Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ok..twins = ALOT of work

Not to sound crabby but...

Twins is a tough gig.

Kudos to anyone with twins...but especially my gals out there with twins on the first crack
I will never make the comment:

"You need to go for one more..."

Twins is enough. I get it. Those words I speak of having more kids after twins is cruel. 

Last week I wanted 4 kids..today..3 is plenty.

Make the appointment Tim.  Get er done!

Why you ask?

One happy, one sad
One whines, one climbs
One spits, one trips and bites lip
One eats sand, one eats rocks
BOTH think I'm a jungle gym
One clings to the right leg, one clings to the left leg
One grabs, one jabs
One screams, one screams louder
BOTH want UP at the same time

Ask me next week and chances are I'll be back on the Baby #4 wagon.

But until then...

Give me the strength to get through this 17 month twins monster stage...it's sunny, it's warm...for Pete's sake there is nothing to scream, whine, kick, punch, grab, cry, spit, and best of all VOMIT about.

The end.

Happy Tuesday :)


  1. hilarious blog update.....i think you're super women!!!!

  2. HAHAHA....love the crying pics! I can only imagine what it's like have 2 the same age. It's hard enough having 3 kids spaced 15 months apart...adding twins to that would be the death of me!

  3. Ugh I feel for you!! You can do it though, it will get better, it will get better, it will get better!

  4. ha, that last pic is hysterical. mainly because I can't hear the noise coming from his mouth! lol

  5. just catching up on your blog - re: this blog - see Spring Break blog - you will feel better!

  6. I hear ya Cheryl!