Monday, September 7, 2009

29 week pics

A few special requests for the massively growing here you go!

Rear shot...a bit "expanded" but if carrying boys means carrying it all out front, I have lived up to that old wives tale!

Side 27 inch waist has grown to 37 inches!!! Good lord!!! My belly button is begging for mercy....

No news on my "issues" down below. I see the ID department at the hospital again this week. I feel like a patient on that show "house". While the doctors are quite intrigued, I am more concerned about my impending delivery and what could potentially get passed onto these babies. Well they have 9 weeks to figure things out... let's hope the medical system can speed things up for me!


  1. You look amazing! I look at your beautiful belly and marvel that there are two precious boys in there - so cool!

    Hope they figure it out! 9 weeks should be lots of time...I hope :)

  2. Looking great! Have you started waddling yet ;) It must be hard work carrying around those boys!

  3. Cheryl,

    You look amazing! You look better than most people who only carry one munchkin.


  4. WOW. You look INCREDIBLE! Hope the doctors can figure things out for you!

  5. Looking good! I hope you get answers and relief soon!

  6. That's kinda crazy that they can't figure out it what it is or how to treat it. Here's hoping Dr. House comes along! ;-)

    You look wonderful - such a cute belly! : )

  7. You look fantastic! I couldn't tell you are pregnant from behind! New to your blog, so didn't realize you are expecting twins (boys! Boys rock!) Congratulations!

  8. Wow, wow, you look great! Your belly is perfect!

    I was like that when I carried the boy too... all forward. From the back I didn't even look pregnant.