Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Think Geek

I would not consider myself a geek..

Maybe a little.....I do become giddy when financial statements balance...

Geek or no geek, anything that makes life easier..and cleaner with 3 kids is worth embracing!

So, my sister introduced me to a great website called THINK GEEK.

She bought Cole fantastic GEEKY gifts from this site at x-mas...Jupiter Juice, LED Faucet Lights to name a few...

So I browse the site every now and then..and to my liking I saw this:

It's called a Loopa Toddler Bowl.


OMG, you mean the twins can carry around their snack and it will not end up on my carpet?

(ps: yes I have tried the snack traps and the twins bite off the lids...)

Any way you carry it, the snack will NOT fall out?

Come on!!

Geek or no Geek, I bought 2 of these babies in a heartbeat!

Sure, the bowl looks about the size of Kyle's entire torso, who cares...

My carpets will be clean..for more than 1 minute..

I bow to you Think Geek for "thinking" of me...

Will keep you all to predict....spillage or no spillage?


  1. Very cool, I'll have to check it out! As for the spill, where there's a will, there's a way ;) I hope it works!

  2. i saw this yesterday at babies r us! let me know the outcome...i'm sure i'll invest in one soon :o)

  3. I have to know if this works! Kamden could use one, trust me!