Friday, December 10, 2010

Fitness Friday - Food and UGGS!

I'd like to think that our whole house "eats clean"

Tosca Reno has a great cookbook called the Eat Clean diet. Check it out, it's worth it. My friend Maia told me about the delicious egg salad recipe she tried from this book. It was a HIT all around. I can make it with full fat cottage cheese for the boys and no fat for Tim and I. I can use all whole milk and eggs for the boys and mostly egg whites for Tim and I. Try it out this weekend and let me know your thoughts!

1/4 cup / 60 ml fat-free cottage cheese
• 1 Tbsp / 15 ml skim milk
• 1 tsp / 5 ml mustard• 4 hardboiled egg whites, diced
• 1 hardboiled yolk
• 2 Tbsp / 30 ml chopped green onion
• 2 Tbsp / 30 ml chopped celery
• Dash curry powder
• 1/4 tsp / 1 ml sea salt


  1. Whip cottage cheese and milk until smooth in medium-sized mixing bowl.
  2. Blend remaining ingredients except egg whites with cottage cheese mixture.
  3. Add diced egg whites to cottage cheese mixture. Mix well.
Calories: 170
Calories from Fat: 30
Fat: 3.5g
Saturated Fat: 1g
Trans Fat: 0g
Protein: 17g
Carbs: 18g
Dietary Fiber: 3.5g
Sodium: 528mgCholesterol: 106mg

Besides food, I seem to have an UGG addiction. Either you love em or you hate em...I love em... I cannot bring myself to spend $270 on the new 3 button style out there this I ordered a pair from China, Likely NOT real, but man they arrived today (with a box included and tags on!) and for $45 I will wear them loud and proud. Take a look!
I am ordering UGG slippers and flip flops as soon as I get paid!

On the weight gain front...not great news..I lost 2 pounds on my weigh in this week, putting me at 122.5. Body fat remained at 11.9%. That pound of muscle I worked for disappeared as fast as you can say FLU BUG!. On the upside, I feel 100% back to normal physically, my back measurement went up which means my lats are popping out a bit more. Mentally, I'm excited to hit it hard the next few weeks and grow...The plan is to choose ground beef over chicken at least once a day and get in at least 3 protein shakes per day.

Here's my treadmill workout from this morning:

Incline 9: 3 minutes walk at 3.5mph, 2 minutes run backwards at 3.0mph
Incline 10: same as above
Incline 11: same as above
Incline 12: same as above
Incline 10: Side shuffle 30 sec one way, 30 seconds other side, 3.0 mph, repeat until 4 more times
10 minute light jog, incline 1, 5.5mph

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  • Check it out - Will I Am & Nicki Minaj
Have a fit and fab weekend!


  1. The egg salad sounds good! Is that one serving?

    I buy the "fake" Uggs too! Why bother paying triple the $ for the same boot! I love the 3 button ones.....may have to check those out!

  2. Mmm, that sounds good minus the cottage cheese:)

    I love the UGGS! You may have converted me.

  3. I have been looking for a healthy egg salad recipe forever... I love Trader Joe's version, and nothing has compared... but this one sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing.

    And those uggs are too cute! They look real, and for $45?! Sign me up!

    Glad you are feeling better!

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