My mom said to me a few weeks ago that I was in the BEST YEARS of my life.......I would agree...but I want my entire life to be my BEST LIFE.

We only get one chance at it.

Make it count.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Click Click, here I go!

Tonight is THE night!

I have wanted to do this for years...and years...and finally I chose to do it when I have 3 young kids at home, and I'm working 15 hours a week....
Photography school!

My parents bought me this fantastic SLR camera for my birthday and I have no clue how to take a decent picture with it (ahem, as the self portrait above shows...where are my eyes hiding??? )

Every Tuesday night for 3 hours I will be in school, with other adults, learning the ins and outs of MY camera AND how to take great pictures. Lighting, posing etc...

My heart is leaping with excitement...I have warned everyone that they will have to put up with my lens in their face for 8 weeks. Deal with it will thank me!

Cole is thrilled, he has been my test subject these past few weeks as I learn how to even hold this beast of a camera (which is killer given my carpal tunnel is back)

The twins....well Luke is shocked that I chose to leave him at bed time I'm sure..
Kyle....well he is likely just happy the tummy time nazi is away ...playtime on the back can resume!
See, I need help....and darn it, I am going to get it...tonight!
Wish me luck!