Friday, July 3, 2009

Lesson learned

I woke up this morning sick as can be. The flu, or so I hoped that was all it was. I could barely function - chills, backache, headache, the sweats. I called my mom and she drove me to the doctor and they ran some blood work. All is fine and yes it is the flu.

The worst part? Missing a much anticipated shopping date with my prairie friend and co-worker Kami. We had been planning our purchases, starbucks and Earls dinner for months. While she insists her one hour at the mall instead of 5 was much easier on the wallet, I feel terrible that I had to cancel. I even jammed on the work session we were to attend together tonight, in hopes of being well enough to attend tomorrow and Sunday.

While I rested today, and guzzled 4 litres of water (oh yeah did I mention the doc said I was dehydrated?) I wondered why this flu came on so suddenly...and then it dawned on me. I had a crazy busy week, filled with running around and way too much sunshine. I forget I am toting 2 babies around all day and physically, I need to slow it down and say no (a word that is NOT in my dictionary).

Tim's sister was in from Vancouver and we had a great day at the lake, my brother and his girlfriend were in from Calgary, the big family Canada Day Party (swimming and more sun), Tim and I listed the house and have had showings at all hours (ie: clean clean clean), I was marking the last week of my on line course, that meant 35 papers in 3 days, and then there is the little 4 year old in the house that requires some fun in the sun and attention!.

Lesson learned for me...

Say "no" now and then, expectations may be self imposed...

Lesson for others....

I'm strong but not that strong, give this gal a bit of a break and let her put her feet up now and then.


  1. You better be putting your feel up more than just now and then. Misty's orders!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! I hear Tim is a good maid!

  3. I hope you feel better soon. Sorry you had to miss out on your date with Kami :-(

  4. I missed our day but totally understand! You were a trooper to come and mark the rest of the weekend and at least I still got to see you. I'll take what I can get! We'll make up for it next time for sure :)

  5. Take it easy Cheryl...believe me, you don't want these babies coming early. (and by the way, I gained 80 pounds with my twins and lost it all)