Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snow snow snow

Snowman weather arrived!!! Finally, only -1 degrees and fluffy sticky snow...

The result?
285 calories burned in one hour of snowman building...who knew!

Dang, 5 snowmen....that's when it hits home, our family really grew this snowman season! This monkey has been couped up too long....he took to sliding down trees

2 hours later, rosy cheeks and all, we lured our snow bunny inside for some hot chocolate.... these are the days to cherish....

Celebrate snow!


  1. very fun snowmen family! but wow, that is still really really cold... i don't know how yall did 2 hours out in it. brrrrrrrrrrr!

  2. Good for you guys for getting out and enjoying it! We have to, it's going to be -800 again soon enough.

    The boys were out shovelling all afternoon. I stayed in with a pot of coffee :)

  3. Love the snow people! : ) From three to five - awesome!