Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Plastic surgery...would YOU do it?

I have wanted a nose job since I was 15. Crazy? Some may say so, but for me, the bump on my nose (thanks to my grandma Z) is an eye sore that I want to see gone. Rarely will you see any profile shots of me...this is as close as I could find, from 2 summers ago!

In my teens I even started saving for rhinoplasty....part of my allowance every week went towards the $8k cost I was expecting.. and then the boyfriend arrived at 17. I suppose he liked my "bump" as it never really came up....I would have taken some "nose" abuse over the other abuse he dished out for 8 years...

Gone was the boyfriend and along came Tim. Once again, never a mention about the "bump". When I showed him my concern, he agreed. There was a bump, but so what? Did I really want to go through a major surgery where they flip back the skin on my nose and shave the bone and then lay around all bruised for weeks? Humm....good point, onto the backburner it went.

Marriage, graduate school, and having a child took my mind off of the nose issue for a few years....but every time I would see someone (ie: celebrity mostly) get rhinoplasty done, I would fall right back into wanting one.

Lately I have even noticed that my nose is now crooked from the front, it is becoming "J" like!! I recently read that as the body ages, the nose does lengthen slightly and may look more prominent....this is NOT good news for me. Once again, with some time on my hands I have fallen back into planning my rhinoplasty...this time I am more serious than ever.

Ashley Simpson was a HUGE for me...check out the before

And the after

Fantastic in my eyes...

This is not a self esteem issue, I am happily married and I do not dwell on my nose....I would just like to not worry about it anymore..but I wonder if I were to fix it, would I still be me? That gal from Dirty Dancing had a simple bump removed from her nose and noone recognized her anymore!!

So, is there any plastic surgery you are contemplating? Secretly, publicly, or have already had done?


  1. since losing weight, I'd love to have a boob lift.

    and and ass lift.

    I want vaneers, but that's not plastic surgery...

    and the corners of my mouth turn downwards, so if i'm NOT smiling I look pissed.

    but really that's all. ;)


    I think you are beautiful, regardless.

  2. i'm with stacie, since losing weight i would like to have my boobs put back where they belong. i also think i am going to have 'extra' skin around my middle when i get to goal that i would love to have removed.

    i had my hammer toes fixed (they hurt in tennis shoes) and they basically removed a triangle piece of bone and then put my pinky toe back together straight rather than turned under and out like before and i am here to tell you that messing with bone HURTS... bad.

    oh and i think you look beautiful too!

  3. I'm so with you on the nose job thing. And I think a boob job to lift up what breastfeeding has taken down and a tummy tuck would be in order. I afraid of the pain which is ridiculous since I've given birth without pain meds!

  4. First of all, in all of the pics I have seen you in on your blog I have always thought you are a very pretty woman.

    I think I am way too chicken to have plastic surgery, not of the pain, but of the potential complications. But if I wasn't so scared maybe I would have a tummy tuck, after 3 c-sections I really need one. And then I think I am proud of my c-section "battle wounds" since they are a reflection of my babies.

    And although it isn't surgery, I have always wanted my teeth veneered as well. I have never liked my smile;)

  5. I personally have always thought celebrities looked better before their nose jobs, even Ashlee. I think the bump (and seriously, you have a bump??? NEVER noticed) is part of you and I think you are drop dead gorgeous. Don't go messing with God gave you!

    The only thing I contemplate (not very seriously) is a tummy tuck. BUT I had a C-section and it flip flapping hurt like I can say with 100% certainty that my tummy will stay exactly as is.

  6. I think you are beautiful as you are! I think the "oddities" that we see in ourselves are actually what define us and give us character.

    I would love to have a tummy tuck done and get rid of that extra sagging skin. I would also love to have a boob job since I've got rocks in my socks, if ya know what I mean! But I'm kinda afraid of plastic surgery, nevermind the cost of it! Also, I'm trying to become proud of this mother-of-3 body of mine, stretch marks, sagging skin, and all!!

  7. Not a fan of plastic surgery - - and believe me - - I have plenty about my body that I don't like. And the nose job - - I couldn't even tell with Ashlee. And never noticed in your photos... no bump - - just beauty. You are unique and you are beautiful. Let it be, if you can stand it.

  8. Firstly Cheryl, I think you are absolutely, stunningly beautiful JUST AS YOU ARE! I wouldn't even consider it if I were you. You look perfect! I have often thought I would love my boobs lifted, after nursing twins for 11 months, they just don't sit where they're supposed to. And giving birth to four children, my tummy could use some work, but I think I'd rather keep things as they are than go through plastic surgery. Don't do it Cheryl, you look perfect!

  9. I think you are absolutely beautiful, Cheryl, and do NOT need a nose job!! However, I do understand where you're coming from because I hate my nose. I actually had a plastic surgey consultation about 10 years ago and they measured my nose. Apparently it is supposed to be exactly 1/3 of your face in length (i.e. if you take your forefinger and thumb and measure your nose from between your eyes to right under the tip, it should be the same length as your forehead and also the same as the distance from the tip of your chin to where your upper lip meets the underside of your nose). So apparently my nose is the right length, but they recommended narrowing it and reducing the size of the round tip. The recovery freaked me out though, so that idea got shelved. My son inherited my nose, and I realized I didn't want to change mine anymore (even though I still think it's better on him than on me!) Unfortunately, I just got bangs cut this year, and I think they bangs make my nose look big, so I have been thinking about it again. It's probably easier just to grow my bangs out!

  10. Cheryl...You are so beautiful, but I totally support you if you get it done. If something bothered me for years and years I would think that was enough to get it done. You will still look like you, but for once you will not have the distraction in your head of how should I stand to hide my nose? I think you are gorgeous just as you are...but it is not me that has to live with the unhappiness of wishing the "bump" was gone. So the choice should be totally yours. Its about how you feel.

    If I could have surgery it would be a tummy tuck...shouldn't we automatically get one after 3 kids?....
    Love you