Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our big trip out West

Many of you have asked how the trip to Calgary went and I will sum it up like this

It went as well as one can expect for traveling with 5 month old twins.

1. Yes, Kyle was fussy on the plane. I assumed he would sleep given it was an 8pm flight but noooooooo, he was WIDE awake and fussy...I was told by the passengers that they could "barely" hear him. I am happy to say that most people felt (or seemed to feel) sorry for me and my arms from the continuous bouncing I had to do with Kyle.

2. Yes, the hotel stay was not fun. At home when the boys squawk, I can let them fuss a bit. In a hotel, and especially at $400 per night, we were not about to let a squawkfest occur. So we were up ALOT at night. Once the boys knew they were NOT in their cribs, a 3am party would result. So, YES they did have to sleep in their car seats a few times....whatever, it worked.

3. Yes, we did attend the rehearsal dinner at 6:30 pm friday night....yes Kyle was fussy the whole time. Everyone wanted to hold the twins....but they went right for Luke. Poor Kyle. If only I had known that he likely wanted to try my steamed salmon or Tim's steak! HA! Don't let his smile fool you, it was 11pm and Kyle was delirious at this point!

And yes, it was bloody HOT in the room, the boys were drenched with sweat, so we stripped Luke down...YES I let my child sit at a fancy restaurant in his diaper. It was either nudey babies or unhappy babies. You pick. This was likely the only bite of food Tim had while Kyle took a 15 min cat nap.

4. The wedding day was FANTASTIC! My "nannies" arrived in their sneakers and lulu's...all ready for some serious walking. I am so lucky to have such a great friend. She will never tell me how her day "really" went but she insists they boys were great. Enough said. Seeing my bro so happy made everything worthwhile.

5. Once the wedding and day after was done, we stayed at my brothers place a few nights while they honeymooned. We had peace and quiet, routine and many "squawkfests"....guilt free !

All in all, the trip was a success, the wedding was beautiful, and we spent some quality time with great family and friends. Will we do it again? Likely not anytime soon...but YES, traveling with twins was not as hard as I had expected.


  1. Great photos! The kids were so great when they were here! The next day, Caleb & Justin were asking me if Cole was coming over again!

  2. I love how you just handle it without complaining though... you rock.

    Glad you got to visit while you were there too. I bet you haven't seen those friends in a long time.

    And you looked so amazing, the bridesmaid dress is so pretty!

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  4. You are just gorgeous and sassy with those little silver heels!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)