Thursday, July 14, 2011

I can laugh about it now...

Remember I mentioned Kyle's "everest expedition" last post?

I'm ready to tell my story.
I could possibly need some therapy...or a support group..


Disclaimer. Cole was not a climber. We did not even baby proof the cupboards. He never did, and still doesn't get "into" things. The kid never even wore a bib!!!

Kyle...oh my.

I was changing Luke and Kyle took off down the hall. He would usually play with the train set in the front room. After 30 seconds I did not hear the sweet sound of trains clicking together, I decided to check on him. My illustration will show you where I found my 17 pound twirp.

Yes that's right...while the stairs are baby gated, (false sense of security my friends...) Kyle managed to scale the outside of the staircase (see pawprints)...10 stairs, using the spindles...and a wee little ledge on each stair.

Smart? ...some may say so
I simply shake my head....

See that pampers box at the's my attempt at baby proofing them spindles....I'm thinking TOYS R US does not carry a "spindle proof" package for climbers.

I was able to NOT react, calmly grab Kyle's legs, as they dangled (heart attack yes...) and take him down..

Good thing he's cute

And safe.


  1. Oh my heart was pounding just looking at that! Good for you not screaming at him....that's what I would have done...I know, bad mommy I am! Good thing you caught him in time :)

  2. Oh My you are in for it with that one! LOL So glad he didn't fall after you came around the corner! Did you need an entire bottle of wine??

  3. I think fate intervened there! For you to go and check on him at exactly that moment, well, WHEW. Good job not reacting and thank goodness he is safe.

    That boy is going to age you!


  4. Maybe you have a gymnast in your family... OMG glad he is safe. Crazy how these little boys keep us hopping.

    My monkey went for a playdate the other day and came back with a bite mark on his face. All good just an accident with his friend falling into his face mouth wide open of course... They are still best buddies, although the mom felt awful about it :)

  5. wow! Scary stuff! He'll keep you on your toes!

  6. yikes!! my boys do that too but they have never gotten that high! holy heartattack!