Thursday, July 21, 2011

High school reunion

Last month was 20 years since I graduated high school!

Seriously, a moment of sadness...not because I would like to be 17 again, but because if the last 20 flew by...the next 20 will surely pass at the speed of light.

And I will be 57...


Cole will be 26

Double Ouch...

The twins will be 21

Ok..enough of that.

I'm sure I have vented about my high school experience before..and I'm not sure if it's just the universe trying to make me relive the crummy 3 years I invested in a school half way across town, just so I could speak french all day and never use it again...

Ok enough of that too.

As much as I try and forget my high school years, in the last 3 weeks I have had 4 "friend" requests on facebook from former high school "aquaintances"

Not "friends" as facebook like to call them..
But people who never spoke to me, or better yet...a girl who slammed my hand in my locker and told me to:

"tie her shoe bitch"

Yeah, I'll be adding you in a heartbeat my "friend"

So I'm curious, as we age, do we forget the fruits of our past? Do we assume we can all just be "friends" now that we have kids, are more mature, or are we simply suffering from long term memory loss?

I have a motto...and it's testing me weekly these days.


Having said that,  I friend requested a girl from high school who I adored. She was smart, athletic and was one of the few who treated me with kindness...I "requested" her a week ago.

No reply.

Enough said. Maybe MY memory is not as sharp as it used to be..


  1. totally agree, there was lots of people who had little to do with my friends in highschool and then we would see them out at bars in college and they all wanted to talk to us to look like they had lots of friends or whatever, then it was us not giving them the time of day! ha! I've declined a few friend requests in my day! LOL

  2. Perhaps that mean girl is in the middle of her 12 step program! You know, the step where you seek forgiveness from everyone you've wronged?!

    I am Facebook "friends" with a couple of people from high school, but only the ones I was close with. I have no desire to reconnect with those other people. I've moved on :)

  3. I am only friends with high school friends that were actually my friends in school. for the others who want to friend me just because we sort of knew each other... no thanks. If we didn't click then, I'm not looking to make a new friends long distance, I have enough friends now that I don't see enough of as it is.
    We have to spend time on the important things in life

  4. Hey Cheryl! Wondering how the fitness training is going and if you ever set up a fitness blog? I've been heavier into weight training this summer, hence I'm not training for my usual rock n roll half (the heat sucks!) but would love to check out your fitness blog if you ever decided to do it. I need all the inspiration I can get as I get SOOOO bored with cardio! Your babies are getting so big and they're all beautiful!
    Kate Sargent
    sassy smox