Monday, January 18, 2010

Get over yourself Julia

Over the years I have watched MANY awards shows. I like the red carpet thingy and I enjoy the main categories...what I don't like are the acceptance speeches. "I'd like the thank the lord, my parents, my dog", yada yada...enough already. Smile and thank US, the public, for seeing your movies, even in tough economic times! Half of the time I switch channels when the speeches are on.

BUT, it's become a bit of an obsession of mine to pay close attention to any speech provided by little miss Julia Roberts. If you listen closely, Julia manages (most of the time) to make the speech about HER...whether she is accepting an award or merely presenting one. No way you say?

2000 Oscars: Yes she won for best actress but was it truly necessary to call the conductor a "stick man" when he signaled his orchestra to play? Your speech was in overtime because YOU chose to waste 3 minutes giggling... AND then you did not even thank the amazing woman who provided the meat & potatoes for your role (Erin Brockovich)..which then placed you into the $20 million dollar per movie role club..

By the way.....$25M for her follow up role in Mona Lisa Smile? Really? Seriously? Did the movie even gross that amount?

2001 Oscars:
While presenting the Best Actor Award to Denzel Washington, she made a "funny" saying she was glad the conductor Bill Conti wasn't there. He was the man who had tried to hasten the conclusion of HER Oscar speech in 2000.

Focus Julia, this is Denzel we're cheering know, the amazing actor...we're not concerned about YOUR beef with Mr. Conti.

April 2009, Tom Hanks Tribute Speech in NYC: "Alright well, it's late and I'm paying my babysitter overtime and I have to pee"

Wow Julia, you think we actually care that you must PEE? The tribute should wrap up so you can relieve yourself? Potty talk is acceptable in public when Miss Julia says it?

Golden Globes 2010 (FYI last night): She starts by stating the ridiculous amount of texts she's received because SHE is sitting next to Sir Paul McCartney...and right before she announces the winner for BEST PICTURE (hello, the most anticipated category!) she throws in a shout out to HER kids and how they should be in bed.

Ok, come on...WHY must she always make it about her....she hasn't made a great movie in years (The Mexican?? Duplicity??).

I realize a handful of examples does not make a case..but it does show a slight pattern... a pattern for which I am obsessed with...what will she say next time? Who's spotlight will she overshadow?

You can count on me being glued to the TV on Oscar night next month....don't fail me now Julia!


  1. You are too funny! I don't typically watch those shows because, generally speaking, the speeches make me want to hurl. Or at the very least, they eyerolling the elicit gives me a headache.


  2. HAHA...too funny.
    I don't watch those shows anymore. They seem to drag on and on and on and on and on......And they get paid waaaaayyy to much $$ for what they do. But you're right, it's funny to watch them make fools of themselves every once in a while!

  3. that was so funny my son asked me why my "paputer" made me laugh

  4. I've never noticed before I guess! That's crazy! Hey, she's going to be in that new movie "Valentine's Day." I'm sure you can't wait to see it for that reason alone! HA HA HA!