Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today was a day full of optimistic news!!! Let me share…..

I have been injecting medication into my stomach (I will post on the injection process later this week) for over a week now and today I had to get some blood work as well as an ultrasound done at the clinic. At this stage appointments mean progress no complaints here!

The results would tell me if I could proceed with round 2 of injections which will hopefully lead to egg retrieval in 8-13 days.

It’s first come first serve at the clinic….doors open at 8am, kind of like a boxing day sale! I arrived at 7:55am and sure enough I was 6th in line, dang…… some girls are anxious to get poked and prodded!

The blood work was ok…, having endured a monthly needle in my right arm for a year now, it was no big deal. I find myself more interested now in how the nurses slide the needle in, and which way pinches more...... anyways,

The ultrasound…..soooooooo NOT ok. First of all, the ultrasounds are all done internally, not like a pregnancy ultrasound. This means technique is critical! Second of all, I did not have my cute friendly doctor by my side. I had never met this one before so the banter was not as comfortable. I know they have done this thousands of times but in my life, I do not get ultrasounds done on a regular basis!

The entire time I am wincing in pain as he tries to “locate” my left ovary.
“come out come out wherever you are…..” were his words, as though my ovary was intentionally playing hide and go seek. How old am I…...4?

Dig dig dig as he tried to get around my uterus in search of the missing lefty….by now I am sweating and wishing I could grab that ultrasound wand and throw it against the wall! Did he not hear my whimpering? (I would have acted like my 4 year old and tattled on him for being so rough, had he not been the FOUNDER of this clinic!)

And then he laughed, “Ah ha! There it is….sleeping away. Just as we like them to do at this stage” And then he left the room, no hand out to help me sit up, no smile…….poof, he was off to the next patient.

So I paid my $5,400 for the next stage of this process and I left with a promise from the nurse that she would phone me in the afternoon with my results

Results came in and....... I AM ALL SET TO GO TO STAGE 2!

Tim, Cole and I took off for Shoppers Drug Mart to get the meds for the next 6 days and the bargain gods were looking down on me today…….

Part of the drugs were free, thanks to a Smartcard the pharmacy uses (I did not question it!) And then I got a free "300ml pen" of medication, which means 2 shots worth for me ($300)….thanks to some program the pharmaceutical companies JUST starting running for first time invitro patients.

I will take a deal whenever I can….even if it’s in the form of drugs!


Total cost for today? $6,400
Total cost for my optimism?……



  1. I am SO EXCITED for you!!!

    Yay, yay, yay!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations! I hated those early morning appointments, but the end result is so worth it.

  3. dang, you must feel violated by the US tech.

    BUT...that is great news and totally worth the violation ;)

  4. Seriously hubby said the same thing!!! I pray I will NOT see him again!!!! Maybe I can ask for my doctor to come in for egg retrieval.....

  5. What great news Cheryl! I am thrilled for you and Tim. My fingers are forever crossed for step #2.
    I had an ultrasound like that when I was prego with Noah, at about 6 weeks. We were in Wpg, and I was having some serious cramps. So off to the Vic we went. I hear your pain. OUCH!