Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Tissue Balls...How to DIY

Lots of requests to share how I made these tissue balls for my sisters wedding shower...

I first saw them at a small bridal shower at a friends condo. The "pop" of color was fun and the lightness of the decor made me feel happy....I HAD to make them! Her color was apple green...

These are REALLY easy to make, trust me...coming from this non-crafty person...

My only suggestion is to splurge and by the $2 tissue paper, not the dollar store stuff as it seemed to tear easily. I bought flower wire from Walmart for $2 (for 10 pieces, which I cut in half) and I used clear string to hang. The total per ball was about $!

Each tissue ball took about 10 minutes to make. We made 25 for the shower and reused them again the week after for a friends wedding reception. After that they were "wilting" ....

Play around with color and and patterns for a fun birthday theme! If you make them I expect some pics!!!



  1. i love these - they looked great at Kim's shower :)

  2. They are so beautiful, I find it hard to believe they are just tissue paper. I also really love the photo of you and Kim. The joy is so palpable.