Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New ultrasound pics

My mommy went to the Fetal Assessment clinic and all she brought back was a few pics of some feet!

Can you see it??? I turned the pic upside down for a better shot!!!

Maybe baby B will "pose" for us...

Nope, another foot.....I did see alot of heart, bladder, pee pee, kidneys, brain, spine...etc... and a few face shots but there was NO cooperation today...I should have warned these boys about the photo shoot....

Good news is I have another one in a few weeks....

Even better news is that each baby is measuring perfectly and each one is weighing 3 pounds.

The best news is that Cole came in with me (Tim was on a conference call all morning) and the look on Cole's face when he watched the babies moving was priceless. He was sitting next to me holding my hand, kissing my face, and asking the ultrasound tech ALOT of questions. Afterwards we went for was a great morning.

I feel relieved today, as the due date draws closer and the unknown awaits us, I find my anxieties struggle with infertility has made me cautious, you will not find me giddy with excitement right now, I just want everything to be OK....

So far, everything looks just fine. I may sleep well tonight.


  1. Those just might be the cutest little feet I have ever seen.

    Hang in there Cheryl, I don't blame you for having anxiety, it seems perfectly normal to me. There are so many of us out here praying and hoping that everything will be okay.

    Get some sleep! They look perfect to me.

  2. Oh, just absolutely adorable feet!!! How precious that Cole was there. Not many children have that oppotunity. Everything will be just fine. Three pounds each is a lovely size already. The time is flying by, huh? Love to look at the countdown calendar. Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. xoxox

  3. Yay for seeing cute baby feet and 3 lb. babies! Wahoo! : )

  4. YAY...and I teared up about Cole's excitement!

  5. So adorable! How great for Cole to experience that with you. I'm sure he felt pretty special. I'm glad to hear those boys are doing well. Lots of thoughts and prayers with you guys!

  6. How far along are you ? You are doing great Cheryl. Every single day they are in your womb is a huge success! So take it one day at a time!

  7. i am so glad to hear that things are going well so far! and yes, you better get some sleep NOW.