Monday, April 26, 2010

My poor Kyle...I have been starving him

For those who have met my twins you will agree that Kyle is a "handful" ...and that's being polite.

A friend said to me a few weeks ago as she was trying to settle him down..

"he's just not a "happy" baby is he?"

That statement bothered me. He has a clean bottom, he's well rested and he was drinking plenty of milk and rice why is he unhappy? Maybe I just have a fussy I shelved the comment and carried on with the daily grind of fussy Kyle.

And then it happened...the lightbulb came on one day as I was eating breakfast. I placed Kyle in the bumbo on the table and he watched me eat. Not only did he watch, he stared, fixated on the spoon, the bowl, the food, my lips. HE WAS SMACKIN HIS LIPS!

My baby was starving!!!!

A quick dash to the store for a jar of sweet potatoes and applesauce. HE GOBBLED IT UP.
It's been over a week now and I can assure you, he is a new child. He's happy, smiley and sleeping better. Tim even commented the other day how nice it is to see Kyle so happy.

I am such a Type A gal, I could not get past the fact that he was still too young (5 months) to have more solids. His brother is content with milk...his brother is happy and sleeps well. Note to self: while they may have been born the same day, they are already completely different babies, and will likely be their entire lives. STOP COMPARING THEM CHERYL.

Ok, lecture to self is done.

Happy Eating!


  1. Kamden was eating rice cereal by 3 months! Some kids just need lots and lots of food, fast metabolism. Yay for figuring him out, that must be a relief.

    And gosh I want to see them in real life! They are going to be one before I do at this rate!

  2. That's awesome! Who knew it was such a simple solution! I know I'm much happier when I'm fed!

  3. They are so cute! Glad you found a fix to your fussy baby but your right it is hard not to compare them! There's the nature nurture debate right there.

  4. So CUTE - they are really looking more and more alike...even though they have quite different habits! :0)

  5. oh I'm so glad, I didn't want him to continue to be "the fussy one"! I bet all of your lives will benefit from him being more content!!

  6. They're too cute in their double bumbos. It would be tough figuring out their differences and changing preferences. I remember it being a challenge figuring out one baby and you don't even get the benefit of them liking the same things!