Monday, April 18, 2011

The long lost art of Pen Pals

Did you have a pen pal growing up?

Do you still put pen to paper and actually "write" a letter to anyone these days?

Seems as though the old fashioned writing (in proper grammar, indents, periods...etc..) has been replaced by fast fingers typing on keyboards, LOL, LMAO, I Miss U, How RU?

I'm guilty of it.

I've lost contact with all of my childhood penpals. I'm not sure I suppose gets in the way. Technology allows us to find people, facebook allows us to "creep" into their who needs to actually write a letter to that friend in Europe? One can simply post on their "wall" and be done. 

Last summer a good friend of Cole's moved to Ontario. There were tears....and as the tears dried, and the I miss him's started to fade, letters started to arrive in the mailbox... and Cole wanted to write back.

One year later and the letters continue to go back and forth, almost monthly.

A true penpal for Cole.

Hockey cards, silly bands, tattoos and stickers included with each letter...simple 6 year old questions asked:

Are you playing soccer this year?
How are your brothers?
I miss you..

Little hands working hard each and every time...

His teacher can thank me at the end of the year for intense printing practice ....

Penpals. A lost art.

I'm writing a letter tomorrow. To whom... I don't know.

Maybe noone

Maybe this blog is my pen pal

Maybe your comments are my stickers and silly bands.

Maybe your continued support is my return letter.


  1. There is nothing quite like that envolope arriving in the mail. I don't write letters anymore but I used to as a teen.

    You are right, blog posts replace this but I wonder if it is quite the same?


  2. I love receiving a letter in the mail, however, the only letters I write these days are thank-you notes to relatives.
    I also love receiving emails though ;)

    The other day, my mom asked me why I didn't mail out change of address cards to everyone!'s called email, mom...much quicker and cheaper!

  3. I had tons of pen pals growing up, from all over the world! it was amazing! I learned so much from them. the internet is the new pen pal! lol it's so great for kids to have though, warms my heart to see that your son found a true long distance friend.