Thursday, April 1, 2010

Help me choose some new sneakers

I am seeking some opinions here.

After a hand slapping from my trainer about my existing runners (which have seen 2 half marathons alone...oops!) and weeks of online research, I am sold on the new Nike UltraGlides...but there are several color options.

Traditionally I have gone for simple white runners with a splash of color.

I am thinking of going bold this round. Something fun for my races this summer and fall. I have big plans which mean BIG color...I think? Will I stay true to form and stick with white?

Tell me which ones you would choose.,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-100701/pid-258894/pgid-320790#l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-258891/pgid-239442


  1. Go bold Cheryl... A little splash of color on your toes is always fun.

  2. Me likey the pink and black ones!

  3. I chose the bright blue ones...

  4. I love those shoes! I was going to say the black and pink ones or the bright blue - good choice!

  5. I like the purple and yellow or the orange and fun!