Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Travellin with twins..

It's almost midnight and I'm taking a break from packing...and packing...and packing, and a 10pm trip to Walmart for coffee...No Way am I waking up without a pot in 7 hours!

It's wedding time my friends!

3 suitcases, an absurd amount of bibs, sleepers, formula, cloths, wipes, rattles, blankets....and so on.

Oh yeah and my HOT new black dress for the wedding rehearsal dinner.....I'm bringin sexy back.

Heads up travellers tomorrow evening - the GONG SHOW you will witness is merely us as we arrive with the double stroller, 2 carseats and bases and a cute 5 yr old (likely cranked up on sugar from me bribing him all day to play quietly while I continue to pack!)

Did I mention the 2 playpens, slings and bumbos that await us in Calgary thanks to my cousin Laura and friend Carrie. How you've made my life easier, you will never know.

A huge shout out to my one and only gal Maia who is my "nanny" for the wedding day. Leaving her 2 kids to help me out! A true gem. You know that feeling of comfort and relaxation when your kids are in the best of hands? That is what I'm feeling.

So here we go...I may not sleep at all this next week but I'm diving in full force with a huge smile on my face as my big brother is getting married!!!


  1. you make me laugh! I love your outlook!

    Have so much fun and take lots and lots of pictures especially of the hot black dress!

  2. I love that exuberant "leaping" picture-- what a great sister you are to be so excited for your brother! Far too many people I know would just complain about the trip itself. Enjoy!


  3. Cheryl, have a great trip and thanks for your support!

  4. Can't wait to see you guys...and hear all about the wedding!

  5. I cannot even imagine it!!!! You're a patient lady :)