Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm all fired up!

It pains me to even have to write about this story but I must vent.

A 5yr old boy was killed this week when a tow truck ran him over while he biked. Apparently the tow truck blew the stop sign in a residential area. Investigation is pending...(cell phone? texting? simple human error and distraction? who knows)

The news has been all abuzz with pointing fingers at the tow truck driver, the lack of speed bumps on the street (apparently running the stop sign is common and the residents are well aware of this), etc...

Can I stop here for one second.....


If you read the article, it states

"We actually do not have very many adults who have witnessed this"


"Most of our witnesses to this incident are small, very small, children or young adults"

Are you kidding me??

Would you let your 5 year old head out for a "bike ride" with other kids...alone? 5 year olds can barely tie their shoes, never mind practice road safety.

We were driving to a party last weekend and as we turned onto the street we saw this...

Of course we slowed right down, as the 3 kids were busy playing on the street...and then the 3 year old started to run towards our car and stuck out his tongue at us....

Again, NO PARENTS IN SIGHT.....the kids sauntered back to their garage, which was open.....but still


Does placing a simple sign outside your driveway give you enough comfort that motorists will actually see it and slow down?

Why are WE not watching our kids at play?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kindergarden is DONE


Cole did it! Last day of school was full of hugs and a few tears (some kids are moving or heading to private school). The last day deserved a special hat ...

The last day of school deserved one more crack at mastering those monkey bars... PS: he did it!

Luke's smile says it all...let's have a fantastic summer break.

Pool party this afternoon down the street, sushi for dinner and Star Wars In Concert tonight!!. Could I jam any more fun into the


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Water babies...I think not

Last summer we bought a house with a pool. I was pregnant and loved floating around. This summer, I am down the slide, off the diving board and tanning on my belly!

I was so excited to get the twins into the pool, they will love it...I'm sure of it! I was seriously hoping Luke and Kyle would feel the water and become water babies...well..... I will let the pictures say it all...

Kyle..he loves the bath so it should be an easy (mind you much cooler) transition to the pool right? Oh my...this lasted the entire swim....

Luke......he hates the bath. Fuss fuss in the warm water, who knew I just needed to put him in a massive bed of cool water. This lasted the entire swim too...

And this dude...he is water wing free and swimming under water, even touching the bottom of the shallow end with his hand....a significant milestone so early in the swimming season. Who needs lessons!
Fuss or no fuss, my goal is to get the twins in the water each sunny swim day. There is at least 60 more days of swimming weather and hopefully not 60 more days of crying!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fitness faves

Today I am giving my favorite exercises...I see these every week, in variations to keep it fresh.

Legs: Lunges. Walking lunges in particular. Add in a dumbell and your butt will tighten up in no time. Pop lunges, reverse lunges, smith machine cannot go wrong and these should be part of your leg workout each and every time.

Chest: Dumbbell Bench press. You know that little pooch of skin that sticks out on the side of the bra, near the armpit...yup you know it...this exercise helps. Go heavy (I pressed 50 pound dumbells this week for 8 reps), use a spotter and watch those pecs tone up. You will not bulk up, unless you're shootin some funky meds...women are not built to get huge.

Shoulders: Plate raises. Those little muscle fibres twitch away on this one. No need to go heavy, it's not a cabre toss, no momentum should be used to raise that plate up.

Triceps: Dips with bench and ball. Add a plate (10 pounds?) onto your thighs, prop those legs up on a bosu ball and dip away. You will hate/love these.

Back: Lat pull downs. Vary the grip (narrow, wide, palms turned in) and vary the pull to the front, back or alternate. So many choices!!! Did you know V-taper backs make your waist look really small? Get pulling!

Biceps: Spider Curls. I love the extension at the bottom of this one....ahhhhh and then a strong curl to the top. Slow down, explode up and hold.

Abs: hanging leg raises. For all the moms out there carrying some baby weight in the lower abs, this will help tighten that area. Go slow...feel the burn on these.

Tell me, what are some of your favorite exercises and why?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Volunteering is done...sniffle...

3 days of school left for Cole.....he's upset and I'm excited. He'll miss his friends but I'm thrilled to have him all to myself for 60 days!

Time to undo all the junk behavior he picked up this year....and have a fun summer!

So I had my last morning of volunteering in his class we are walking to school. Notice the massive smile Cole has...the most excited I see him is the night before I volunteer. Can I freeze that emotion and make it last forever? I won't miss the tedious tasks I get to do while volunteering (color? shelve books?) but I will miss watching the kids draw pictures, attempt kid printing...did you know "because" is actually "bekose" in Cole's world...and seeing my munchkin stare at his teacher as though she is the love of his life.

Ok, as a side note, Cole dresses himself now and I try not to make a big deal about his choices. I want his to feel confident in his ability to get ready in the AM...but the long sleeve shirt on a hot day, matched with brown socks AND black runners was too much to bear...I packed a short sleeve shirt for him...and sandals. I changed him once we got to school when he realized how hot he was....meltdown avoided.

Double side note...I like getting dressed up for volunteering, I'll miss that part too....for those interested (and I know you will email me) Dress is Max Studio from Winners ($50), Purse from Winners ($30), Jones NY sunglasses from Winners ($15) and flip flops from Aritzia ($16)

Here's to a fantastic summer break, full of sun, swimming, beach, park, ice cream, late nights and most of all... memories.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Are you a twin dad?

When I found out I was having twins, I signed up for a multiples society. Everyone said I HAD to register with this particular I agreed....I really only wanted the coupons and first dibs on any "sales" of 2nd hand gear.

Then I started getting newsletters, invites on facebook for "multiples" outings, support group info etc..

Not my cup of tea. Just because I have 2 at once does not mean I need to surround them with another 100 sets of multiples. Maybe because they are fraternal and look nothing alike, I truly see them as individuals, separate personalities, and I rarely ever dress them the same. I had twins, I did not give birth to something that requires a "society".

So I wonder, do many twin parents find comfort in these groups. Are many of them first time parents? I never had anyone suggest I become a member of a first time parent society? If ever I needed a support group it would have been with baby #1. If ever I needed outings, connection with other moms, it would have been when I only had one child that I could easily tote around.

Then a few weeks ago we were stopped, and a lady asked Tim if he was a "multiple" dad. I stood back and observed as I'm usually the one being stopped, this was all new for Tim.

Tim looked at her confused??? She pointed to the twins....A "multiple" dad!!! I'm a twin mom she said...grinning ear to ear....and then she she was waiting for fireworks to begin.....for a jumping and hugging fest? Whatever she was waiting for...she was not getting it from Tim.

Uh, yeah they're twins..and he (pointing to Cole) is 5...why?

The poor woman looked as though we had burst her twin bubble...

And this is why we are not renewing our membership to the multiples society....we are a family with 3 kids, 2 of which happen to share a birthday. I'd like to think that I was simply lucky enough to have 3 kids with only 2 pregnancies. We get stopped enough, pointed to enough, and whispered about enough in doesn't phase us...stare away...

I just wanted to be a mom again, and Tim just wanted to be a dad again, joining the multiples society only labels us...

Label us simply....a family

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm obsessed....again

5 years ago I was obsessed with the Natalee Holloway case. Every night I watched Nancy Grace to see the "breaking news". She was counting the days the girl had been missing. New leads, pleas from her family, suspects arrested, and then released. It was an all consuming roller coaster ride for me. Every night I kept hoping she would be found...alive.

Cole was just a baby. I panicked at the thought of him EVER going on a school I ever went to Mexico with my friends.....never...and pigs fly.

Tim would roll his eyes, "they will never find her" he would say.


And now, 5 years later, my obsession is back.... Nancy Grace is on every night, Tim's eye rolling is in full effect.

Joran Van Der Sloot is back in the can look him up if you want, I would NOT waste my time though. He is a media hungry psycho who has confessed to killing Stephany Flores. Why? Because the poor girl found an email linking him to Natalee Holloway. So he killed her.

While he is not the first person to murder someone and head to prison, WHY is he being given SO MUCH media attention. WHY must I turn on the TV and see a story on how he spends his days in prison, what his cell looks like. Video of him signing papers, posing for pictures with his prison chains on and most disgustingly, details of HOW he killed Stephany. As a parent I feel sick that we are so focused on him as news worthy...

Lock him away and get him to tell authorities where Natalee's body is.

Lock him away and let the families mourn their daughters.

Lock him away, lock him away, lock him away.

Will my obsession be put to rest once and for all?

Has a news story ever gripped you so much that it has stayed with you throughout the years?

(please note that this is simply MY opinion based on my limited knowledge of the law and the case itself)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy 7 months my Twins!

A mom at school asked me this morning how old the twins were....I realized that today they are officially 7 months! So in honor of your monthly b-day (can I get away with that for a few more months?) are my thoughts in your 7th month of life.

Little adore your big brother Cole. When he is around, your eyes smile. You may love him as much as you love me!.....maybe!

You are getting less lazy these that I mean you jump in the jumparoo more than one jump at a time....but still less then 10 jumps...and you will attempt a rollover...if there is something you MUST have....

You also have a gigantic big toe.... just like Cole. (PS: that is water, not pee that gigantic toe is stepping in)
My peanut Kyle. Where are you putting all the food you eat? Do you have a hollow leg? How is it with 2 jars of food per are still such a tiny little monkey? My hope is that you have been blessed with a fast metabolism which will remain with you through life! You will eat anything in sight.. You roll, you jumparoo like a bounce in the never sit still...unless you are eating...or knawing on a hard piece of plastic that has been drooled all over by your brother.
Mommy can read you like a book now. Only 2 things show me it's nap/bedtime...the infamous ear tug...

And well, plain and simply falling asleep while standing. Yeah, it's not rocket science with you.
Days are full of snuggles and smiles, kisses and laughter...I am so lucky to have you...and you are so lucky to have these guys...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shopping with hubby...

Once a year Tim shops.

I shop at least once a month (maybe more?)

I tend to enjoy shopping alone, no kids, just me and the racks...

My store of choice? Winners (equivalent to TJ Maxx for my US friends)

I like having everything in one, home, beauty, jewelery, shoes....I browse it all!!

Tim walks into Winners...and walks out.

So to my surprise last friday...we took the kids and headed to Winners. It was bedtime for the twins and magically they chilled in the stroller...Cole snagged a "where's Waldo" book and sat searching for that infamous character. Already this was going well....

Then...magic happened...I see Tim with a pile of stuff to try on?


Golf shorts, golf shirts, running shorts, shoes, jackets, you name it..he had it.

I could NOT contain my excitement....this gave me free reign to go ahead and shop for ME!

Sundresses, blouses, running stuff, shoes...the 6 item limit was broken in about 2 minutes. I was like a wild animal searching for something, anything...sales, no sales, it did not matter, I wanted it alllllllllll.......

2.5 hours later (yes you read that right) we were at the till..the damage was done, I wore my new blouse to a party, I am wearing my new sundress to soccer tonight and I will likely wear my new running shorts for the half marathon this weekend.


His clothes are hanging in the closet...with the tags still on....and him comtemplating returning it all.

Here I thought we were making progress.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fitness friday..on time!

Wow, I'm actually posting on friday! Whoo hoo!

Ok my faithful followers, you asked so you get. Pics and a treadmill workout!

It's been a great 2 weeks, training for the half marathon is almost done. I weighed in 2 pounds down and another 1% bodyfat gone which puts me at 12%. I am closer to making a decision on competing...stay tuned!

A unicorn may come out in the next few weeks. The unicorn being my legs (that's an entire post in itself!)...they have not seen shorts in years but I am tired of running in capris. As I clock more then 20 miles a week right now I need to get over it and sport some shorts. Lulu here I come!

The abs are starting to shine through.....the skin is getting tighter......I'm still rubbing on stretch mark that weird? I swear it helps.

Here's my treadmill cardio for ya, enjoy!

Warm up on the treadmill for 5 mins walking (3.7mph), and 5 mins walking (3.9mph)

Increase the incline to 10. Now for every minute and a half (90 seconds) drop the incline. The whole time I walked at 3.9 mph. This should take you to 25 mins.

Keep your incline at 1. Do this 3 minute rotation until you pass 40 minutes:

1 min jog at 6.0mph, 30 second run at 7.0mph, 1 min jog at 6.0mph, 30 second walk at 4.0mph

It is a jog, a quick push on the run, back to the run then quick recover.

  • Bodybounce - Akon & Kardinal Official
  • Clap Your Hands - Sia

Stay fit this weekend!

Playdate protocol

Ok all you mommy's out there with kindergarden me out here.

What is playdate protocol for 5yr olds?

Cole has been to a few playdates this year and in this last month I am returning the favor. Every week I have a new kid over from his class (who he has had a playdate with). Problem is, I have no clue what I'm "supposed" to be doing with them

  • Do I let them hang out and play solo (ie: close by with the eyes in the back of my head watching)?
  • Do I play with them?
  • Can I let them play Wii?

Cole has experienced all three of these kinds of playdates and he's enjoyed them all. I would LOVE to see the boys play solo so I could actually relax (maybe read the paper?)while the twins nap. Last week, the boys and I sat at the table and colored our own Pokemon cards. I thought they would color on their own and I could do some marking at the table.

Nooooooo, once I drew my card they wanted me to draw all of them.

So what are mom's expecting from me? Is the purpose for my child to have some independent socializing so I can relax, or is the goal for the invited child's mom to get the rest?

Or both?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bridesmaid...and the dress is...

Here we go again!

My baby sis is tying the knot Sept 18th! We ventured out for some dress shopping all day yesterday and we settled on a fantastic Alfred Sung Strapless number...

We decided on a teal blue and we're doing some minor changes to the bow (ie: not black and adding a bling bling brooch to it, class it up a bit!)

My mom was shocked that we could make a decision so fast....time is ticking...Kim and I are both decisive people...

Ahem....size 2 my friends...and it needs alterations...seems as though my boobage has shrunk a bit since having 3 kids. Let's just say it was a much nicer experience to shop for this dress...remember when I shopped for my bros wedding? 3 weeks post baby...and a size 12 dress! Yikes!

We had a BLAST. Kim pulled every dress in the store I bet and I tried them ALL on. I am easy like that...The other girls in the store were having fun watching me change like superwoman to reveal the next dress. Other brides were getting ideas for their wedding parties and we had an afternoon full of smiles.

Next up. My THAT will be a bit more work, she is very indecisive. She must have tried on 20 dresses yesterday and nothing was just right...we need to get her seeing what we see....a 65 year old woman that is fun, hip and fantastically fit! Dress shopping should be fun, not stressful right?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I try and comment on blogs as much as I can...I truly enjoy reading blogs every I'm more than happy to accept an award from this cool gal
1. Why do you blog?

I was looking for a way to journal my journey through IVF and not have to talk about it every time I saw my friends. If they wanted to see how I was doing, they could easily read my blog...I realized I loved the online community I had built and I've continued to blog about the twins and my life...which is so odd as I'm a pretty private person..

2. What was your favorite age to be and why?

I am LOVING my 30's...mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially I am in great places....

3. What is your favorite sport to play?

I love swimming...I just spent 2 hours in my pool as the twins napped. I like being active in general and I will try anything at least once..this summer I plan on trying to waterski!

4. What is your favorite sport to watch, and who's your favorite team?

I have no favorite sport to watch. If it's the Olympics I'll watch anything...but Tim is NOT a hockey, baseball or football guy (hence why I married him!)... we will watch the Vikings play and have made the trip to Minneapolis to see them play live...

5. If you could pick your perfect career (and money doesn't matter / the kids are out of the house) what would it be?

I'd be a photographer. For sure. But, what I do is very rewarding and satisfying for me. I can't say I could see myself doing anything else right now at this stage of my life.

6. Do you ever feel guilty for blogging?

Nope, never. I blog when then kids are sleeping or when they are happy and content with their's not like I'm an author and I have to put much thought into my blog...I write what comes to mind. Grammatical errors and all!

7. What is your favorite holiday?

I like Halloween. Costumes, Candy...what more could you want!

8. What's your favorite kind of music?

I'm a top 40 gal for sure...

9. Do you consider yourself a good driver or a bad driver?

Well I thought I was a great driver, no ticket in 15 years...until last week. Speeding ticket (camera ticket)...60 in a 50 zone. Crap. $200!

10. What is the farthest away place you have ever visited?

I have been to Scotland twice for the World Championships for Highland Dancing, both were amazing trips...I would love to back and actually visit Scotland instead of dancing my way through it!

I have so many loyal commenters, which is half of the reason I blog. So I am passing this award onto:

Kami at Kami's Khlopchyk

Jen at 3 little monkeys

Kelsey at the Seattle Smiths


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Graduation day

Today I attended my 12th university convocation...yeah I know...that is alot of papers floating around our family...

Cam (brother) - 2 undergrads, 2 masters, 1 specialist
Tim (hubby)- 1 undergrad, 1 masters
Kim (sister)- 1 undergrad, 1 masters (that was today's special!)
Me - 2 undergrads, 1 masters

Let me tell ya, nothing has changed in the past 15 years, including the man who presents the graduates. He has gray hair now, that's about it. Speech after speech, medal after medal, degree after's the same wait and wait and wait...and then it's your turn to cross that stage!

And then it's over.

I remember sitting at mine and being soooooo bored. I felt bad for my family having to sit through 2 hours...all to hear my name called.

Yet today as I stood at the back with the twins and Cole and I waited in anticipation for my sister to cross that stage, I truly felt proud of her. It did not matter that the twins were a bit fiesty from missing a did not matter that my back was killing me from wearing heels and taking care of 3 kids in a confined simply DID NOT MATTER

What mattered was that my baby sister has worked her butt off for 4 years doing evening and summer courses to get her masters in education for resource. When she crossed that stage and they said her name, we all cheered as though she was the only one graduating. We all cheered as though the 2 hours seemed like 2 minutes.

Congrats did it!