Thursday, January 14, 2010

Candid confessions

We all have secrets. do too, admit it.

So today I discovered something I do, that many may find odd...or not.

Today is my confessional.

I love coffee. I'll take ANY coffee when I'm desperate (I have been seen running into a 7-eleven to get some weak, translucent looking brown stuff they call fresh brewed coffee). When a tightness starts in my forehead, I am withdrawing fast and unless I act as though the world is coming to an end and pull into whatever coffee joint I see, my pinch turns into a full blown headache.

But that's not my point as millions of people are addicted to caffeine...just like Moi!

My quirky behavior lies within the coffee cup..the Tim Horton's disposable cup OR the Starbucks take out cup. No other joints will suffice.

I confess that I will purchase a Starbucks coffee or a Timmy's coffee and enjoy every last drop of it...and then I will rinse out the cup and hang on to it.....WHY you ask?

Well, I will then make a pot of coffee later in the day (or the next morning) and I will pour my coffee into the disposable cup. In my odd, warped mind, the coffee tastes better then if it were simply in one of my coffee mugs. I also save money by tricking myself into not having to run out and BUY a cup of coffee.

This is not a daily occurrence (and I do not keep the cup for more then a day for health reasons!) , but at least once a week I will partake in this behavior. Today was one of those days. It's like my sanctuary, the twins are napping, Cole is playing quietly and I want to treat myself to a coffee...but I can't run out and get I play pretend with my superstore coffee in my Timmy's cup which I purchased this morning after I dropped Cole off at school.

Odd? Maybe...but I'm betting there are many other "odd" confessions out there that simply make you who you are. Wanna share?


  1. I have the best plan for you! Instead why don't you get yourself a reusable Starbucks or Tim Horton's cup? Then you can partake in this behavour even more often.

    It's what I do. I love my reusable insulated cup both for home brew and take out because it keeps it hot so much longer. YUMMY!

    Oh and I twist my hair incessantly when I am working. I have a really short piece that is my favourite...I have ripped it down to 2 inches long. I. cannot. stop.

  2. I hate the color pink. So much i feel it is a phobia. I will not buy any outfit for myself with any even the smallest detail of pink. I bought some gray capris they had a small pink heart on the pocket I couldnt even see it. It was covered by my shirt I cut off the top of my pocket.That is my odd confession!

  3. I bought myself a pair of mugs at Pier 1 that I absolutely love. I HAVE TO HAVE my coffee in those cups, or else it's not the same.

    My confession? I bite the skin around my fingers. I know, it's gross but I can't stop! It's probably because it's so darn dry in this town! I buy Aveeno by the gallon.

  4. Hey Cheryl

    I am with you. I am a tea addict and buy a tea from Starbucks or Tims everyday... It's crazy as I know I can make tea here but it's like a source of comfort to hold that cup from the store... Thought it was just me too funny.

  5. i have an obsession with the sonic rt44 cups. i like to buy a drink once or twice per week and then wash and carry my water with me in it. then i can always have ice water on hand and it fits perfect in the coaster of the car!