Monday, July 20, 2009

Back from the lake...with lessons learned

Not much slows me down....but this past weekend I came to an abrupt halt. BACK PAIN

The idea began with a good friend in town from NY (hi Robbie!).

He invited us out to his parents fantastic cabin, 2 hours away....on the lake. Who could resist? Water skiing, tubing, boating...all very lucrative for those who are not carrying a baby on board!!!. I was not about to let it slow me down though...Tim needed some play time and "man waters"...and Cole enjoys anything we throw his way.

We packed up and headed out. The back pain started with the car ride, I tried to recline the seats, shift onto one hip, place a pillow behind the luck. Oh oh... I remember thinking I was in some trouble.

Sitting on the dock, watching the guys water ski and tube was and my water bottle and book and a great time. Nap time arrived and Cole and I decided to rejuvenate on the pull out couch... while Cole slept through the roofers pounding and nailing in a new roof, I laid there, with a foot in my face (thanks Cole) trying, yet again, to sleep though the shooting pains in my back. Tip: pull out couches are the WORST! That couch was my provided me with 4 hours total sleep that night. Why is there no bed like your own? I longed for my pillows....

We headed home Sunday and today, I am "one" with my hot waterbottle and my couch...I have my yoga DVD all set to go ....opting for the relief of backpain series of postures...I may throw in the constipation series just for added bonus! Tim did suggest I go see a massage therapist this need to ask this gal twice!

If anyone has any tips on relieving back pain...please please let me know!

Seeing my boys having a blast was well worth my discomfort.

Our hosts were generous and kind, and full of fun and laughter. Who could ask for more? Minus that dang bed, I would head back in a heartbeat....but I think my travel days are limited....


  1. Sorry I don't have any advice for back pain relief. I think the massage sounds like a great idea!

    I was surprised, there is yoga for constipation relief?

  2. I highly recommend the chiropractor for back pain...I went in May/Jun and am good as new.

    Hope it's temporary and very short term! I so hear you on the bed, there just is no place like your own bed.

  3. With my back pain during my pregnancy, the only thing that helped was my chiropractor, Dr. Dan Chenier, you've seen him before, right? He was my only hope!

  4. Have a nice, long bath in epsom salts. My massage therapist recommended this when I herniated a disk a few years ago. It is safe during pregnancy too. I was also told to alternate hot and cold packs. Hope it feels better soon, back pain is THE worst.

  5. i'm with kami, see i chiropractor. i would recommend one that uses applied kienesiology because i think they are much better and safer!

    so glad your boys had a great time. sorry your back is giving you troubles.