Friday, September 18, 2009

Pool, Pool and more Pool

We are having the BEST September weather, it feels like July around here.

Today, Cole and I ventured to the zoo....after 1 hour we looked at eachother and decided to head home and's hot, the animals were all hibernating in the shade and I was tired of toting this belly around in the heat.

The pool makes me feel I have no belly! I have been swimming laps most days. Cole tells me (as he sits and eats his popsicle!) what stroke to do for 10 laps at a time...for some reason he insists on the butterfly stroke. I kindly told him that mommy needs some better ab muscles to do any more than 1 lap at a time for that stroke. I have been managing to get in 100 laps...with lots of breaks.
The pool was a huge deciding factor for Tim and I when we bought the house. I grew up with an inground pool. Weekends were spent creating obstacle courses in the pool, having friends come over, or just lounging the day away.... All of this on top of the competitive swim practices I endured 5 days a week. Split ends, faded hair coloring and itchy skin were clear signs that we LIVED in chlorine and loved it!

Tim played water polo growing up and loved to swim, but he did not have a pool. Instead he had a nicely grassed back yard! He loved having grass to cut and a lawn to kick around a soccer ball or play catch in.

This house has NO grass in the backyard. Pool and stamped concrete. BUT the pool is a salt water pool and I can attest that there is minimal maintenance required. A water sample once a week determines if we need to adjust the salt (ie: throw a bag of pool salt in the water). It took Tim 15 minutes to vacuum the pool, and this was after 3 weeks of swimming.

Cole has made huge progress with his swimming this summer and we've been able to take the water wings off and watch him doggy paddle his way across the shallow end. Zipping down the slide and doing cannonballs off the diving board are routine now...I can even relax poolside with a book while he swims...can you imagine the luxury I will be taking advantage of over the next few weeks!!!! Weather dude...keep it nice outside...for me!

It's a personal choice, but I truly believe we purchased the best home for our little family....I will likely have these twins in the water next summer...I just may need to grow another arm to manage everyone!


  1. We live in an apartment building with a very well maintained pool in the back courtyard. Although we have to share it with a bunch of co-eds, we LOVE having access to a pool. Having our OWN in our OWN backyard would be a step up :)

  2. this is the house you sold, yes? it did sell, right?

  3. I love these photos ! Your son is so handsome and adorable. Love and xxx from me.
    Have a blissful weekend!

  4. Hi Cheryl,
    Came back to say that I'd love if you followed my blog, too.:)

  5. I want a pool too. I have always said there is no way we'd have a pool because I don't want the trouble of maintaining are killing my excuse!!

    any houses for sale next door?

  6. I was reading though my blog posts and comments... my older ones. You left so many sweet, tender comments about our boy's death. I never said thank you. I'm saying thank you now. I wish I could hug you. I'm so excited for your babies to come.

  7. See! I brought you the nice weather! LOL! enjoy!

  8. Oh man, the pool sounds awesome right now. I have not been in a few weeks and probably won't go for a while now. I'm sure it's nice to have one right there in your backyard. So glad you're enjoying it and that Cole is too!

  9. Hey Cheryl, finally caught up again haha.. sept is our july, it's been sooooooooooo awesome.. i'm so happy you're enjoying your pool and this is the best exercise for your belly and back right now.. As for having your boys in the pool next summer, just make sure you have tons of help haha.. i"m finding it hard just going to the park witht the twins.. they will be 19 mths soon and they are out of control, wanna go go go... hope we can get together soon... I can't believe the day is nearing. you are 31 weeks now???? my water broke at 33 weeks and I had my boys at 34 weeks and they were 4lbs.. so your boys are awesome at 3lbs right now.. love the feet pics.. anyways, whatever you're doing keep doing, you look awesome and sound so happy.. chat more soon ... Athena