Friday, July 31, 2009

Breathe & Rehydrate

Non-Stop this week. Seriously, sometimes I feel like a hamster running the wheel. Between some contract work I have taken on, which requires travel to the university most evenings, showing the house (which has not seen an offer yet!) and having a blast doing summer fun stuff with Cole, I am wondering...

Where did July go?

Luck for me, Cole has been hanging with grandma as I make some cold hard cash...he came home the other day with a picture he drew for me.... kids pics are the BEST so I thought I would share it.. he likes to name his pictures...most of the time he states the obvious, but still funny. Let's analyze...

Ok the first obvious question is who is who? Well I am told that I am the first one....the biggest he channeling the size of my belly into my head? Per Cole, I am the biggest as I am the leader. Glad he knows who is boss around here!

Grandma is the last and smallest (he noted his hand was tired by then) and he is in the middle as he wants to hold both of our hands. Again, very sweet..

The final question is what is up with the eyes? Why so big? His answer....we all have "big blue eyes" and the only way he can make them big enough is if he makes our heads big. Logical yes.....pretty looking, not so much...

Man... are kids ever funny and real..., makes me elated that I am being given 2 more....

Ok, so on a completely different note, fridays are "my day" where I generally relax and reorganize as Cole has fun at day care. I realized that I have spent alot of time in the washroom this AM. And then I looked over to see 2 empty water bottles on the counter and it hit me, I drink ALOT of water. Even the ultrasound lady yesterday made a comment about my water bottle.....or the SIZE of it.

The ultrasound requires a full bladder, so I just brought along my bottle to down in the waiting room, since they are always late. As I am chugging away she notes how HUGE the bottle is. It's only a 1 litre I was confused. She asked me how many I drink of those in a day?

3 I least...

She looked at me like I was a freak, and even called over the admin girl to "check" it out.

I drink coffee and water, that is it. I am not into pop, juice, milk, crystal light, yada yada. Water is my beverage of choice. With a lemon wedge preferably.....

I started to think that maybe it was a bit weird, the recommended water intake is 8 glasses a day, so I am drinking more than that, but what is the harm? Water rehydrates, flushes out the toxins, keep skin fresh, helps with digestion...has no calories (if you are into that kind of thing!).

So my question for you is how much water do you drink? Is it enough? If not, try drinking more this next week and see how you feel. Tote a water bottle with you everywhere. Sip when you are at a red light, drink a glass before breakfast.. squeeze in an extra glass when you workout.

Have a fantastic HYDRATED long weekend!


  1. Water is also my drink of choice. I carry around a big water bottle all day. I think it's about 18 ounces of water so I fill it at least twice a day plus I have a glass of water with dinner. You can never get enough water...especially when you're running around all day!

    Love the picture Cole!

  2. that is so cute, way to go Cole!

    That is a lot of water! I try to drink two bottles a day, I am finding if I skimp that seems to trigger my headaches. I think. What a guessing game.

  3. I too am a water drinker who also enjoys her h2o with lemon! Good luck on the sale of your house!

  4. I love everyone's BIG blue eyes in Cole's picture! HA!

    Great job on the water! I do better on some days than others. It's just hard with everything else going on. But when I get thirsty I drink a whole glass at once!

  5. I drink water all. of. the. time. People often ask me how I drink so much...I always reply that it is always beside matter where I am. I drink lots of it and I enjoy it! Way to go girl...I'm sure the babies are loving the H2O.

    I read one time that your body needs ounces of water equal to 1/2 of your body weight (pounds).