Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh yes I'm going there

My baby is in grade 2!

yes I will go there for a moment..18 months old..

This morning..


He was beyond excited to see his buddies and his "young" teacher. Coming from last years 70 year old grade 1 teacher, anyone under 50 would be young to's hoping she's ready for chatty Cole!

More exciting then grade 2 was the loss of another tooth last night. Not sure what happened but the tooth fairy "forgot" to extra loonie will likely appear tonight..and maybe some hockey cards...or I may forget YET again.

7am I awoke to Cole next to my face saying...

"mom...I got nothing!"

Blame it on the twins. I always do.

Oh, and did I mention Cole went to school missing a few school supplies.
yeah that's right, I forgot to buy notebooks, all 8 of them.

I was standing in line at Zellers last week....with ALL the kids and the line was not moving...
I vaguely remember saying I would have to come back.....

The twins were fussing..

See, blame it on the twins.

Hope your kids are enjoying their first taste of true educational exhaustion...and routine, and structure, and someone other than mom nattering at them.

Thank you teachers!!!


  1. oh he's so cute! in both pics! I was wondering when my 5 year old was going to start loosing teeth. probably in this next year. I blame everything on the babies too! lol ha! couldn't be me! I'm the mom! lol

  2. Holy moly...grade 2 already?! Where does time go? Caleb said he enjoyed his first day of kindergarten, I hope the rest of the year goes well and he comes out of his shell and makes some friends!

  3. The tooth fairy forgot my oldest's tooth three nights in a row. And then she left $5 because she felt so guilty. (Usually it's about a dollar.) I'm thinking I might not even tell my baby about the tooth fairy, that'll make it easier (and cheaper)!