Monday, January 4, 2010

Me...The Olympic Torchbearer

Ok, I take back everything I said about not wanting to be a torchbearer. Turns out it was an amazing experience. I think it hit me when I was sitting on the shuttle with the other torchbearers and the organizer said:

"When you carry the torch just know that you are the only one in the world carrying the Olympic flame which came all the way from Greece"

Ok, that's kinda cool.

We even had an Olympian on our segment of the relay. A figure skater who went to the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid. There was also a guy who sold his car to buy a bike and raise money for cancer by biking across Canada. Lots of great people.

My nerves turned into excitement as I jumped off the bus at my transition spot. My family and friends were all there cheering me on, taking pics, I was all smiles.

The odd thing is the way people were wanting to take a picture with was very paparazzi like...for 5 minutes I was famous! It was a small glimpse into the life of a star..and I am happy to report that I truly enjoy my simple PRIVATE life.

Check out Cole's face looking up at the torch, and the kids all around can't explain that level of excitement....who doesn't want to be an Olympian at some point in their childhood?

My sister and her friend took video of my torch being lit, check it out on YouTube

I hold this experience dear to my heart. My husband was right, it was a chance of a lifetime and I am happy we bought the torch...(they are selling on Ebay for $2000!)


  1. Whohoo! I couldnt' get the second video to work, youtube must be having issues.

    You make me wish I had applied!

  2. Amazing, so cool, we are proud of you! What a memory!