Friday, September 11, 2009

Meet the teacher day!

Today was meet the teacher at Cole's school!

Many people told me to bring tissue.....I was preparing for some emotional, heart wrenching experience..

No tears were shed though....only laughter and pride. Why would I be sad? My boy has made it to kindergarden! I have done my job staying at home these past 5 years...spending all of my free time playing, teaching, conforting, exposing and most of loving him.....he is ready to go to school. For me, I can't shed tears over such a great moment in his little life so far. It makes me happy to see this little red headed munchkin at 6 months....

Get himself dressed and ready, smiles and all at almost 5 years old

His teacher secretly "tested" him by asking various questions, Tim and I were sitting close by (pretenting to read the school newsletter we were told to read) but with one ear snooping, we were able to hear the following:

Teacher: Cole can you count to 10?

Cole: yes, in english, french or spanish?

Teacher: Oh, english is fine.

Cole: Ok, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10...I can keep going if you want me to...

Teacher: Ok!

Cole:11,12,etc.....51, 52

Teacher: Ok, that's enough!

I think he passed the counting test....ask him to print and you get a whole other story!!

Smile and hugs and a "see you Tuesday Miss Dearing" and we were off! Very uneventful....

I sure hope this excitement for school carries through until he's finished university......I know dream on....I just want it to last as long as it can.....


  1. What a great post, he looks so excited about school --- you done good, Mama :)!

  2. Oh but was he a darling little baby! He has changed so much yet I can totally tell that is him. He is so handsome in his back to school clothes.

    I am with you, I felt the exact same way when Jack started school and mostly for Kamden too but for Kamden I did get a bit know, last one syndrome.

    Yay Cole!

  3. I've browsing and I loved What I saw. You have a beautiful blog!
    Loved ,loved the photos of your so handsome son!

  4. Yay Cole! So grownup! Just think, you get to experience it all over again, twice!

  5. Such a smart boy, you and Tim have done a great job!