Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cheap labor

The weather has been less then desirable around here lately.

Snow, rain, cold, wind.

Pick one any one, they all seem to just rotate..

Where is the sun, it's April already!
When stuck inside with toddling boys, what to do, what to do


I trekked to Sobeys and bought not one but TWO swiffer dry mops.

No fighting allowed, cleaning is serious business.

Cheap labour, I pay in smooches, clean bums and great food!
All in a cold spring day's work. 

Brooms away, it's nap time!

What do/did you do on cold days, stuck inside with small toddlers?


  1. love those pictures! my boys love to do this too and the spray mop, but that gets crazy!

  2. What little worker bees you have. I love the pictures! Too cute!

  3. OMG...they're getting so damn tall! Chloe loves to swifter too, ha ha, tricks on them : )

  4. Love those pics...too cute! That's great you have little helpers. Today, I needed the kids to clean up their toys, so I told them that any toy left out will be vacuumed up and gone every time ;)

  5. we made homemade playdough and played! or I put a cotton blanket on the floor put an old baby bath filled with water in the middle, and threw in a bunch of kitchen cups or plastic boats and let them at it. the floor does get wet but the blanket stops them from slipping on the wet floor. Just have towels at the ready!