Friday, December 17, 2010

Fitness Friday- progress pics

Today was shoulders:

4 sets of each exercise:

Dumbell Shoulder press
Arnold Presses
Front Plate Raises
Side Lateral Raises
Bent over reverse flies

40 minutes on the treadmill alternating minute walk minute sprint...and I'm spent.

Not seeing much changes from the front...maybe shoulders are rounding out a bit
My back is definitely getting thicker and fuller, I nice v-taper making the waist look smaller. I'll post my back workout next week. Yesterday I saw my trainer Paul (read my last post, he wrote some fantastic and inspiring words) and I had a record squat (12 reps at 205 lbs) and leg (press 12 reps at 405lbs). To say my legs are shaky today would be an understatement. A good session of power shopping with my sister tonight will cure it!

Push a bit more this weekend ok?