Friday, November 27, 2009

Losing the baby weight

2 days after delivery my uncle (you know...the one with the toilet incident a while back) asked me why I still had a belly if I had already had the babies....


I was still in the hospital and had I not been experiencing such joy over the twins I likely would have freaked and said some nasty words....instead, I kindly told him it takes a while for the uterus to contract back, yada yada yada.....but it got me some men (and maybe some women) expect us to quickly return to our pre-pregnancy shape? If it took 9 months to put on, why are we not allowed at least 9 months to shed it? I really don't care that Heidi Klum had to be "runway ready" 2 months post delivery..

BUT...I also need to be "runway ready" by April. My brother is getting married and I am a bridesmaid.

Having been through a pregnancy, I am fully aware that it takes time to lose the weight but even harder to achieve is muscle tone and tightness of the skin. While I'm in no hurry, I have been feeling good enough to return to the treadmill, my favorite piece of cardio equipment. Today I also said hello to my home gym...light weights of course.

So my next venture in this land of blogging is to document my quest to shred. Thank you to my brother and fiance for setting a time frame for me! Oh and thanks for having me try on a dress today, with full breasts and 15 extra pounds on me.

The scale number is not so much a concern for me. I like muscle. We get so caught up in the numbers and I am willing to bet most of us feel some sort of anxiety or rush as we step on a weight scale.

I started out the IVF process at 130 pounds and a size 2-4. I gained almost 50 pounds with these twins........yup that would place me at 180 pounds!!!!! Today, 12 days after delivery I weigh in at 146.2....and a size 8. I plan on weighing in every friday and giving a recap of the week (ie: food, cardio and weights, ups and downs)

Anyone have a few pounds to shed and want to join me in this journey?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

twins photo shoot

7 days old

Slept the entire session and now I am paying for it.....11pm and 2 wide awake babies!

Sneak peek of some shots at

ps: the crochet hats were purchased by the photographer at this great website

Sunday, November 22, 2009

recovery.....much better this time

When I had Cole I swore I would NEVER have a vaginal birth again. He did quite the number on me...and then some. Over an hour of surgery after the birth was required to "piece" me back together as the doctor put it.


For those who have yet to have kids, I'm sorry, too much info. But reality is.... birthing can be excrutiatingly painful.

For those with kids, you know what I'm talkin about right! First child, small canal, big baby = Ouch.

Good news is I was able to recover...after about a month of sitting on a hemmroid donut. Nothing like toting around an object that looks like a whoopi cushion.

So the first request to my doctor was that I did not want 100 stitches again. He assured me that a 2nd child, smaller babies and right positioning would all lead to a great delivery and minimal recovery. Wow, doctors ARE generally right!

Hearing the words "no stitches" was music to my ears. The doctor on call who delivered the twins even thanked me for such a speedy delivery and clean up (I guess she had a late night dinner date or something). The next day the nurses would read my chart and ask "really? not a single stitch?"

Trust me...Cole MORE than paved a nice highway for them. Complete with shoulders and all

So to my dear Cole, Mommy THANKS YOU. While I was not happy at the time....I now appreciate what we had to go through to ensure the journey into this world for your brothers was fast and simple.

Being able to walk, sit, stand, climb stairs 100 times a day with babies in my arms this week has been one of life's simples pleasures for me.

Friday, November 20, 2009

D-Day...the delivery

I got the call monday morning to come in for induction at noon.

Relief.....although I was not giddy with excitement over the actual delivery, I could no longer take the pain my body was feeling. I was having to use wheelchairs at the store, I was limping and wincing every time I turned or took a step. IT WAS TIME

One last set of photos (since you all encouraged to get the full extent of the belly!) and we were off!

Rear can sense my discomfort given from the back things are relatively under control... side profile...all I can say is I walked in and the nurses knew I was carrying was THAT obvious I guess...

I was induced at 1pm, labored until 5cm and then had an epidural at 4pm. They broke Baby A's water at 6pm and by 11 I was ready for the OR. Twins are delivered in an OR and not a birthing room just in case a c-section is required or other issues pop up needing a dedicated group of docs and nurses.

Tim did a count, there were 16 people in the room. Many medical and nursing students interested in seeing a multiple vaginal birth. Wow, I am honored.....

11:10 I started pushing Baby A

11:26 Luke arrived, no issues, bundled up and given to me for about 10 seconds

11:30: Quick top up on the epidural and a few ice chips and they broke Baby B's waters and vacuumed him down a bit into the canal.

11:36 Kyle is born, checked over and is sounding like he has some breathing issues. He was whisked away to the NICU for observation but met me back in recovery 30 minutes later. Supposedly the second baby on twin deliveries seems to suffer more with breathing and mucous issues.

A quick clean up (no stitches...yay!!) and I was shipped to recovery at midnight. I was in recovery for about 2 hours, starving and dehydrated, I was able to have some toast and juice while they pumped a litre of saline into me.

I looked over and saw this precious sight...

Remember that moment when it's silent and you have time to really take in what just happened, one day the baby is in your belly and the next day she/he is here, on earth with you....all yours. It's overwhelming and amazing all in one. A miracle we actually get to experience.

My d-day turned out to be just that....delightful.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

we're home!

We are finally home!

Luke Timothy McQueen was born Nov 16th at 11:30pm weighing 6lbs 7oz

Kyle Kenneth McQueen came at 11:36pm weighing 6lbs 3 oz.

Details on the event to follow in another post!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tomorrow is the day...

The day we've been longing for for so long is now staring us right in the face. The hospital will call me tomorrow to say "come on down". I am hoping it's after Cole comes home from school...would make life easier...but maybe that's a bit much to ask.

I talked to some friends today, one in particular really stays with me. My good friend who went through IVF with me...I was successful and she was not...I long for her to be pregnant and experience all of the joys of motherhood. I truly admire her sincerity and continuous love and support for me throughout my pregnancy. I told her it was ok to be mad, upset, whatever she needed to feel because I know she is truly happy for Tim and I. When we were trying for so many years for another baby and many friends were on their 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, I remember the love and jealousy I often felt. It's natural to WANT, to YEARN....

I thought about our IVF journey and how it feels like it was just yesterday. The needles, the ultrasounds, the highs and lows of how many eggs are viable. It was overwhelming and it created a newfound respect for anyone who must endure that process more than once. Modern medicine has come so far, yet it still has a ways to go.....infertility should be treatable.

I thought about the ultrasound at 7 weeks that showed 2 sacs...and then finding out we were having twin boys. I remember being so scared of bed rest or early labour....none of which thankfully came to light. I watched my belly move today and felt sad that this stage of my life (the child rearing stage) is likely ending tomorrow.
Are we scared? Heck birth to one child was tough and now I will push 2 babies out? It's been pretty quiet around the house today as Tim and I both stare at each other and wonder how the day will go.
I remember our family of 3 as it is right now...close, fun, committed to eachother....and I look so forward to our family of 5...
Thank you to everyone who has shared this journey with me. I truly appreciate each and every one of you.
Get some rest for me tonight..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Projects for hubby = grumpy hubby

Ok so even though I have been nesting, alot of my nesting has been happily performed (ha!) by my hubby. At first he was more than cooperative, all it took was watching me wince with every step. But then he turned a bit grumpy...maybe it was my list of items I needed.....

Rona for a new area rug (in which Tim & Cole wheeled me around in a wheelchair laughing..not so funny to me but we did get great service!

Costco for groceries (and snacks). Now they have those motorized scooters to ride but I'm not quite there yet.

And finally, all began with a simple coat hook idea from Tim. "We need a few coat hooks at the back door in the mud room for the kids". Fantastic idea I thought as I personally am tired of hanging up Cole's jacket every day!

I did a few searches on line for some ideas and after a few stores (Walmart, Urban Barn and Rona to be exact) Tim and I collaboratively came up with this...

Each frame has magnetic tape which will hold magnets with the boys names....stay tuned for the boys names! Below each frame is a clip from Urban Barn, meant for hanging bags, coats, whatever you want. The project turned out great...and hubby pushed through to complete it for me...smiles (ha!) and all.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

nearing the end...

Remember the last few weeks of pregnancy? It's been 5 years since I was pregnant and I've forgotten how completely uncomfortable one can get these last few weeks. Here is my list of what I miss most...

  • Walking without wincing
  • Seeing my feet, I'm thinking they need another pedicure...want the docs to have cute feet to look at!
  • Showering without having to sit down!
  • Shaving my legs easily...
  • Sleeping on my stomach (I know it's bad for me but it was my position of choice)
  • Shopping at Lululemon (actually any store would do besides Motherhood Maternity)
  • Using my right hand (the doc said the carpal tunnel MAY go away on delivery....pardon?, I'm having 2 babies...I NEED the use of 2 hands)
Do any of these items ring a bell? I'm sure in 5 years they will each be a distant memory...

None of my issues relate to my actual body...I have really enjoyed watching my belly grow this time. Maybe it comes with maturity, maybe it's the fact that I will likely not grow a belly again. Either way, I'm proud of myself for focussing on the babies these past 9 months and letting my body do what it needed to do. It's almost time to get this body back into fighting form... almost...for now...I will rest.

Monday, November 9, 2009

T-minus 6 days

The countdown has begun

6. On friday my doctor said I would be induced Nov 24th. That would be 38.5 weeks....

5. Baby B decided to shift from breach into head down at some point in the past few days and all has changed

4. Yesterdays ultrasound showed both babies are head down, great news!

3. Not so great news is the extreme pain I have in my right hand and arm. I thought it was carpal tunnel but turns out baby B is sitting on a nerve which is causing my numbness. If I get 3 hours a night sleep I am lucky at this point

2. The doc took one look at me and my swollen hand today and said I was looking "very pregnant".

1. The doc "got things going" with an internal exam and submitted the induction form for Monday Nov 16th, 6 days from today.

I am ready to blast off into into the crazy world of multiples and extremely excited at the thought of being a mom again...

Oh, and also to get the feeling back in my hand again....seriously...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Enough nesting, let's workout!

Let's induce on the 24th instead of the 16th..what's another week?

Ahhhh....precious words to my ears after a sleepless night and a sudden case of carpal tunnel in my right arm. My doctor is fantastic and he has been a huge advocate for me during my pregnancy to try and carry these babies as long as possible. I trust him, and therefore I will continue to grow these munchkins another 2 weeks and grin and bare it.

Complaining was something I swore I would not do when I got pregnant. We tried for so long and the IVF journey so emotionally and physically taxing. I haven't done much complaining, I have really enjoyed this pregnancy, maybe it's the anticipation that's driving me crazy, or maybe it's simply the final few weeks where pregnancy is just NOT FUN AND CUTE anymore....can I get a hands up for those in agreement?

I have not lost focus of the main goal. I want these boys to avoid an intensive care unit stay. I want their lungs and all other systems to be fully developed. For those reasons I will push through any discomfort I am having.....

I cannot sort another picture, watch another show or cook another meal for the freezer, I have nested enough this week. Let's workout! Treadmill walking always seems to help lift my energy and relieve some discomfort. It's been a while since I have given a treadmill routine... try this one out... you can modify (I did not go higher than a 4 incline).

Step 1: 10 minute walking warm up
Step 2: Increase the incline to 10. Keep waking. For every minute and a half (90 seconds) drop the incline. Pick a speed (4.0 to 4.2 mph) that will push you a bit. This should take 25 minutes
Step 3: Keeping your incline, do this 3 minute rotation until you pass 40 minutes
1 min jog at 6.0mph, 30 second run at 7.0mph, 1 min jog at 6.0mph, 30 second walk at 4.0mph

Cool down for 10 min and stretch!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Man

Remember when 5 years seemed soooo long? Like when you were 11 and wanted to drive or when you were 13 and wanted a taste of beer (well... at least I wanted one..) Even when I got married at 25 to when I had Cole at 30, life seemed to go in slow motion. There was travelling, studying, working long hours at the office.

And then I woke up yesterday and my boy was 5 years old. Getting himself ready for school, singing happy birthday to himself. Excited about his birthday dinner with family.

I cried.

Sure there may be some hormonal issues running through me right now, but don't you just wish you could pause life once in a while...make time stand still and really enjoy the moment. I spent the morning nesting...sorting pictures, laughing and crying as I looked through each of his birthdays.....

2nd birthday

3rd birthday

4th birthday

5th birthday

Sushi was the special request, california rolls to be exact, and a BOLT cake. Quite the pallet this boy has.

Time is going way too fast for me. I want as much time as possible with Cole yet I know that each year, my time with him will decrease. School, friends, activities will take priority over chilling with mom and dad.

As we anticipate the major changes that will occur in the next few weeks, I want my little man to know how very special each and every day is with him. He gave me the BEST present ever...he made me a mommy.

Happy Birthday Cole!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kicking it into overdrive

On friday, my doctor said he will likely induce me the week of Nov 15th...that way we can go home with our babies as they will be almost 38 weeks. This sent me into panic mode and I had Tim set up the stroller and car seats...take a look, I think we need a turning signal for this stroller!

As I continue to slow down to a crawl (literally some days I resort to this child like behaviour to relieve some pressure) we were determined to not lose focus of our little man turning 5 on November 3rd! We had his party on Oct 24th...bowling was the activity of choice and he insists we do it every year now.

For Halloween we were told to expect 500 kids on our street. Lucky for us we know a candy wholesaler and manged to get 1000 pieces of candy for $100. Believe it or not, ALL THE CANDY WAS GONE by 8:30pm (and no, it was not consumed by me!) My 2 kids (Cole and my big kid at heart Tim) headed out as snake eyes (GI Joe for those who are clueless like me) and Darth Vader.

My sister came over to help me out and made this fantastic snack called Snake Bites (thanks to Normal to Natalie). It was fun to make and tasty to eat....if you could get past the actual look of it!

We used roasted chicken insted of lunch meat and low fat cheese and a low fat crescent roll. It was a great night, full of sugar highs and fantastic costumes.

Happy Halloween!