Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Technology and me = oil & water

Heads up....do not buy me electronics. EVER

If you do...you will regret it as chances are I will ruin it within the year. Maybe sooner.

Not intentionally...it's just me and always has been me.

Remember these..Yup, I had not one, not two..but three of them between the ages of 13 and 15...every time my parents would buy me a new one...they would plead..."please Cheryl take care of this one.."

Remember these...
Uh huh...I had ALL THREE of these babies with a flippin year and a half. Let's revisit the demise..

Camera #1....death as a result of ingesting breastmilk
Camera #2...death as a result of ingesting Maui sand (at least it was Hawaii sand)
Camera #3...death as a result of dropping onto a patio in hopes of saving Cole's fingers from being slammed by a patio door. (yes I saved his fingers...)
Tim put his foot down and refused to buy me (aka Dr. Destructo as he calls me) anymore cameras......tough love at its finest!

So 10 months ago just after the babes were born and my cell phone plan was coming up for renewal Tim caved and presented me with a lovely blackberry...with a disclaimer....

Cheryl, I did NOT buy you the warranty plan...as the plan does not cover water, breastmilk or sand damage...so it's useless for you" PLEASE take care of this phone!

Blink blink my baby blues......Ok, no prob.

Blackberry met water (potentially drool if the twins had it..) last week. Crap.

Tim phoned the cell phone company... $600 to replace the phone since I'm only 10 months into a 3 year contract.

Double Crap.

Tim said nothing...he simply shut his office door for a few hours while I tip toed around the obvious. He emerged.....filled a tupperware with rice, placed the battery into the rice and let it sit on the cable box for 3 days...while of course we avoided talking about the obvious.

He baked the blackberry at 100 degrees for a bit...and voila, I'm back in action with $600 still in my pocket. No lecture...

Which makes me think that this was pretty much expected...has Tim become immune to my destructive technological tendencies? Likely not...pretty sure I avoided one unhappy hubby....and for that reason I have taken it upon myself to purchase this from Etsy.com...
Cute right?

AND padded...
AND waterproof....


  1. I hope that thing is indestructible! So far, I've been pretty good with stuff (knock on wood). I did drop my Bodybugg display int he toilet once (don't ask) but it's still working.

    I have heard that rice works with wet phones! Strange. But never heard to put it on top of the cable box! I think I'm the only person on the planet without an iphone or Blackberry. Yep, I use one of the "old school" cell phones! I'm working on Mark to get me a Blackberry ;)

  2. Good plan! I am surprised I don't have more mishaps with electronics as I am so clumsy and rarely careful. I have almost destroyed a cell phone by carrying it in my purse with a leaky water bottle...oops. It dried out and Jay still uses it.

    Love the blackberry holder, so cute!

  3. Hey thanks for popping by! I'm following you back! I love meeting other moms of boys! I've totally heard about rice saving things like that before. soooo glad it worked out for you!

  4. YOu are too hilarious. That's a cute case! I hope it works!!