Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Would you choose your babies eyes color?

This photo color was not touched..the exposure was brightened a bit, that's it.

My babes have blue eyes. They are truly THAT blue, and if they wear out!

At least one person a day stops me to comment on their blue eyes. My mom said this happened to her all the time with me...

I forget that I as well have bright blue eyes...since I see them everyday...and most days they don't look blue...they just look tired!

A little girl at the park commented yesterday what pretty blue eyes the boys have....and then she frowned and said...

"mine are just hazel"

I told her how pretty hazel eyes were, especially HER hazel compliment was futile..she shook her head no and said....not as pretty as theirs.

When Cole was a baby, I remember a little boy at gymboree sitting in front of Cole and all of a sudden his little finger reached out toward Cole's blue eyes and poked him...right in the eye. The mom quickly apologized and said "your son has such blue baby likely has never seen such eye color"

So I wonder....what's the interest in blue eyes? A quick search on google provided some fascinating facts...

In Japan, the stereotype of someone from the U.S. is usually a blond and blue-eyed person.

In yahoo answers, a girl posts.."the stereotype is all boys prefer blond hair and blue eyes and tan skin, but i have black hair, green eyes and olive skin, that's pretty too, right??"

Oh boy....let's just add to a womans already low self esteem shall we?

But wait! ...has having blue eyed babies become an obsession by some? One would hope not. Should we not just love what we get. Our kids are a product of us...of our mate..of our history...why mess with nature? Do we honestly think blonde-blue eyed children have it better then those lucky enough to sport brown hair and green eyes?

A doctor who has specialized in sex selection at his fertility clinics in Los Angeles and New York has announced a new offering to clients: hair and eye color selection. He plans to use in vitro fertilization, combined with preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to select for embryos with desirable traits. He offers an 80% probability of delivering parents' choices.

Would you do it?


  1. WOW - I can't imagine choosing my child's features.. I think that's kinda playing God and I don't know that I'd want to do that. LoL

    My husband and I both have blue eyes, so Tristan had no choice! ha ha! Living in Hawaii there are a LOT of Asian's.. Tristan is like a commodity! People stop me everywhere I go and they just want to touch him.. like he's not real. They aren't used to seeing someone with BLONDE hair and BLUE eyes! LoL!

  2. HELL NO!

    While I do think your blue eyed family is gorgeous, I also love my green eyed and hazel eyed boys - equally gorgeous because they come from Jay and I.

    Designer kids?! What's next!

  3. Not a chance! I think "designer babies" is ridiculous. It is sad that our society has come to that. Can't we just love all kinds of features?!

    Your boy's blue eyes are gorgeous. I love my boy's blue eyes too but of course it wouldn't matter what colour they were...I love all eye colours...except mine! Mine are blue-grey. BLAH.

  4. Whoa! I would never, ever want to alter my kids appearance! I definitely think that blue eyes are gorgeous, your babies are amazing, but they are rare and people should learn to love themselves as they are. It would be boring if we all had blonde hair and blue eyes!

  5. No way. I have one brown-eyed, brown-haired, dark-skinned girl and one blue-eyed, blond-haired, very-light-skinned girl and I wouldn't change anything about either of them!!

    I would not want to pick the sex, hair color, or eye color of my kids. I kind of like the surprise!

  6. Nope! Not a chance. I'll take mine the way god intended.....brown and hazel with beautiful skin. The thought of "designing" your child makes me shudder!

  7. Never.

    I love that I'm a brown-eyed girl. There's a pretty catchy song even.

    My daughter's eyes are hazel. She's a knock out beauty. I think it's pretty shallow to think that just an eye color makes a person more attractive. There's a bunch more to it!

  8. wow, those are gorgeous blue eyes! I have three boys too. One with beautiful blue eyes and two with dark green/brown eyes. My blue eyed boy just got informed he is going to need glasses! ack! on a four year old! Not that boy! he has the prettiest eyes in the family, we can't cover those beauties up!