Friday, February 11, 2011

A failure to impress

I watched the Black Eyed Peas perform at the Superbowl...did anyone else watch?

Deep down I was hoping they would bang it out of the stadium..crank the energy, sound AMAZING....unlike their concert here last summer....

But no, they failed to impress, yet again. Sure they're all flashy, a party for the eyes...but the ears were a hurtin.

I'm a sucker for live concerts, I expect the artist to sound exactly as they do on the CD. Am I really that naive? Yes, Yes I am!

So I thought I would list my yay's and nay's...a concert guide for anyone who's looking at taking one in.

Justin Timberlake  - YAY on ALL fronts...
NKOTB: YAY..whether I am 15 or 35, they still rock
NSync: YAY, per above JT is HOT, enough said
Celine Dion - YAY on the voice, NAY on the weird body jerks, hand motions she seems to include
Josh Groban  - YAY on the voice, NAY on the concert, boring...I should have just listened to the CD
Black Eyed Peas - NAY, NAY, NAY
Akon - YAY...if you are in your 20's...but that never stopped me from kickin it..
Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - YAY if you like lovey dovey sappy singing..
Great Big Sea - YAY, I've seen them 4 times now and each time I feel like I'm in a local pub. Amazing.
Aerosmith - YAY...I think Steven Tyler is HOTTTT. Don't judge, you think it too.. deep down.

I have a few on my list that I have not seen but MUST see at some point. Help me out. Yay or Nay?

  • Jason Mraz
  • U2
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Michael Jackson (I know, this will never happen but did anyone ever see him perform live?)
  • Jack Johnson
  • Janet Jackson
Who am I missing, who is a MUST see live?


  1. U2 is great live...a good show and they sound great too! Metallica was great too, amazing show but my ears were ringing for days ;) I really liked The Goo Goo Dolls.
    I haven't been to many concerts as I find them so expensive when I could just listen to their CD ;) The Tragically Hip was a big disappointment when I saw them many years back. I hate it when bands redo their songs for the concert! I want to hear it like it is on the CD!

  2. the sound was horrible for the black eyed peas, just horrible! I expected more for sure. you would think that a high energy band like that would just kill it out there. not so much.
    when I was in college the great big sea came and performed in my college courtyard, they were just starting out back then and my teacher had a son who was friends with a guy in the band so she let us all out of class to go watch because she wanted to see it. it was cool.

  3. Carrie Underwood was good in concert. Seems like just yesterday we were Idol groupies seeing her outside in LA and now she is a huge star.

  4. Keith Urban was amazing - a bit country, a bit rock concert - plus he's pretty easy on the eyes too! (Lady Antebellum opened and they were great too!). My sister said Brad Paisley is amazing as well....

    also, i'm not a huge country fan so this is a big compliment!

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