Sunday, April 17, 2011

Duckin around..I hope

I grew up with an inground pool, it was fantastic...for the few months of the year our weather cooperated..

But as the snow melted each year, we would wait to see...

Wait to see if our little "friends" would arrive

The friends being ducks.

It was the highlight of spring, seeing those ducks every morning on our pool deck, then watching as she made her nest in the cedar bush, taking her daily swim at 7am...and finally seeing 12 baby ducks in our pool...all before OUR pool season even began.

And then one year, they came no more...

Fast forward to last summer, we now have an inground pool and lo and behold one April morning the ducks were here! This time I watched Cole stare out the window in awe.

And then we woke up to splattered egg shells on the pool deck, eaten clean. I asked an "expert" and she figured a skunk would have eaten the yolks.

I've never liked skunks.

But yesterday, amidst all the snow, I made my morning coffee and saw this.
Are they deciding whether it worth the "risk"

I sure hope so...
Stay tuned


  1. That is so neat! I had no idea ducks did that!

    I hope they hang around but that Mr. Skunk does not.

  2. oh so cute! that would be so amazing to watch!