Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My morning in numbers

10: number of times I asked Cole to eat, get ready, pack lunch, put boots on, put jacket get the picture. Amazing we made it to school on time..

9: number of times Kyle threw his food over the edge of his highchair before he actually ate something...and we wonder why he is so skinny..

8: number of times Luke threw a hissy fit when I picked up Kyle

7: number of times Kyle threw a hissy fit when I picked up Luke

6: number of diaper changes

5: number of times I have swept the floor already

4: number of times Kyle has climbed up onto the coffee table by moving an object over to use as a step (sneaky little twirp)

3: number of coffees I have already had

2: number of times I have actually sat down (one would be to write this post while 15 minutes of Thomas occupies their little minds)

1: number of loads of laundry I managed to get done..

It's 1pm.

I can only imagine my numbers for this thing is for sure..90 will be the number of minutes these two munchkins nap!

To all you momma's out there at home with the kids......what's your numbers looking like?


  1. 8 and 7 must be pretty rough! I can't imagine having 2 babies at once!

  2. Whew! I am exhausted for you! That probably doesn't help though...

    Put on your cape tomorrow :)

  3. Oh Cheryl, I remember those days with twins, unfortunately my day today was very similar, the numbers didn't look good at all, but I do know that 9 is the number of days till I am off for a month!

  4. LOL too funny. I did a post just like this before I even saw yours. It is amazing to see it laid out like that. Hope your nap number went up and your fit number went down ;-) Have a good day.