Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jon & Kate Fiasco...let's weigh in

Who watched the premiere of Jon & Kate plus 8 this week? I fully admit, I had watched it before, but I was getting a bit tired of it. It was low on my TV priority list. When they moved into that MASSIVE house I decided that the show had done them well...and for one brief second a wave of jealousy came over me.

And then the storm hit. The tabloids went nuts, the promos for the new season began and I was hooked.

Yes I read US Weekly and People, and I watch Entertainment tonight. That is some good You cannot pick up a magazine these days without seeing Kate in the cover (what is up with her hair anyways?? I can't tell if she wants it long, short...I want to just tuck that piece of hair behind her ear already!!!).

The premiere made me sad. Sad for those beautiful kids who seem oblivious but I would bet they know something is wrong. They can feel it, kids are so in tune like that.

Sad for Kate that she has lost the husband she married. Sad that she tried to make a living outside of the house and switch roles with her husband for a bit and he fell short on his duties (so she claims). Sad that she had to see pictures of her husband partying at all hours with college kids, followed by pictures of a 23 year old girl hanging out at the MASSIVE house Jon & Kate bought with Kate's book royalties (of course these are her claims, not mine!)

It's easy to feel sorry for the woman here, but let's consider Jon in all this. Yes I am sad for him that at 27 years old he became a dad to 8 kids. He obviously was not ready for that type of commitment. Noone expects to have 6 kids in one shot. He feels like his 20's were spent 100% on the kids and now he is spreading his partying wings a bit while wifey is away. All innocent fun, so he says. Sorry I am trying to be neutral here....hard to do when you see him pull up to his kids birthday party in a 2 seater sports car.... what is wrong with the MASSIVE van you normally drive? Not cool enough?

Has Kate come down with a case of celebrity though? She has always been a control freak, bossy and a bit rude to her hubby (I'm not sure how Jon could handle her constant criticism). But physically, she has literally transformed in the last year. I mean, who wears stilletos and a trench to Target and a kids birthday party??? Oh right someone with a PA (personal assistant). She looks fantastic and is feeling successful and maybe, just maybe Jon is struggling to handle that.

One thing he said on the show really bothered me. He said that he did not cheat on Kate. To a man, that means he did not have sex with that woman!! To a woman cheating can mean a whole lot of other things. While he may not have had sex with her, he did choose to spend time with this girl, relaxing, having fun, entertaining her emotionally at the least. Is that not cheating?

I was cheated on back in my early 20's (not hubby, he is Mr. Loyal). While my ex did sleep with another girl, I could get my head around that...eventually. But it was the outings that he had with her and her newborn baby (yeah I know nice choice there buddy!), the lies and secrets on where he was and what he was doing that really bothered me. The trust factor was gone and so ended the relationship. Even if he had not slept with her, I'm pretty sure it would have ended.

So weigh in here. Will Jon & Kate make it? Do you think he cheated?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Me, the torch bearer....

It's 5am....I have been up since 3:30am. Wide awake. Not even tired. This may be a sign of things to come. So I figured I would get some work done and do a quick post before the day begins.

First off, great week of training for me, was able to get in 5 days worth and felt pretty good for the most part. Hopefully with the first trimester over I can feel a bit rejuvenated! My sister's triathlon team is hosting duathlons (biking and running) every Tuesday night and I started to pine a bit for the excitement of a race. While being an observer these next 6 months is a welcomed break for me, I do miss the training for a big race. Last year at this time we were gearing up for "Swamp Donkey". A 7 hour adventure race full of trail riding, trail running, canoeing and orienteering. We were at conditioning camp all summer at 5am portaging canoes for miles and logging hours at the local parks getting in some hill training. I am already researching my next big 2010 race...maybe there's one in your area? Let me know!

I am living vicariously through my friends and family and all of their accomplishments and I'm so proud. My sister-in -law just ran her first half marathon. My great friend Kami just ran her first, and my sister is busy training for her summer of triathlons. Need I mention that my dad, at 63 just finished his 3rd half marathon!. Inspiring! It's not about losing weight, throw that dang scale out of the window! It's about feeling fit and strong and healthy. Keeping the mind and body active and challenged. The benefits will seep through in every aspect of your life. I promise.

My challenge for you is to try out something new. Don't be afraid of a challenge. Maybe you want to run a 5km, participate in a charity fundraiser like a cancer walk, try a pole dancing class (I did this and it was fantastic!) or try a hot yoga class. Whatever it is, schedule it in and make time for yourself.

So a few months ago, as I was vegging out during IVF, I was chatting with Tim about how I was planning on being pregnant this summer and not training. He laughed, after he rolled his eyes at my craziness, and sent me this website...

You can sign up to be selected to carry the torch across Canada! This was perfect! So I registered myself and lo and behold....

I was selected!!!

January 2010 when the torch passes through Manitoba, I will be honored to run with the Olympic torch for all of......300 metres!!! Then I have to pass it along.....darn.

So go ahead and sign up for something, I dare you. Just keep me posted so I can cheer you on!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The belly...why so interesting?

The other day I had 5 friends ask me if I was showing yet. This was odd as I have not had anyone ask about "the belly" since I found out I was pregnant. I thought maybe I was looking pregnant and not just like I had gained some weight and people were wanting to see "it".

When I was pregnant with Cole I hid my belly, I covered it with my hands when we were out to ensure noone touched my belly. Especially strangers..... Tim had to beg me to get professional pictures done at 37 weeks. I am so glad he did, I look back at them in awe and Cole loves to see where he came from. Now I wish I had taken more throughout the pregnancy, a documentation of the growth... Near the end of my pregancy I rarely left the house, not because I was embarassed about my belly but the clothes were tight, I was tired and most likely the hair was a bit oily and unkept!

This is my last pregnancy, I think... well I'm pretty sure it is since we have no frozen embryos and I can't see myself at 35 going through another round of IVF. So here is hoping in a few weeks when we have an u/s and genetics testing that all is ok and I can relax and enjoy this pregnancy!

So I may post some belly shots along the way......starting with this week. 12 weeks pregnant with twins and loving it! I was on my way to the gym and thought what the heck....

I have spoken to a few friends who told me that in the first 12 weeks the babies take every nutrient from you and most of your weight gain starts after week 12. I'm not worried about the weight as I know I can get it off later. My biggest worry is not eating enough or not eating enough of the right nutrients. All I know is that I eat ALOT. Eating is a full time job for me and it takes a while to prepare my food for the day each day. Tim laughs as I honestly travel with my buffet.... I never know when we will be home or out and I like to be prepared.

So there you have it! Do me a favor and look back at your maternity pictures and smile.... it truly is an amazing gift we have as women to be able to do this.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Inspired to Plie....

Last night I had the honor to watch my good friends daughter perform with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB). She is only in grade 10, trains at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School here in Winnipeg and also attends academics through the RWB. Her days are filled with training, and more training....such discipline for such a young girl.

Last night she danced the lead role in the "Snow Queen". It was amazing to see her dance, she is a true athlete. These dancers never show how much pain they are in. The only reason you know they are working hard is the sweat pouring off of their skin.

As I sat there watching, I remembered my days as a Highland Dancer. I fought tooth and nail with my mom when it came to practicing, I was much more interested in talking on the phone or hanging out with my friends. Let's just say I was not that dedicated, yet I wondered why I never won when a competition rolled around? Why could I not have had the passion I saw in this young girl as she floated across the stage on pointe?

So today for my fitness friday, I am channeling the inner dancer in me. I rummaged though my DVD's this morning and found this oldie but goodie:

This one is for you Jaimi (Thank goodness I'm in the privacy of my own home.....only Tim will get a good laugh out of watching me try and pretend like I am flexible enough to touch my toes. I also may not be walking tomorrow from being on the balls of my feet for an hour, but I am willing to make that sacrifice!)

So tell me, what fitness DVD's are in your closet? Have you done them in a while? If not, I challenge you to pull one out this weekend and give it a go. Channel an inner dancer, yogi, bodybuilder!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Reality Rocks!

Am I the only one who is obsessed with reality shows?
A friend asked me a few weeks ago what was on my TV schedule for the week. As I started to list off the shows I MUST watch:
  • American Idol
  • Biggest Loser
  • Amazing Race
  • Project Runway (Canada and US)
  • Canada & America's Next Top Model

I realized that I am a reality junkie....

When did this happen? My life used to be filled with Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, CSI, Seinfeld, the local news for goodness sakes!! TV Tropolis does make it on every now and then so I can watch reruns of 90210, the new one makes me feel really old.

So last night was the finale of the biggest loser...craziness as usual, those people are in such a confined space of structure with no outside influences that once the game is over and reality sets in, I would bet money that many gain some weight back. Even so, I am addicted to watching their scales each week!

Tonight was American Idol. I may be one of the only non-Adam fans...sorry. I like Chris and his accoustic performance last night of Kanye's "Heartless" was amazing.

My only non-reality show - "Grey's Anatomy" ends this week too. While I have not been overly impressed by the story line this season, I tune in to see Patrick Dempsey (Can't Buy Me Love was an awesome movie!) look extra cute each week. Yummy.

As the reruns are set to begin, I am feeling a bit sad....I cannot watch a summer full of Jon & Kate plus 8 (although the newest gossip on them is quite juicy!) Nor can I handle Table for 12 (who has that many kids naturally anymore?).

So what on earth am I going to watch? Maybe this is a good time to test my ability to give up TV for the summer... has anyone ever done it? Maybe I will read more, or go to bed at a decent time.

Or maybe I will just watch the reruns....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sick and still running!

It is fitness friday and I have had a long long day of working out at 8, marking students papers all day and now we are in Fargo for the weekend for the Fargo Half Marathon. Due to the flood, the regular 3 hour drive turned into 5 thanks to some detours from closed highways. Ugh. The last thing on my mind is fitness, so I will talk food!

Tim and I (with Cole in the Chariot) are running the 5km. My dad and sister are running a half marathon and my mom and her friend who is undergoing chemo are walking the 5km. Should be a great time, I will post some pictures after tomorrow.
Food choices on the road are so tough. My cooler comes in very handy here. Before we left I packed a whole bunch of tupperware meals, rice and veggies, protein bars and powder, oatmeal packs etc.. As soon as we crossed the border we headed for Target and picked up grilled chicken, a fruit and veggie platter and some wraps, low fat cheese and yogurt and of course gallons of water. Not only will this save money, it also removes the temptation to eat out and splurge on greasy ugly foods. My underlying plan is also to have more time to SHOP then sitting in a restaurant!
So the next time you are on a road trip, pack a cooler!

What are your tips for eating healthy and staying active on road trips or vacations?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Soccer season is here!

For the last few years Cole has been playing indoor soccer at our local gym. This consisted of merely "playing" with the ball, running around. No actual resemblence of a soccer game took place at any time.

This year he is old enough to be on an outdoor team!! The Garden City Team, sponsored by Tim Hortons (I may have been a bit biased in my choice of teams given my coffee addiction!). Ironically Cole looks alot like his dad Tim and since he was young we have referred to him as our Timbit. Now Cole is playing on the Timbit soccer team.

Last night was his first game... he talked about it alllllllllll day.

Check out the one hand in the pocket stand.....he's cool like that. Not so cool is the high collar sweater under the jersey look I put him in. Can you tell I have never played on a soccer team before. I should hang with the mom who put her little dude in those swim shorts....

Ok, that's better Cole, both hands in front crossed, very polite, goes with the preppy collar I put on you... sorry bud, I promise to buy you some cool shorts and t-shirt for tomorrow's game.

In order for all the kids to play, the team is split into lines of 3, each getting about 5 minutes of play before a much needed water break. I'm not sure I laughed that hard in a long time. It looked like a swarm of bees running around after the ball, they moved in a pack.... Of course there is one kid on the team that has played before....he is also much taller and likely could play with the 5-6 years olds. Cole thought he was awesome....

I think Cole was setting up some defence there, or a potential opening for the superstar to PASS him the ball at some point......passing is not in a 4 year olds mind set....near the end, Cole came over and told us he had yet to score a goal but that his team was winning. His big blue eyes searched for some reassurance... and we gave it to him. He went back out onto that field with newfound energy and focus.

Check out the 3 girls hovering around him......I changed his shirt as you may have noticed, I guess the ladies noticed too!

This lead to Cole McQueen's first goal of the season! Score!

A great way to start off the season and end the beautiful spring evening.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hello my name is Cheryl and I'm an Ebay addict

Anyone who knows me, knows I am on Ebay alot..... I am not buying alot of stuff, but in order to score the deals, you must be on there searching...daily.

Many of you have asked me over the years how I am able to find Lululemon stuff cheap cheap cheap!! Today I am releasing the secret..... actually it's not that big of a deal...try it out and see if you can find a deal.

I buy 4 things on Ebay. Lululemon, Robeez, kids clothing and Sporting goods (under armour clothing, runners). That is pretty much it. I also sell Lululemon and Under Armour on Ebay. The sales support my purchases! Here are my tips for buying. I will post on selling at a later date.

When buying:

1. Know what you are looking for, know your size and most importantly know the retail price of the item in the store. For example, I know that my favorite Still Pants By Lululemon are $98 plus tax retail. I also know that Robeez are $27.99 plus tax here.

2. Start searching daily. Listings are being posted daily and some people list for only 2 days, some 5 and others 7. You need to be searching everyday to see if any new items have come up.

3. Have a max price in your mind. Often I will enter my max bid for the item. If I am willing to pay $50 max then I enter that and if the auction goes above $50 Ebay will email me and I can make a decision to increase my max bid or not. If the auction does not go above $50 then ebay will email me to tell me I have won the item (for whatever the last bid price was). This helps you avoid the potenial bidding war with someone and overpaying just because you want that item or you get caught in the auction hype.

4. Do not forget to check the shipping costs! Sellers can make alot of money on shipping! Do not forget to factor in the shipping cost (plus exchange if you are buying from another country). I had a friend pay $10 to ship a plastic halloween bag costing $1. if the seller does not list a shipping cost, send them an email and get one confirmed. You do not want a surprise when the invoice arrives!

5. Check the condition of the item and the sellers feedback rating. Detailed feedback is given for all sellers by their purchasers. You can find out whether the seller lists the item in the correct condition, whether the shipping was fast, whether the item even arrived, communication and overall satisfaction. I will not purchase from a seller who does not have 99-100% feedback.

6. If the sellers listing notes they will only ship to the US, send the seller a quick email asking whether he/she would consider shipping to your country. Often the shipping is similar.

7. Set up a paypal account if you plan on making regular purchases, it's safe and secure and most Ebay sellers will only accept this method of payment

I love Ebay, I can avoid the mall and get some great prices. My latest finds were:

  • Robeez for $15 including the shipping (makes a great baby gift)
  • Lululemon maternity tank workout top for $20!,
  • My runners which the seller had worn once, were $49 where they are $130 retail here
  • Tall black real "Uggs" for $81 USD including shipping. Per the seller, these were worn once but arrived in the box and looked as good as new.

Have you scored any great deals lately? Pass along some great finds or any Ebay tips you may have!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Get your groove on

Have you ever started your workout, put your earbuds in, pressed play on your Ipod or mp3 player and.....

It's dead.

That happened to me the other day and I endured a 45 minute cardio session without any music. Painful......

This made me realize how much I rely on music to get me through my workouts. I love all types of music, anything with a good beat will do. I am not biased, country, hip hop, pop, rock, whatever catches my ear. Sirrius satellite radio helps as the US has different hits coming out at different times then Canada.

Anyways, my challenge for you this week is to get that mp3 player loaded up with some tunes you like, at least 45 min to an hours worth of music. Make sure the speeds are not all the same as you are going to change up your speed depending on the music. This can be done outside or on the treadmill, whatever works best for you.

If the song is faster, run to the beat, slower, walk it. If it's really slow lunge it out. Skip, run backwards, side suffle, whatever works. Play with that incline, but most of all have some fun!

Here was my playlist this morning:

1. Divine Brown - Sunglasses

2. Viva La Vida - Coldplay

3. Kiss me through the phone - Soulja Boy

4. That's not my name - Ting Tings

5. Karl Wolf - Africa

6. My life would suck without you - Kelly Clarkson

7. Carrie Underwood - Flat on the Floor

8. Dead End Countdown - The New Cities

9. Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas

10. Girls Just Wanna Have fun - Miley Cyrus

11. If you Seek Amy - Britney Spears

12. Breaking Dishes -Rhianna

13. Part of Me - Chris Cornell

14. I know you want me - Pitbull

15. Single Ladies - Beyonce

So tell me, what is on your IPOD this week, I need some new tunes!