Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Think Geek

I would not consider myself a geek..

Maybe a little.....I do become giddy when financial statements balance...

Geek or no geek, anything that makes life easier..and cleaner with 3 kids is worth embracing!

So, my sister introduced me to a great website called THINK GEEK.

She bought Cole fantastic GEEKY gifts from this site at x-mas...Jupiter Juice, LED Faucet Lights to name a few...

So I browse the site every now and then..and to my liking I saw this:

It's called a Loopa Toddler Bowl.


OMG, you mean the twins can carry around their snack and it will not end up on my carpet?

(ps: yes I have tried the snack traps and the twins bite off the lids...)

Any way you carry it, the snack will NOT fall out?

Come on!!

Geek or no Geek, I bought 2 of these babies in a heartbeat!

Sure, the bowl looks about the size of Kyle's entire torso, who cares...

My carpets will be clean..for more than 1 minute..

I bow to you Think Geek for "thinking" of me...

Will keep you all to predict....spillage or no spillage?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


2 acre yard...

2 acres to run free

And Luke decides to plunk himself here..

Behind the tool shop...away from the the dirt..and play with these...

And eat hay

And shine every possible rock with his tongue

And hug hard pieces of wood..

Was the bb-que fun?

I'm not sure, I was sitting behind the toolshop all afternoon...

Yes I'm stereotyping my boy.

The girl at the party SAT on the deck, with the guests and COLORED.

Enough said.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cheap labor

The weather has been less then desirable around here lately.

Snow, rain, cold, wind.

Pick one any one, they all seem to just rotate..

Where is the sun, it's April already!
When stuck inside with toddling boys, what to do, what to do


I trekked to Sobeys and bought not one but TWO swiffer dry mops.

No fighting allowed, cleaning is serious business.

Cheap labour, I pay in smooches, clean bums and great food!
All in a cold spring day's work. 

Brooms away, it's nap time!

What do/did you do on cold days, stuck inside with small toddlers?

Monday, April 18, 2011

The long lost art of Pen Pals

Did you have a pen pal growing up?

Do you still put pen to paper and actually "write" a letter to anyone these days?

Seems as though the old fashioned writing (in proper grammar, indents, periods...etc..) has been replaced by fast fingers typing on keyboards, LOL, LMAO, I Miss U, How RU?

I'm guilty of it.

I've lost contact with all of my childhood penpals. I'm not sure I suppose gets in the way. Technology allows us to find people, facebook allows us to "creep" into their who needs to actually write a letter to that friend in Europe? One can simply post on their "wall" and be done. 

Last summer a good friend of Cole's moved to Ontario. There were tears....and as the tears dried, and the I miss him's started to fade, letters started to arrive in the mailbox... and Cole wanted to write back.

One year later and the letters continue to go back and forth, almost monthly.

A true penpal for Cole.

Hockey cards, silly bands, tattoos and stickers included with each letter...simple 6 year old questions asked:

Are you playing soccer this year?
How are your brothers?
I miss you..

Little hands working hard each and every time...

His teacher can thank me at the end of the year for intense printing practice ....

Penpals. A lost art.

I'm writing a letter tomorrow. To whom... I don't know.

Maybe noone

Maybe this blog is my pen pal

Maybe your comments are my stickers and silly bands.

Maybe your continued support is my return letter.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Duckin around..I hope

I grew up with an inground pool, it was fantastic...for the few months of the year our weather cooperated..

But as the snow melted each year, we would wait to see...

Wait to see if our little "friends" would arrive

The friends being ducks.

It was the highlight of spring, seeing those ducks every morning on our pool deck, then watching as she made her nest in the cedar bush, taking her daily swim at 7am...and finally seeing 12 baby ducks in our pool...all before OUR pool season even began.

And then one year, they came no more...

Fast forward to last summer, we now have an inground pool and lo and behold one April morning the ducks were here! This time I watched Cole stare out the window in awe.

And then we woke up to splattered egg shells on the pool deck, eaten clean. I asked an "expert" and she figured a skunk would have eaten the yolks.

I've never liked skunks.

But yesterday, amidst all the snow, I made my morning coffee and saw this.
Are they deciding whether it worth the "risk"

I sure hope so...
Stay tuned

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ok..twins = ALOT of work

Not to sound crabby but...

Twins is a tough gig.

Kudos to anyone with twins...but especially my gals out there with twins on the first crack
I will never make the comment:

"You need to go for one more..."

Twins is enough. I get it. Those words I speak of having more kids after twins is cruel. 

Last week I wanted 4 is plenty.

Make the appointment Tim.  Get er done!

Why you ask?

One happy, one sad
One whines, one climbs
One spits, one trips and bites lip
One eats sand, one eats rocks
BOTH think I'm a jungle gym
One clings to the right leg, one clings to the left leg
One grabs, one jabs
One screams, one screams louder
BOTH want UP at the same time

Ask me next week and chances are I'll be back on the Baby #4 wagon.

But until then...

Give me the strength to get through this 17 month twins monster's sunny, it's warm...for Pete's sake there is nothing to scream, whine, kick, punch, grab, cry, spit, and best of all VOMIT about.

The end.

Happy Tuesday :)