Friday, February 20, 2009

The Elusive "EGG"

After a year of trying for #2, and knowing I had 4 months before I could get in to see my family doctor, I decided to take matters into my own hands…

Maybe, I could pinpoint my ovulation week!! Instead of just relying on cycle days and bodily changes, I could get concrete info! My big brain (as my hubby so sweetly calls it) does not like to just let things be…. I like to turn easy breezy tasks (you know which ones I am talking about!) into scheduled projects! I figured that if I went pee on a stick everyday and put it into a machine, that the machine would tell me when I was most fertile. No more guessing game…..No problemo!

After reading reviews like “I was pregnant after only 2 months!” I decided to invest in a digital fertility monitor. $300 for the monitor and $60 for one months supply of pee sticks (yikes!) but I was gung ho…I was already thinking of which month I would end up having the baby and whether it would coincide with any weddings or trips…slow down girl….if you only knew then what you know now!

Month 1……not much action was happening. The “egg” sign which is supposed to pop up on the monitor when you are ready to ovulate within 24 hours never showed its face. No worries! Maybe I was doing something wrong..

Month 2…..same deal only this time the egg showed up…..yeehaa!!! Wait a minute though, Tim is out of town for 3 days…..DANG!!!

Month 3… egg

Month 4…..the egg, that elusive egg was back…..yes!!!! Hubby home…check…….this is it, this IS the month!!!

Well as we all know, month 4 was NOT the month but the doctors’ appointment could not have been timelier.

The doctors’ visit was an intense 5 minutes…..

Doctor: have you been trying to conceive for while?
Me: yes, a year now
Doctor: ok, given that, I will refer you to the fertility clinic.
Me: Thank you


Whatever…., I realize it’s a referral process, keep the flow steady…still annoys me though. Patience is not my forte.

My fertility monitor, while it was never able to catch my elusive egg, did recently sell on EBAY for $100 USD. That money will put a tiny dent in the overall cost of this process. I certainly hope its new owner has better luck with it than I did. But all is not lost, that monitor did provide some very useful information for me………

Where the heck were my eggs??


  1. Those monitors can be HORRIBLE! We tried for 3 years to get pregnant with my 3rd baby. The monitors and pee sticks did NOTHING for us.

  2. Hi. I just popped by from Angella's link. Wishing you well in your journey. Very very well.

  3. Arg, that must have been beyond frustrating! Have I ever told you that I used a saliva tester that told me I was NOT ovulating when I conceived Jack?

    The instructions did say not to use it as birth control. :)

  4. Kami sent me. And well, Kami rules. So here I am. She is right - your boy has such pretty blue eyes. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that you will have more children. Keep us posted. :)

  5. If only our bodies would do what we want them to, when we want them to. Your eggs were probably there all along; there's so much involved it's mind boggling that babies even get here, seriously!

    I'm glad that you got your referral fairly quickly. IVF is a huge step, I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

  6. I used the saliva tester too. And it never said i was ovulating bu somewhere along the time of using it I got pregnant after 8 yrs. Ha so ya that worked what a waste of money

  7. good thing for ebay or you would be out that 100 bucks and have that handy dandy monitor collecting dust under your sink.

    i will be praying for you on this journey