Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Saturday was the community garage sale. Mini donuts, balloons, cars everywhere...and out our front window I see this:

Hutterite girls on skateboards.

They were good too!!!

Mothers day, I can home from the gym to this:


I also got this:
With this case, Tim knows me so well...a plain black case would not do!

I downloaded the Rob Lowe biography..and my mom came by to visit today and left with my Kindle...

Rob Lowe's dirty secret past will have to wait.

Kyle is a climber...plain and simple, and it freaks me right out. ANYTHING he finds is turned into a step. Cole never climbed...I am in a constant state of panic. 

Luke has found his voice. Unfortunately it sounds like this..
waaaaaaaaaaaa, maaaaaaaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaaa, daaaaaaaaaaat!

He needs some cheese with that whine. Don't let the smile fool you. 

A climber and a whiner...who could ask for anything more!!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. awww...cute pic of the boys on mothers day!

  2. wow, such awesome randomness! I love how your hubby makes thos signs for you! so cute!

  3. How adorable! Love the We love you picture!

    And a Kindle, yay! Let me know if you like. I am not convinced yet. I love the old school page books still.

  4. The climbing won't kill you but I can promise it wont give you grey hair ;-) good luck!


  5. Such cute pics! Love that little smirk ;)

    Love the Kindle! I had to buy my own Mother's Day gift...oh well, at least I could pick out a perfume that I liked!

  6. Dont worry you will get used to the climbing ;-) Now I only freak if it is a height taller than me lol. However, I could think of one more thing to ask for..........that the climbing and the whining doesn't turn in into copious ammounts of grey hair. It happened to me, don't let it happen to you ;-)

    happy mothers day!