Sunday, September 27, 2009

My version of nesting...

Isn't this about the time when "nesting" starts to occur in pregnancy?

With only 6 weeks to go (or so) I should be starting the nesting

Do we have the cribs set up? No

Do we even have 1 crib set up? Nope

Do we have 2 car seats and a stroller so we can at least bring these boys home with us? No...and No

What is wrong with me? I should be shopping, cleaning, prepping meals to freeze, getting organized for the hospital, isn't that normal nesting stuff?

My version of nesting has been this....

Purchasing a 58 inch plasma TV...... for all of the TV we will be watching in the next year!!! HA!

Next on my nesting list? A 32 inch plasma for my home gym. Did you know finding one with a built-in DVD player is very tough work! This will be for all the working out I'll be doing in the first few months after delivery....double HA!

Also on my list is an area rug for Cole's play area (any suggestions?) as well as getting a few more pictures hung up and figuring out our steam shower in the basement bath (for all of the nice loooooong showers I will be having in a few months.....triple HA!)

See? Totally absurd and will likely bite me in the butt in a few weeks...mobility these days is slowing down....I keep saying I need to put my feet up....I can only imagine what another 4 weeks of growth will do to me!

I am done work as of the end of the week, I'll be off until February so I am making a promise in the next 2 weeks to get everything set up! No more excuses!

Kami, by the time you come out to visit I WILL have both nursery rooms ready to go, all cute and neat....with pictures to post!


  1. Sounds like my kind of nesting anyway! I froze food before Kamden came but turns out I don't really like frozed much better fresh :)

    Oh I am so excited to see the nursery rooms, that would be cool if they are done....or I can help. I love doing stuff like that.

    To the spa we go, you need pampering!

  2. frozed meals? GAH, apparently I need coffee...I meant forzen meals.

    And also, I love that when you started this you had 6 weeks of IVF ahead of you. Now, such a short time later, you have 6 weeks until you welcome those two precious boys into the world.

    I am so beyond happy for you, Tim and Cole. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

  3. and I still got it wrong. you know what I meant right? FROZEN. For the love of pete.

    Okay I'll stop cluttering your comments up!

  4. Oooh, can't wait to see the room for the babies! I love that kinda stuff!

  5. Nesting, schmesting! Put your feet up and get Tim busy...if you can drag him away from that TV!