Tuesday, December 21, 2010

my 37th year

Yesterday marked the start of my 37th year. I am truly closer to 40 then 30 now...not freaking out at all.....ok, maybe a little but it's more the fact that the kids are getting older, which means I am too... I think 37 will be a fantastic year and I have lots to be proud of and appreciative for...so I'll minimize my complaining for now!

How was my bday?
It was perfect.

I started it off at 5:30 am for a hamstring & tricep workout and when I came home at 7, Tim and Cole were up waiting, coffee on, presents lined up...

YES! I got 12 pound dumbells!
YES! I got the 6-pack bag..in pink!! So cute!

Plus an added bonus...a new pair of weight training gloves.

Remember last year I squealed when I got a dumbell rack. This is just as good, if not better.

A mommy friend brought by fresh flowers for me, my neighbor dropped off some MAC lipgloss (is she telling me something?), Tim's mom and my parents brought over LULULEMON gear and my sister dropped off a blouse from RW & Co and a "bedazzled" tank from Jacob. Never mind the LULU gifts cards I received in the mail from friends and family out of town....

Am I THAT predictable? LULU is the best best present ever. Hugs to everyone who knows me so well...I ordered a pair of crops and a running top online...they ship free overnight TODAY ONLY!

Tim and I ended the b-day with a movie - Black Swan. My choice. Great movie...I recommend it to anyone who like a psychodrama.....we contemplated a stop at our favorite restaurant for a glass of wine...but the power of a good night's sleep won us over.

Happy Birthday to me..what does 37 have in store for me..


  1. It does sound like the perfect day...LULU and all!

  2. What a great day! Can't wait to celebrate late with you soon.

    Lulu here we come!

  3. happy birthday Cheryl! Glad you had a perfect day - you deserve it!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Now I know why you had that LuLu stock! can't believe you sold it, the price just went up with your birthday gift buying! lol
    Glad you had a great day! All the best for year 37!